Tameera is a sought after intuitive, astrologer, numerologist and Feng Shui specialist with over 20-years’ experience who loves helping people. Through your name, birthdate and address she receives a picture – it’s how she receives guidance for you.

“You are my queen. Look how right you are about everything. Seriously you should get a medal for being so amazing. Check this out. You saved me.” Jade ~ Artist ~ Los Angeles, Sydney, Bali

You will be surprised at how much your name, birthdate and address reveals about you. It’s like psychology for your soul. Tameera gives you practical, accurate guidance through her own unique style of astrology, numerology, Feng Shui and tarot, empowering you to live a harmonious life.

She specialises in compatibility, relationships, life direction, career, special dates, name changes, baby names, home and business energy and is skilled in providing emotional and spiritual support as a life mentor.

Her passion for sharing the ancient science of numbers, planets and energy is contagious. Tameera lives and breathes her work, she writes and teaches through festivals, workshops, seminars and retreats in addition to consultations and readings via Skype and in person.

Tameera has conducted readings for Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Dolly, Famous, New Idea, Marie Claire and Naked Tan amongst thousands worldwide.

Tameera is essentially accessing part of your Akashic Records and souls blueprint. Her services are worldwide including in-person and online, astrology birth charts and transits, birth reports, numerology blueprints, Feng Shui and numbers to change the vibration of your home and life.

Before going full-time with her spiritual work, Tameera was founder and director of Light Stays Retreats and Living®. She’s the author of E-book Ultimate Guide to Abundance for your Business Mind and Soul and has a special interest in developing online resources to enrich wellbeing, creativity, spirituality and growth.

Tameera lives in Sydney, Australia – readings are worldwide. Make time for yourself >>

“Tameera is beyond intuitive! She made me feel very comfortable and inspired. I highly, HIGHLY recommend her for astrology and numerology readings! Thank you Tameera for all that you do. I feel so blessed to have crossed passed with you on my travels. 
” Cassie Le Blanc ~ Yoga Teacher Vancouver, Canada

Tameera is amazing and a real person, not just a faceless internet bot that you feed data into. She has a personal magnetism that you have to experience to believe. In 5 minutes, by hand, took my numbers and explained what they meant in plain English. No fancy algorithmic program, or calculus. Her vast experience in numerology, astrology and feng shui is really apparent. From jobs rolling in, to unexpected checks in the mail, and of course the mental and spiritual harmony it brings, she’s really changed my life. I can’t recommend her enough!” David Stein ~ Voice-Over Artist, Actor, Writer and Director California

Tameera is incredibly thorough in her ability to tell you the most intimate things about your soul in a way that is devoid of any woo-woo or disconnected New Age jargon. Tameera is a game changer and a trailblazer who leads by example through her authenticity and open heartedness and inspires us all to be a wonderful version of ourselves.” Patty Kikos ~ Wedding Celebrant, Counsellor and Reiki Master, Sydney Australia

“Loved the positive energy you brought to me and can’t stop speaking to people about it. Thanking you.” ~ Meghan Blenkinsopp, Melbourne Australia

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What was your most rewarding experience as a reader and consultant?

“I’ve had so many rewarding experiences it’s hard to pick one.  Numerology, astrology and Feng Shui has helped my own life in so many ways. Understanding myself, partnerships, family and friends on such a profound level has been a lifesaver.  Some relationships I feel are destined and having the tools to understand how to move forward or why someone is acting a certain way is a priceless for peace of mind. The first thing I do is look at someone’s chart whether a new friend, business associate or potential date!

I taught a seminar on The Power of Numerology. One lady had throat cancer and was in remission, I was able to tune into her before she told me this sharing guidance on how to move forward.  She was so grateful for this insight as her communication was blocked.

Another client was retired early from the Army with PTSD. He had gone through depression, I was able to give him insights about himself which he said has changed his life forever.

A long-term client (Hollywood actress/model) shared I saved her after I advised against going further with a relationship. He was arrested on drug charges and it was all over the news…

A soon to be mother and husband were not able to agree on a name for their newborn. I went through a dozen names with them and explained the most harmonious vibration for the child and for them as a couple. They loved the name and the child is blossoming.

A client kept having endings with friends and career opportunities, I made some Feng Shui changes in her home including changing the numerology vibration. She thanked me a few months later with so many new opportunities coming through and new friendships she could not believe how powerful the shift was.

A couple were unable to sell their home, after weeks of open days with no offers I was contacted for Feng Shui advice. They had three offers come through immediately after their next open day.”

One of your most challenging experiences?

“When a woman broke down after being in a severe domestic violence relationship with some insights I had given her.  She loved the reading and said this helped her to move forward.

Another I gave the exact date someone’s husband had left through astrology (it’s not something I can pinpoint all the time!), I could also see he was with another woman.  She felt empowered after the help I gave her which was originally for a name change consultation, so she received a new name, harmony and life changing help.

I love to give you peace of mind, confirmation from the past and clarity for the future. To empower and help you understand about yourself and loved ones. To guide you on the right path and through difficult times. Plus, the really fun stuff like helping to choose baby names or the best name for your life after marriage or divorce.”

Tameera is also available for spiritual parties (six or more for hen’s nights, baby showers or birthday parties).

Appointments are filled quickly, generally there is a two week waiting time. Contact Tameera >>