With news of a shock love affair for Mariah Carey and James Packer I couldn’t wait to see how compatible theyMariah Carey really are. Looking into their numerology and astrology this is what I discovered…

Mariah Angela Carey, born 27 March 1970 in New York is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and occasional actress. Throughout her career, Mariah has sold more than 200 million records worldwide, making her one of the best selling music artists of all time. Source Wikipedia.

James Douglas Packer, born 8 September 1967 is an Australian businessman. James is the son of the late media mogul Kerry Packer and grandson of Sir Frank Packer with a net worth of 4.7 billion USD. Source Wikipedia.

Mariah and James re-connected through a mutual friend June 2015. Right now they’re enjoying personal years of partnerships and love with Mariah in a numerology year of 2 and James a numerology year of 6.

It seems timing was in the numbers with Mariah and James’ connection through their personal numerology years and no doubt love sparks really are flying.

The 2 glides along like a swan. This year for Mariah Carey is more introspective, bringing in the energy of partnerships and working things out through feelings and heart. Intuition, peace and creativity are increased. This is not so much a year of action but putting plans into place.

The 6 numerology personal year for James Packer (until his birthday September 8, 2015) gives a vibration for family bringing love and harmony. The 6 is pregnant with love. During this vibration people can meet their soulmates, become engaged, married or strengthen ties in existing relationships. Children and families become important. Making the home beautiful and being around things of beauty.

James Packer is currently in a numerology 4 pinnacle, with Mariah recently moving into a 5. Everyone has four pinnacles in their lives, however depending on your date of birth each one is different. The 4 and the 5 are considered a challenge in numerology.

When a couple have challenges within a relationship, pinnacle compatibility gives further insight on how to best move forward.

If you put all sides of a 4 together it becomes a pyramid. When you think of the great pyramids they were built from structure, hard work, perfection, security, learning, restrictions and unseen forces – this is the reality of a 4. The key for James is to go with the flow as much as possible and take short breaks to recharge during this pinnacle vibration.

The 5 is open front and back and represents freedom. This numerology pinnacle for Mariah Carey will bring change and a definite turning point in her life. Travel will be prominent. This pinnacle brings the opportunity for Mariah to reach her hearts desires; focus is the key.

The 4 and the 5 pinnacles are very different vibrations. The 4 brings structure, further education and building foundations – there can be a tendency to become a workaholic. The 5 brings freedom from restrictions, change with a desire for new experiences. If James can give Mariah the freedom she needs and Mariah can let James know he’s secure this can help their relationship evolve.

Looking at Mariah Carey and James Packers compatibility with numerology. Is it going to last?

With numerology we have numbers that produce easy compatibility or seem to be a natural fit, called perfect matches. We have numbers that are usually compatible and find it easy to get along – natural matches. Neutral numbers that can go either way and numbers that are often a challenge requiring compromise.

Maria Carey and James Packers Numerology Compatibility

Maria Carey and James Packer’s Numerology Compatibility

The most important numbers are the life paths added from dates of birth. With Mariah’s 11/2 life path and James’ 4 they have a natural bond and magnetic attraction.

Mariah will express herself through music and/or entertainment. The 2’s are sensitive to other peoples needs and are great listeners. The 2’s function better in a relationship, the 4 brings order, structure and stability which the 2 loves. The 4 enjoys being the provider, Mariah being a 2 life path will enjoy being looked after. This part works.

Mariah and James share 3 numbers in common, 3, 4 and 9 which gives a ‘soulmate’ connection. Soulmates come in many forms, some for a lifetime of love some with lessons for growth, others to release karmic bonds.

They also share the number 3 on how they express themselves. Mariah and James will have some fun laughing and communicating. James will no doubt be mesmerised with Mariah’s talent and Mariah will be able to relate to James sense of fun and adventure.

With a very different attitude to life Mariah’s 3 and James’ 8 requires extra effort. The 8 (James) needs goals and authority to feel happy, which leaves the 3 (Mariah) without the attention and stimulation she craves. This is not good.

When you have 3 or more challenges in your chart, you have to learn to agree to disagree. Once the honeymoon period it over for Mariah and James, after looking at their numerology I don’t think this relationship is going to be an easy one.

Mariah’s heart is happy when she’s giving advice and people listen, the 8 is a big business number, when she ‘see’s’ or thinks about James this energy will in some ways be fulfilled. In James’ heart, he likes to joke around and have fun. This is going to be a challenge for both of them.

Their personalities are so different that success is rare. Mariah’s 4 personality is focussed on building her work in a sometimes ruthless way with James’ 9 more social.

Looking at their destiny numbers this could be a karmic connection with Mariah’s 7 and James’ 1 being a perfect match.

With a 7 Destiny number, before Mariah leaves the planet her destiny is to seek faith and the meaning of life. If 7’s don’t believe in a ‘higher power’ they can be exhausting to have around. Scientology might be something she finds intriguing through James. Both the 1 and 7 like their solitude. With a 1 destiny, James is here to find out how to do things by himself, to be a leader, to make his own decisions, something his father the late Kerry Packer would never let him achieve.

Mariah Carey’s special number combinations:

2 + 7 The natural intuitive. With these two numbers Mariah will have psychic superpowers. Like a natural artist or musician; seeing spirits or having a developed sixth sense with empathy and a ‘knowing’ comes naturally. She’ll want to know why she’s here on this earth; meditation and spiritual development will take her far. If spirituality is not tapped into, travel, extreme sport, drugs and alcohol can be used as an escape. With Mariah’s incredible success, she may have seen and felt her success before it happened.

2, 4, 8 Mariah has a natural aptitude for business, with an ability to make partnerships easily and make people feel at peace around her. Building and growth are in her blood. If she can keep the balance flowing, helping others will bring more back.

James Packer’s special number combinations:

1, 8, 9 James is born to make money, to be loved and the best at what he does whilst reaching the world. Both Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow share these numbers.

Astrologically let’s take a peek inside to Mariah and James…

Maria Carey and James Packer Astrology Compatibility

Maria Carey and James Packer’s Astrology Compatibility

Looking at their planets, there is nothing I can see astrologically for James and Mariah to have any kind of sane relationship.

Mariah Carey is feisty, fiery, impulsive, sensuous and adventurous with a love of travel, teaching and getting her own way. Fast. With her main planets in Aries, Sagittarius and Taurus it’s no wonder she’s grown an entertainment empire. Mariah’s a renowned diva, if she was male people might see her in a different light.

James Packer looks like a country boy, who also wants to be number one. He’s earthy, ordered, controlled and intense with his main planets in Virgo and Scorpio. This is like throwing fireballs across the earth and into the water. Fizzling out.

When I look at a couples astrology chart, how they respond emotionally to each other, communication styles and the love they like to give and receive. Sun sign compatibility is not the most important. Sometimes the moon, venus or mercury will connect with the sun, which helps when two moons or suns are incompatible.

Maria and James will have sexual sparks with opposing Mars in Taurus and Scorpio, both fixed signs. Their relationship seems to be a case of opposites attract.

Sometimes we’re attracted to people we can never be. With five challenges in their numerology and absolutely no compatibility with their astrology I’ll be waiting to see how things transpire. It’s not looking too good though. “Can’t buy me love…” xo

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