Combining the ancient sciences of astrology, numerology and her intuition, Tameera has mastered the perfect formula over 20 years to read anyone.

“You are my queen. Look how right you are about everything. Seriously you should get a medal for being so amazing. Check this out. You saved me.”
Yasmin ~ Actress, Artist, Musician + Model ~ Los Angeles + Australia

I wish my child, partner or ‘that person I like’ came with a guide! Well now they do.

Tameera is an Astrologer, Master Numerologist and Feng Shui professional specialising in compatibility, relationships, life direction, career, travel, home energies, astro fertility, baby names and name changes. Her mission is help you live your best life.

By looking into your date of birth and name Tameera gives clear insight into your life, when you’ll have a lucky period or how to move through a more challenging cycle. She can tune into the energy of your home’s layout, further shifting with a number if needed to transform your world!

Tameera has conducted readings for leading Australian women’s magazines. She loves working with all walks of life and finds the accuracy behind her work never ceases to amaze.

Tameera is screened across fitness centers worldwide (through Move123), sharing her expertise in astrology, numerology and Feng Shui.

Consultations are worldwide via Skype. She teaches regular Sydney workshops: Astrology Numerology Essentials, Feng Shui Essentials and Manifest Your Dream Life Vision Board Workshop.

You’ll receive your numerology blueprint and astrology chart as part of your reading. Personal charts and astrology guides including the world’s first Moon Lovers Astrology Numerology Calendar for Sydney, LA, NYC and London are available via her Soul Shop.

Tameera managed independent journalism training at one of Australia’s top ranked universities for over 10 years (before it was turned into a prayer centre…) From 2011 to 2015 she was founder and director of Light Stays Retreats and Living®. Tameera’s the author of eBook Guide to Abundance for your Business Mind and Soul and has a special interest in developing online resources to enrich wellbeing, creativity, spirituality and growth.

Blending a background of spirituality, higher education and personal development Tameera loves the ancient science behind astrology, numerology and Feng Shui.

Tameera lives in Sydney, Australia – consultations are worldwide. Come and make time for yourself…

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