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Hi, my name is Tameera, it’s nice to meet you! I’m really good at seeing into your big life questions.

In-fact my results are proven explosive.  Astrology and numerology are two of the most powerful systems in the world to decode your life, relationships, compatibility, career, home and future. Feng Shui enhances your health, love and wealth.

At the time you’re born the planets are aligned and this subatomic energy shapes your daily life, relationships, world meridians and human design.

I’m here to support your journey through intuitive guidance, energetic alignment and 3,000-year-old ancient wisdom the world’s elite live by.

To align your life by way of the cosmos, guides you towards the best possible existence to reach your full potential on earth.

It’s about your time xo

Yasmin Kassim ~ Actor, Writer, Stand-up Comedian Los Angeles/Australia

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Kylie Kapeleris Testimonial for Tameera

“Tameera is not of this dimension! She is a special soul who has come to Earth with a gift to empower and guide you. A few years ago, Tameera told me things about myself and purpose which at the time I hadn’t even envisioned. Everything she told me about my future, business, studies and journey is coming to fruition and I’m now living it. I will always be grateful for her continued guidance, love and support. Tameera is more than my Astrologist she is now my mentor and friend!”

Kylie Kapeleris ~ Holistic Career Coach + Human Design

Sonya Furlong Testimonial for Tameera
“Tameera has a rare and wonderful gift to really understand a person and guide them to what they need on a deep, spiritual level. Tameera always gives detailed insight into my life and the direction I should be going in. It’s incredibly helpful and has put me on a path of fulfillment and happiness. My life has changed completely since working with Tameera and I am now living a life much more attuned to my true purpose. I highly recommend Tameera.”
Sonya Furlong ~ Life Coach
+ NLP Trainer
Natalie Giezekamp Testimonial for Tameera
“Wow! What an amazing experience. My reading with Tameera was definitely the best reading I have ever had. Tameera was able to connect with me and communicate with so much ease. She is so lovely and so incredibly gifted. I felt so calm and relaxed and completely understood. Tameera knew things about me I had not even said out loud. Will definitely be booking again :)”
Natalie Giezekamp – Sydney, Australia
Tameera hand on wall

My Life Direction Intuitive Guidance sessions are profound and illuminating. I see into you, your past, present and future.

I’m an Intuitive, Astrologer, Master Numerologist, Modern Mystic and Feng Shui expert. With over 20 years of experience working worldwide.

As a 1 life-force and 9 destiny, my mission is helping beautiful souls like you transform your relationships, abundance and life direction.

I’m often told how I’ve revealed things only my clients have known about, including the prediction of future events (meeting partners, career changes, babies, moves + more). No two people are the same, that’s why every reading and consultation is tailored to you with life changing guidance.

And… for all you astrology buffs I’m a Taurus Sun, Capricorn Moon in the 12th house of Pisces with Aquarius rising. Your relationships, life direction, career and abundance are my business.

Book here for your Life Direction Intuitive Guidance (worldwide)

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Sophie Peppernell Testimonial for Tameera
“Tameera is an incredible soul and I don’t really have the words to explain how full I feel after being in her presence. She has helped me see into my future, career, life and relationships on an amazing new level.
Thank you Tameera and I look forward to connecting again soon.”

Sophie Peppernell ~ Actor/Artist
Afroditi Venus Testimonial for Tameera
“My experience with Tameera has been amazing. Not only is she gifted in her talents, but she’s warm and inviting and I felt an instant connection the first time we met. Tameera is always able to accurately tap into and read my energy and provide life guidance. Her insights make me feel extremely uplifted and humbled. Tameera has also helped me understand my family on a deeper level. I can’t wait to reconnect!”
Afroditi Venus ~ Sydney, Australia
A life changing soulmate.
Tameera and Anthony soulmate

During a powerful astrology transit and numerology cycle age 20 I met my Piscean soulmate (I believe we have a few soulmates in this lifetime). I was soon to embark on a worldwide trip with my best girlfriends, Anthony joined me a few months later. A year later we had a big wedding in London and lived life to the full, the universe had delivered all that I’d asked for.

Whilst travelling through India together, I had a premonition arriving in Pushkar Rajasthan, Anthony was going to die in an accident. Years later my premonition came true changing the trajectory of my life.

This took me on a journey of relationships that were powerful lessons in disguise. My spiritual toolbox of astrology, numerology, Feng Shui, manifesting and psychic gifts helped me navigate every connection like a Google Map for the soul.

When I learned how to upgrade my own frequency, understand life cycles, and realign my home’s energy to step into who I came here to be my life, relationships and worth transformed $$$

More about my journey and awakening…

I create solutions to transform your relationships, life direction and energy.

10 things I’m really, really good at when I work with you…

Reading your future and life direction.
Transforming you through a real or potential break-up.
Helping you understand yourself and your relationships on a profound new level.
Seeing into your career, destiny and soul purpose.
Guiding you towards the best places to live, work and travel through your personal meridians.
Shifting your abundance through Feng Shui.
Sharing the vast impact behind your name’s energy.
Reprogramming your quantum worth and limiting beliefs.
Helping you manifest your dream life.
Teaching you the wisdom of the ancient sciences.

Manifest by the Moon Tameera

Manifest by the Moon

Make your sacred dreams a reality. 60+ pages with a 14-day challenge. Work with the cosmic cycles to create
powerful abundance ♡ in your life. Let the moon be your guide ☾

Transform your love life

Transform your Relationships + Life

Fortnightly or 6 weekly sessions. My 1:1 private signature program is tailored just for you. Includes text support with a powerful life changing soul toolbox.

My soulful approach…

Astrology ☾
Each person’s consciousness is a spark of the great spiritual light found in the sun, moon and stars. At the time we’re born the planets are aligned, from our first breath this energy gives us profound guidance into our daily life, relationships, personal world meridians and human design.
Numerology ♢
We choose our name and date of birth for our lessons and growth. Numerology is one of the earliest forms of metaphysical reading sharing our personal blueprint, compatibility, name energy, life cycles and destiny.
Light Language ☆
Light language is a powerful multidimensional frequency working with sacred geometry and sound on a soul level. It shifts to our personal DNA vibrational needs, clearing, activating and aligning for wellbeing.
Feng Shui ♡
Feng Shui alignment is an ancient practice bringing balance and profound shifts to your life. Your environment reflects you, and what you leave out is just as important as what you bring in.

Relationships are my obsession and one of my superpowers.

It doesn’t matter how much fame or money you have, relationships are the one thing that can break you or make you.

Working with love is one of my greatest passions in life and I’m on a mission to change your world. I think I may have cracked the code.

Transform your relationships + love life.

I’ll help you improve your relationship to self, understand the difficult ones so you can let go, strengthen current relationships including family and share if a future connection is a good match. Because the one thing you can’t get back is your time. From break-ups to break-throughs I’m here for you.

Imagine radiating with inner-power and self-worth again. Yes you.

Claudia Neal Shaw Testimonial for Tameera
“Tameera and I had an incredible session together on numerology and astrology. Everything she said resonated with me and I highly recommend to anyone looking for genuine connection, intuition and application to real life. Thank you Tameera and can’t wait to come back for another one! Xo”
Claudia Neal-Shaw ~ Wedding Celebrant, The Love Diaries
Geordie Gronn Testimonial for Tameera
“Tameera was so incredibly accurate and at the same time she imbued in me a sense of confidence I hadn’t felt in years. She reminded me about what I do well and how to harness my own power to achieve my goals. It was also very useful to get some tips on what sort of people my young children are and how to tackle the issues that arise as a parent. in all a thoroughly enlightening and positive experience. I couldn’t recommend enough. Tameera is amazing!”
Geordie Gronn – Podcast Host + Life Coach UK
Carly Woods Testimonial for Tameera
“Just to let you know when I came to you a few years ago for life direction you told me that my business idea would do well and you would see me on TV. Well that happened this week! Totally crazy – you are incredible Tameera.”
Carly Woods ~ Financial Entrepreneur
Davonte Sheard Testimonial for Tameera
“Tameera is absolutely awesome at what she does. I can honestly say that once you book her services you will NEVER book anyone else.”
Davonte Sheard CEO ~ Wealthy 10k Life, Forex Teacher + Mentor

let’s meet under the stars…

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