Two of my best friends and I have personally been intrigued by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Will they last? Are they really soulmates? Is Meghan as demanding as the media leads us to believe?

Well there’s only one way to find out (other than being a fly on the wall). And just quietly, I thought some of you might be interested too.

Our names in numerology give us our hearts desire, personality, self-expression and from our birth certificate our destiny (which can’t be changed). Our name (and date of birth) also share our compatibility so names really are kind of a BIG deal (Brad and Angelina broke up after she changed her name when they married….) There are no good or bad numbers everything is just vibrating to a frequency. Change your vibration, change your life.

Prince Harry’s official title: Harry Mountbatten-Windsor (this last name is rarely used). Harry’s better known as Prince Harry (Royals often use their first name only, and this is how Harry signs his name. So let’s just call him Harry!) Born 15 September 1984 at 4.20pm London, United Kingdom (34 turning 35 in 2019). Born Henry Charles Albert David, Harry was actually his ‘nickname’.

Meghan Markle was born 4 August 1981 at 4.46am – Los Angles, California (37 turning 38 in 2019). Birth Name: Rachel Meghan Markle. Meghan is still referred to as Meghan Markle in the media – she’s not officially using her last name now. More below on why names are so important…

During Meghan and Harry’s engagement interview, the loved-up pair revealed they met mid 2016, after being set up on a blind date, they were a couple for just under two years before marrying 19 May 2018.

The first two years really is the honeymoon period. So… let’s take a deeper look shall we?

Meghan Markle met Harry as a 3, 6, 9 vibration, which is a special number combination as an artist and creative. I think we can give Meghan that! Through marrying Harry her vibration has shifted, doubling as a mother with two 6’s, the matriarch with lots of love to give (and receive).

Harry and Meghan’s numerology shows me they really are the power couple. Meghan’s name vibration has not shifted too much – after marrying and officially dropping her Markle title I can see her mother energy has become stronger with two 6’s. The 6 is pregnant with love, the matriarch with the will to protect and nurture.

Through numerology we have 7 main numbers. Our hearts desire, personality and expression are derived from the name we use each day (first and last with an exception if you’re a Royal!) Our destiny comes from our birth certificate name. Our dayborn, lifepath and attitude comes from our date of birth.

Meghan and Harry have two challenges out of their 7 numbers. Three or more can end with difficulties, like talking another language on some days.

Prince Harry needs control, to lead and be in charge (as a 1 numerology lifepath, an 8 in his soul and 8 personality). Even if Harry was not a Royal, his numbers reveal he likes to have the very best of things. Marriage and family have always been important to him. His mother (Lady Di’s early passing would have had an enormous effect on him).

I can also see home is everything to Harry, he is the patriarch (as Meghan is the matriarch). Harry’s 7 expression shows although he loves to be in-front of people, he does have a reserved side. Spirituality in some form is important, with a love of the ocean and finding the meaning of life. With Harry’s 9 destiny, reaching the world and giving back through philanthropy is vital for his purpose (that thing that really gets you out of bed in the morning!)

Meghan loves to be loved, to give love and receive love. The 6 is pregnant with love – can you see its belly sticking out? She expresses herself through bringing light into a situation and healing others in some way. With Meghan’s double 3 vibrations (which has not changed since she married) – if she is not using her creativity in some way, her energy can manifest through brashness and/or depression.

As a 4 dayborn and 4 lifepath control is important for Meghan. Rules, order and structure are her life-force energy (so yes, she can be demanding at times). I feel Meghan can be forthright and likes things to be perfect. Meghan has an 11/2 master vibration destiny which means bringing peace to the world yet going through some hardships getting there. 1 is the seed it’s 2 is where life sprouts from. As an 11/2 destiny Rachel Meghan Markle will heal through music, sound and relationships. Possibly even bringing healing to others through her relationship with Harry.

Looking at Harry and Meghan as a couple through their numerology, as long as Meghan is feeling loved and admired with Harry in control, it looks like their relationship will blossom. I feel Meghan brings light and creativity into Harry’s life – she also strongly needs to discipline which Harry (and the Royal family) will joyfully embrace.

Harry and Meghan share a double 6 energy, which shows me they really are each other’s King and Queen.

Their main challenge (so far) is how they express themselves and their lifepath/lifeforce energy (most important number derived from date of birth). Harry likes to independently lead as a 1 lifepath and Meghan likes to order and control as a 4. Of course they’re in the honeymoon now, as their relationship develops, with understanding this can only strengthen their commitment.

I also feel Harry likes to have his time away from the limelight, to get away and not be recognised. Meghan on the other hand lives to be seen and heard. Although she was not born into the Royal Family I can see she was destined to live this life. Meghan can sometimes overthink things, she has a stronger attention to detail than Harry, which is a happy balance.

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle met, introduced by friends on a blind date, Harry was in a 6 personal year (think soulmates and finding the one) and Meghan in a 3 personal year of the right connections and communication. From August 2017 to August 2018 for Meghan was a year of incredible transformation. When you’re in the same personal year as your life-path (which happens once every 9 years) – that’s when you have that life changing experience. The 4 brings the energy of setting firm foundations, commitment, home and family. 2018 was the year Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, fell pregnant and became a Royal princess.

From 15 September 2019 Harry is moving into a 9 year of transformation, a letting go of old ways. Meghan will be a mother in her 6 personal year (of love and nurturing others) from 4 August 2019. I wouldn’t be surprised if she falls pregnant again before her next birthday or gives birth to more than one child.

We have to look at the whole picture, including astrology and pinnacle energy (pinnacles are four main stages in life).

Harry is almost at the end of his first 6 pinnacle vibration (form birth) with 18 months to go. I can see ‘finding the one’ was right at the top of Harry’s list. Meghan is midway through a 5 pinnacle vibration – until Meghan’s birthday to 4 Aug 2019 she’ll be in a 5 personal year and 5 pinnacle. This means MASSIVE change and disruption. Often a change of careers, of where we live and our life as we know it. The double 5 energy can also bring chaos and what’s been surfacing in the media for Meghan?! Meghan I sincerely hope you’re reading my blog as your life is going to calm down a notch when you turn 38!

Numerology (and of course astrology) are ancient sciences. When we understand the rhythms, we understand our life.

When looking at a couple’s soul connection I always check their birth-grids. Soulmate relationships are the ones that knock your off our feet, taking you for the ride of your life!

Harry and Meghan’s birth-grids reveal a soulmate connection, they’re almost identical. Multiple ones increase flexibility however they can both be prone to emotions getting in the way. Harry holds a ‘Plane of Purpose/Strength’. Once a firm decision is made nothing will stop him. This plane also adds strength to Harry’s character and falls most frequently in birthgrids.

To see the entire picture, let’s take a further look at Harry and Meghan’s Astrology:

When looking at a couple’s astrology compatibility I look at their sun signs, moons (emotions), mercury (communication), the love they like to give and receive and their sex drive/anchor energy.

Meghan holds a strong energy (which also shows through her numerology). She is double fire with her sun and moon not only in Leo, they are also in the first house of Aries. Her emotions are in the romantic moon air sign of Libra bringing justice and balance. With a Gemini overlay shows she can switch emotions and have an aptitude for languages (she actually speaks a few). Meghan really is a natural in-front of the camera. She’s here to protect others, to bring social justice and awareness to the world.

The love Meghan likes to give and receive is in service driven, analytical Virgo. Having a working relationship is part of who she is. Harry’s sun is in Virgo so the love she is seeking will be mirrored through Harry. The work they do together will be important as a team.

Meghan’s mars and ascendant in cancer shows family and protecting her heritage are important to her. Harry’s ascendant is career driven Capricorn, with his mars in Sagittarius (love of adventure).

Harry’s sun, moon and mercury (core being, emotions and communication) are all in earth signs. A stark contrast against Meghan’s fire and air.

Harry’s moon in Taurus shows me property and acquiring wealth is important to him (it’s not just because he’s a Royal!) With his sun and mercury in in Virgo, he’s analytical, likes order, being of service and planning (which marries in with Meghan’s 4’s in her numerology chart). Harry has a Scorpio house overlay to his sun and mercury, which shows passion and intensity. Coupled with his Taurus moon (also a fixed sign) I’d say he does not forget those who have wronged his loved ones or him in a hurry.

Harry’s Venus in Libra is highly romantic and passionate (sitting within the Scorpio house). Candlelight dinners, fairy tale weddings, romantic walks at sunset… His Venus ties in beautifully with Meghan’s moon in Libra – so the love he’s seeking is through the emotions Meghan displays.

In many ways I can see Meghan and Harry are quite different people, I feel she is the stronger of the two and not to be messed with or you will hear her lioness roar. Within their careers Harry likes a challenge with his midheaven in Scorpio, Meghan’s midheaven career energy is assertive in Aries, she can hold her own in a debate.

In time, my prediction is Meghan will create her own rules within the Royal Family. Harry and Meghan, with understanding can bring balance to each other. Like Yin and Yang. They are the epitome of the new era power Royals… 

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