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Astrocartography – Use geographic astrology to decide where to live and travel in the world.

Are you at a crossroads, unsure how to move forward or want to understand yourself on a deeper soul level? Wondering about the best place to live? Career block? Love block?! I can help you.

We are all planetary energy existing in physical form ‘as above so below’.

I’ve helped thousands of beautiful souls to step into their dream life, increase self-worth and enhance relationships. I’m often told how I’ve revealed things only they’ve known about, including the prediction of future events (meeting partners, career changes, moves, babies + more). Most of my clients book in for repeat consultations, some working with me for over 10 years.

Your physical location has a bigger influence on your life experiences than you might realise. You know when you travel to a particular place and it has a certain feel to it? Your best friend might love Berlin, yet you feel disheartened there. Is it because of the energy of the city? It’s more likely you.

Let me open the door to the world of astrocartography for you, revealing your very own personal geographic astrology meridian lines.

When you’re born your astrological geographic meridian lines are placed around the world. Through astrocartography, I can produce your personal astrology maps revealing your geographic meridian lines for the best places to live, re-locate, find love or travel to. Amazing huh?

Case Study

Astro cartography
I conducted an Astrocartography Life Direction consultation for a client named Tess, who was living in Sydney yet not able to stop thinking about relocating back to London. Her husband is English and although he loved Sydney was also homesick for London.

When I looked at both their astrocartography personal meridian charts I could see Tess’s mars energy (anchor and drive in life) was directly over London, and her husband’s sun over London. They both had meridian lines running through Sydney, it was not where their hearts were though. This was the confirmation they needed to know London really is the right place for them to be living.

I also saw Tess had strong meridian lines around South Africa, I shared this would be a great place for her to travel. Tess revealed her last marriage was to a South African and she’d lived there. Although the marriage was not healthy this brought her peace of mind knowing it was part of her souls journey.

A brief explanation of how your astrocartography meridian lines affect you…

Through astrocartography your Sun meridian shares your core being and where you shine, Moon emotional ties, Mercury communication feels easy, Venus can feel deeply connected and love, Mars renewed drive and anchored energy, Jupiter brings rewards and luck. Saturn can bring limitations, karmic ties and sometimes breakthroughs, Chiron your key to healing, Uranus freedom/looking and feeling different, Neptune intuition/spirituality/illusions and your North and South Nodes destiny.

To give you some insight on how astrocartography has worked for me… I was born in Sydney, Australia and have spent a good part of my life here. However, my Mercury and North Node destiny lines lay around the Sunshine Coast, Daintree Rainforest and Cairns areas of the Northern East Coast of Australia. I’ve had profound insights come through when travelling to these places and love the energy – it’s where I feel my home is. My Venus, Mars and Jupiter lay over Bali Indonesia, a place I adore and have life changing experiences and connections when teaching at retreats there.

I have a meridian line of Saturn running through Berlin, a city I was drawn to live in my early 20’s yet I found the energy super intense. I also found the language easy to learn. Saturn (which looks like a sickle) can bring challenges to move through and sometimes breakthroughs.

Saturn generally isn’t a place we end up living long-term, or if we do can feel karmic ties. Saturn in astrology brings order and structure back into our lives.

Tameera Astrocartography

Remote activation astrocartography

Follow the yellow brick road to the Emerald City! An empowered line (meaning your Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter or North Node) from a country or city where you have meridian lines will bring enlightened energy into your life, career and home.

For example; you might have empowered astrocartography meridians around Africa. Decorating your home with an African theme, pictures or taking up Djembe will bring you peace and prosperity. This is called ‘remote activation’ which, the late Jim Lewis an astrologer, entrepreneur, lecturer, teacher and writer pioneered.

You can also make prosperous connections through remote activation astrocartography. If you’re online dating, spread your wings and be open to meeting a soulmate through a personal empowered astrocartography meridian line. Imagine the story on your wedding day! Alternatively, if you run your own business and looking to expand or market further but not sure where, follow your empowered astrocartography lines.

Further understanding astrocartography

Through your astrocartography meridian lines you can receive the energy from an approximate 125 mile / 250km radius. As your astrocartography geographic meridians arise from your birthplace and move across the world it’s easier to view places you would like to move or travel to, however I can remove your ‘local space meridians’ to share your core world meridians from where you are born.

44th U.S President Barack Obama has an empowered moon rising astrocartography meridian line running directly through Washington DC – sharing a deep emotional connection to the city. Happiness is achievable when traversing this line. You have the chance to enjoy yourself in new and wondrous ways because moving along this line can bring a heightened sense of authenticity and understanding. On the positive side this encourages the caring, intuitive, and loving side of you to come more out into the open. This in turn attracts other people. You are sensitive to your environment in this location. Therefore, you enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of nature. You may also enjoy outings with close friends and family members. The rewards in your personal life can be great.

Astrocartography-banner map
Barack Obama’s USA Astrocartography Meridians (born 4 Aug 1961 Honolulu Hawaii)

Your personal astrocartography life direction reading

Would you like your very own personal astrocartography meridian lines with world maps you can keep forever including your life direction?

You’ll receive your astrology and numerology birth charts with personal world astrocartography maps including (cities and countries) including highlights of areas you’d like to live or travel around the world. I’ll also look into your astrology and numerology transits / life cycles plus answer any questions you have whilst sharing more on you and your future. So good!

I’ll ask you to send me approximately 8 locations you would like to look into plus your birth details before we connect.

Let’s meet under the stars ☽

Consultations are worldwide, recorded 1:1 with you via Zoom including your charts + life changing guidance. I will get you to do some updates on copy/images on website over the next couple of days and also Acuity.

After payment is made you’ll receive a link to select your best day + time
in your time-zone, then see me within 1 week ♡

I’ll also ask for details required before your personal consultation as
I pre-prepare before we connect ♡

Please reach out with any questions ♡ or book a free connection chat

Your Astrocartography consultation is 1 hour.


Your astrocartography consultation might just change your life ♡
Sheila Veronessa Testimonial for Tameera
“I really loved the Life Direction Astrocartography reading Tameera did for me, this was my first time doing something like this, but it gave me great confidence in knowing the places I could live or travel to in the future, Tameera did a nice job. Thank you!”
Sheila Veronessa ~ Designer, New York City
Vicki Anderson Testimonial for Tameera
“I loved my Astrocartography consultation from Tameera, it was so interesting and I’m excited to know my plan to relocate interstate for a future retirement plan, that one of my Meridien lines runs through this location and will be a really positive relocation. The Moon Lovers Guide is pretty awesome too as it now synchs to your mobile phone. I highly recommend investing in all that Tameera offers, you will just love her energy and your connection with her will change your life, that’s what happens when Angels touch our hearts.”
Vicki Anderson ~ Hypnotherapist + Energy Healer
De Arne King Testimonial for Tameera
“The Goddess that is – Tameera is truly an expert in her field of Numerology and Astrology and more. She delivers your information in a way that is easily understood in her warm and compassionate way. Her intuition brings your session to a whole other level. I loved finding out my most favourite places in the world that I resonated with and loved to visit were places that would suit me well if I chose to live there. Tameera is one I would recommend to help guide you forward – she is A+++”
De-Arne King ~ Animal Communicator
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