Transform your relationships + love life.

For big hearted women ready to take a quantum leap in their relationships and love lives.
Work 1:1 with me over 3 months + a powerful soul toolbox.

Limited to only 8 places per month.

I really want you to love your life. You see… I’m not your every-day intuitive, astrologer, relationship guru or life coach.

I’ve helped thousands of women step into their dream life, increase self-worth and enhance relationships. I’m often told how I’ve revealed things only they’ve known about, including the prediction of future events (meeting partners, career changes, babies, moves + more). Some of my clients have worked with me for over 10 years.

Are you a woman going through a breakup? Maybe something just doesn’t feel right and you don’t know how to move forward OR you keep repeating the same patterns attracting the same kind of relationship? Do you feel like you’ve lost your purpose?

This is where you change your story. From breakup to breakthrough.

Together we’ll unpack the foundations and create your unique journey to transform your relationships + love life.

Do you know over 20 million people are looking for love every day? Statistics show 75% are attracted to the wrong partner with divorce rates over 45%. Pain that is not transformed is transferred #truthbomb

The good news is I’m here to help you get your life and relationships the way they should be…
amazing, uncomplicated, abundant and secure.

When your heart feels fragmented it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. I hold a unique set of spiritual and earthly tools helping you move forward to transform and live the life of your dreams.

Are you ready to put yourself first?

My signature custom offering is designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery that will not only transform your sense of self but will simultaneously open you up to the deepest, purest love with the soul connection you deserve.

We’ve entered a new paradigm in the world of relationships with more people than ever questioning love in their lives.

“When your mind is stuck in the past, it isn’t because it wants to return there, it’s because you were impacted far more deeply than you ever realised, and the aftershocks are still rippling through you.” ~ Brianna West
Your past doesn’t make you… it reveals you. This is why we are here, to overcome and rise above our challenges, and through suffering a Phoenix can be born.

You can’t move forward in life without knowing your quantum worth (yes that means putting yourself first), clearing your love blocks, reprogramming your energy and truly understanding yourself to live your dreams.

Connect with higher love. Remember who you truly are.

Life changing private tailored sessions with a powerful soul support toolbox for LOVE, wealth, quantum worth + manifesting your dreams… and text support. I’m here for you ♡

“The only thing that’s going to fix your life is you learning to love yourself. I didn’t know I was me.” ~ Mary J Blige
Working with my ‘guides upstairs’ I’ve created a smorgasbord for your heart, mind and soul with a bespoke offering through personal 1:1 recorded Zoom sessions worldwide (… this is not another mastermind).

I bring over 25 years of life changing experience for you. Tailored specifically to bring your heart into equilibrium and guiding you back to who you came here to be.

You’re here for a reason. Expect your relationships and frequency to be upgraded to new heights through modern practices and ancient wisdom the world’s elite live by incorporating astrology, numerology, psychic intuition, light language soul healing, the law of attraction and Feng Shui.

Are you seeking higher love, inspired energy and conscious connections in your life? In 6 weeks to 3 months of working together you’ll transform. Imagine seeing yourself in a new beautiful expanded light ♡

Deciding to leave my marriage of over 10 years was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever made. It was super challenging to understand what was going on, how to love and trust again. Throughout the years I had lost myself. I never imagined I would now be living the life of my dreams and I’ve helped so many other women do the same.

I wish someone had given me the pathway I have created for you to
transform your relationships + love life.

I needed to find myself so I could find you ♡.

“You must be fearless enough to give yourself the love you didn’t receive.” ~ Oprah Winfrey
A co-dependent will attract a narcissist, if you lack self-worth you will attract the same. If you love and understand yourself and are living in your highest vibrational authenticity you’ll attract your beautiful soulmate to rise in love with.

You will subconsciously seek out relationships to heal the wounds from your parents – coined the Imago theory by Dr Harville Hendrix (Oprah and Kate Hudson swear by this concept and so do I).

Here’s the other thing you need to understand… you can’t have two chefs in the kitchen (and if you do it’s learning how to compromise). Astrology and numerology further reveal your masculine and feminine energy. If you have more masculine energy and your partner has more masculine energy I’ll share how to make it work because you need yin and yang to live in harmony.

Can you answer YES to any of these questions?
→ Do you want your ex back or are you trying to decide if it’s worth salvaging your relationship or move on?

→ Are you going through a painful breakup and need help getting through this heartbreak to heal your heart quickly?

→ Are you over attracting the wrong types and want to start dating more purposefully so you can meet a high vibe soulmate?

→ Are you dealing with a complex issue (like considering breaking up with your partner or infidelity) and wish you had higher guidance to know what to do?

→ Are you feeling you’re not good enough and keep finding yourself in co-dependent or confusing relationships?

→ Have you experienced early negative subconscious conditioning from your parents or caregivers?

→ Are you being held back by negative self-talk and don’t believe you’re truly worthy of abundance or a healthy relationship?

→ Have you lost yourself and life purpose in a relationship and need help finding yourself again?

→ Are you ready and dedicated to make a difference in your own and others’ lives?

Unhealed childhood trauma manifests as fixing others, people pleasing, co-dependency, looking for external validation, living on high alert (fight or flight), fear of abandonment, de-prioritising your own needs, tolerating abusive behaviour, attracting narcissistic partners.

I’d like you to ask yourself… What am I afraid of? What am I avoiding to make my life and relationships a success? Change can feel scary though isn’t that why we’re here, to evolve and be free? To fail, to heal, to come back stronger. Because we CAN change our stories if we really want to.

“Practice being the kind of person you wish to attract.” ~ Wayne Dyer

Release Reprogram Manifest Love

Your journey includes…

You’ll work privately with me over 6 one hour 1:1 sessions + personal strategy recorded via Zoom including text/what’s app support. Your choice of 6 weeks or 3 months. Limited to only 8 women per month.
✔ Vision and goal setting.

✔ Transforming relationship and love life coaching + guidance.

✔ Attracting a soulmate by teaching you what to look for.

✔ Life direction + self-worth mentoring and support.

✔ Intuitive guidance.

✔ Strengths and hidden talents guiding you to your destiny, through your souls blueprint, astrology + numerology charts.

✔ Your personal cycles, transits and future forecast.

✔ Feng Shui energy alignment for love, wealth + wellbeing.

✔ Freeing the past, clearing limiting beliefs + rewiring your future

✔ Releasing soul contracts + ancestral karma.

✔ Emotional Freedom Technique timeline therapy.

✔ Astrocartography world meridians revealing the best places to live, re-locate or travel to for love, career and wellbeing.

✔ Light Language interdimensional soul healing.

✔ Using the law of attraction and quantum physics to manifest.

“What you seek is seeking you.” ~ Rumi
Transform Love Life
As an intuitive relationship and love life coach working with an unconventional approach embracing eastern and western philosophies; I can offer you the tools to reach your full potential and take charge of your relationships, love life, self-worth and soul purpose.

I’ll help make YOU your number 1 priority, by becoming your own soulmate first. For years I attracted partners who needed fixing (then they won’t leave right?) I was waiting for Mr right to show up and complete me. When I learned to complete myself and work with universal energy that’s when my life transformed.

PLUS, a bonus powerful Soul Toolbox for LOVE, wealth, quantum worth, re-programming + manifesting your dreams… ($497 value)

✔ Accountability + support via Text or What’s App (many of my clients have found having this level of accessibility accelerates their progress).

✔ 3 months planetary forecast, covering your best dates, important life transits + precaution days supporting your journey to the heart.

✔ Personal Hypnosis Transformation Audio Meditation.

✔ Quantum Worth + Abundance Mastery Guidebook.

✔ Morning prayer given by a master teacher billionaire that helped transform my own life.

✔ Law of Attraction daily affirmations synchronised to your phone for one year.

✔ Connecting your tribe. Private Facebook group access including live readings, celestial updates, ancient wisdom + more.

“Tameera has been my go to person for guidance for over 10 years. Tameera’s knowledge of astrology and numerology is incredible and her intuition is magic – she has also transformed my relationships and I’m now living with the love of my life in LA. All my friends now have sessions with her too. I’m so happy I have this precious gift in my life! Couldn’t recommend Tameera more! Xo”
Yasmin Kassim ~ Actor, Miss Universe Runner-up ~ Los Angeles/Australia
Transform your Relationships + Love Life is for you if…
✔ You’re ready for transformation in your love life.

✔ You want to go deeper than traditional therapy.

✔ You’re open to higher frequencies, intuitive guidance and the law of attraction.

✔ You’re feeling lost through a breakup or want to strengthen your current relationship.

✔ You’re open to the experience of soulmates and twin flames.

✔ You’d love to know what the hell is going on in your love life.

✔ You’re ready to let go of old stories and enter a new paradigm.

✔ You’re ready for higher love, new life direction and abundance.

Transform your Relationships + Love Life is not for you if…
• You don’t care about ancient sciences over 2,400 years old the world’s elite live by.

• You don’t like change.

• You’re happy to settle for less.

• You’re not ready to commit to your soulmate, twin flame or a better you.

• You don’t believe in ‘the one’.

• Groundhog-day feels like a safe place to be.

• You’re still willing to be hurt, ‘ghosted’ or treated like you don’t matter.

• You don’t believe in destiny or a higher power.

10 of the world’s richest, celebrities and entertainers who use astrology for success ☾
1. JP Morgan

Billionaire global financial leader with assets over $2.6 trillion, JP Morgan continues to be a massive success and there are many factors as to why. Among these includes his use of astrology. Morgan who initially was a skeptic gave astrology a chance after deciding to give infamous astrologer Evangeline Adams a chance to complete a chart and readings. He later brought Evangeline on as an astrologer into his company and since has used it in every aspect of his success. Morgan also coined the infamous phrase “Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.”

2. Nancy and Ronald Reagan

For both Nancy and Ronald Reagan, astrology made quite an impact in their relationship within the White House. In 1988 the book titled ‘Where’s the Rest of Me?’ Told the story of how astrology played an important daily role for the former president and his first lady.

3. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is a huge fan of astrology and is reported to use Buddhist astrology. It is said that she utilizes astrology for daily choices as well as important moments in her life. She also uses this ancient astrology when it comes to her health and her career such as deciding on movie roles. Furthermore, it’s said that Angelina has preference for movies to premier on days that coincide with astrological predictions. She’s an Aries moon which explains her go-getter, fun, and adventurous attitude.

4. Theodore Roosevelt

As surprising as it may seem the amazing former president Theodore Roosevelt was actually into astrology. Roosevelt was in fact so interested, he made sure to showcase his interest by having his horoscope placed for all to see in the Oval Office. He was also a fan of keeping up with astrological weather predictions.

5. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz has been a household name for decades, the bubbly star holds a strong interest in astrology. Diaz is even said to be a long time client of one of the most well-known astrologists in the world. Diaz has always been highly interested in seeking answers regarding her future through astrology.

6. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is among the most successful artists in the world and astrology might just play a role in the glamorous singer’s amazing success. Lopez has expressed in interviews about her love and interest in astrology. Like many of us, Jennifer Lopez constantly thinks about her future and therefore her interest in astrology will and continues to help her to learn more and find out about what might happen next.

7. Carl Jung

Carl Jung could debatably be considered one of the first to bring astrology to the forefront of the world of psychology. He was among many of the most brilliant minds in history including Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud, who taught Jung all about psychology. Jung was so intrigued with astrology he began to incorporate them into sessions with his patients. Jung was also the first to notice the connection between the moon and a woman’s fertility cycle. He finally coined the term synchronicity, which he deeply believed is what caused a woman’s cycle to be in harmony with the moon.

8. Hippocrates

Hippocrates was and is still known as the founding father of medicine. Hippocrates utilised astrology when it came to the study of medicine and the human body. His findings included a correlation between disease and certain areas of the body being linked to certain planets. Diagnosing illnesses and prescribing medicine was also calculated with zodiac signs and planets. Hippocrates heavily believed a doctor should not be called a doctor unless he was knowledgeable on the subject of astrology.

9. Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin who is featured on the US $100 note is well known for his inventions that still are very useful for modern society today. These inventions include bifocals, the lightning rod, the stove and more. He was an author, publisher, scientist, inventor and diplomat. … During the American Revolution, he served in the Second Continental Congress and helped draft the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Franklin was very active in his community and loved to delve into the world of astrology. As a child Franklin often gazed at the stars and drew the stars and planets. That’s when he first noticed the eclipse and soon discovered when a planet and the Sun would eclipse, that was a great sign that we should expect something good to happen here on Earth. Franklin used astrology to mark one of the greatest days in history and he was very successful in doing so.

10. Princess Diana

The princess we all universally know and love was also into astrology. In fact, it’s said she sought astrological advice as she had been having trouble with her marriage to Prince Charles. Princess Diana was not happy and through her astrologers reading, she was able to receive guidance that would later help her through future actions during her time as princess.

11. Madonna

It’s no surprise the queen of eclectic herself, Madonna, is an avid fan of astrology. Madonna first revealed this in an interview back in the ’90s where she explained in-depth about astrology and how she herself has a Virgo moon, rising Aquarius, and the sun sign of Leo. It’s clear Madonna not only truly admires astrology but also deeply enjoys spirituality as a whole as she applies it to her daily life.

You can change your direction at any given moment. Astrology is an invaluable celestial tool that can help transform your life’s journey. It has proven to bring many opportunities and open new doors, revealing your past, present and future, relationships, where to live and more.

Fated love + soulmate compatibility revealed through your Vertex in astrology ♡
When looking into compatibility, I first explore the 7 main numbers within your numerology blueprints revealing your hearts desire, personality, expression, destiny, face to the world, life-path and attitude. With three or more numbers in common with a loved one this shows you have a soul connection. I then look at the actual breakdown between your numerology birth-grids and pinnacles.

Next, I look into your astrology charts for sun/moon compatibility – the sun is our core being (how we shine in life) and moon reveals emotions. Next mercury for communication. Venus shares the love we like to give and receive so now I’m seeing a pretty clear picture of the compatibility between both of you. If you both have Venus in the same sign or house for example that’s a good match.

You might not have heard of your astrology Vertex though – the symbol looks like this: ‘Vx’ (Vertex meaning pinnacle). This is the big one as your Vertex reveals a magnetic force. And yes… that destined fatal attraction, or connection that transforms your life.

Understanding Vertex’s almost makes me feel better for marrying my ex-husband! I was inexplicably drawn to him many moons ago, not my usual ‘type’ – I realised much later on I had a Vertex connection to him through six planets. It was destiny in the making (soulmates vs cellmates)! Our relationship was definitely a life lesson which I’ve evolved through.

One of my best friends and I have our Vertex in the same sign of Gemini in the 5th house of Leo (which makes it a conjunction for us). She feels like a sister and had even met my mother who was her social work teacher before we met 15 years later.

When the Vertex shows up in your charts it’s “fait accompli – something that has already happened or been decided before those affected hear about it, leaving them with no option but to accept it.”

You may meet suddenly ‘out of the blue’ – with a strong sense you know each other from somewhere… This person can make you feel like you’ve never felt before and your life will never be the same again.

I believe twin flames are like soulmates – however the connection is more profound. Through a twin flame connection there will be almost identical numerology between you, the same Vertex placements and similar astrology placements. Your twin flame is literally another part of you.

How to work out your astrology Synastry compatibility with your Vertex:

First, you’ll need to find out where the Vertex’s are located in your astrology birth charts (you’ll need your time and date of birth).
Once you know where your Vertex (Vx) is, simply look at the other person’s chart to see where theirs is (including the sign + house placement). If your Vertex is in Gemini and the other person’s Sun is in Gemini that means you’ll have a Sun-Vertex ‘Vx’ Synastry as follows:

Vertex to Vertex Compatibility

When your astrology Vertex ‘Vx’ is in the same planet and or house as another persons – it reveals an overwhelming attraction, common amongst best friends, marriage partners and ‘destiny in the making relationships’. There’s a strong chemistry between the two of you. You will unconsciously be attracted to each other and be drawn into each others lives. This is the one that’s going to change the course of your life…

Sun Vertex Compatibility

When your Vertex connects with the other person’s Sun, this is your idea of the perfect companion. Friendship is easy and you’ll have fun growing together.

Moon Vertex Compatibility

With the moon ruling your intuition, emotions and ‘mother energy’ this is a deeply protective combination. You will naturally be ‘in-tune’ and connected with each other. There will be a feeling of safety, comfort and deja-vu. Unbalanced energy can lead to co-dependence with balanced energy co-creative. You’ll often be in each other’s thoughts.

Venus Vertex Compatibility

Venus is the planet of love and romance. When your Vertex forms a connection with Venus, there is often a powerful relationship formed that will change both your lives forever. Think fatal attraction, soulmates and transformation through the power of love. Separating can be difficult with this placement.

Mars Vertex Compatibility

Mars is your anchor in life and rules your sexual drive, how you ‘go after’ what you want. With Mars Vertex Synastry you may not want to get out of bed! You will be deeply attracted and intrigued by each other. As friends or business associates you’ll find yourself driven by each other.

Jupiter Vertex Compatibility

Jupiter brings luck into our lives. This person can feel like your lucky star! For example, shopping together or travelling you’ll find yourself in the right place at the right time. You can also have amazing connections to other people you need to help you in life through this placement.

Saturn Vertex Compatibility

What’s life without balance, right? Saturn teaches us through limitations, see the Nike swoosh? Yes… that’s part of Saturn calling to ‘just do it’! Saturn also brings karmic connections and ‘fate’ to work through. With this connection you can feel a ‘push pull’ effect. This is a responsible link – you might feel like their mother/father or vice versa. Lessons surround the Saturn Vertex astrology combination!

Uranus Vertex Compatibility

Uranus brings revolution and freedom to our life. As Uranus is very slow moving, in-fact taking 84 years to make a full return, spending 7 years in each sign, the house placement will reveal more. This could be the person who frees you in life and unlocks the doors to a new world! You could have an unexpected pregnancy or marry ‘out of the blue’.

Neptune Vertex Compatibility

Neptune rules Pisces and is known as ‘god of the sea’. With the placement of Neptune Vertex, you can feel like you’ve found your soulmate or lose yourself (particularly if forming a square / anti-vertex) which is 6 signs away. The square to Taurus for example is Scorpio. You may become lost in a world of dreams, with a deeply spiritual connection. ‘You are my fantasy…’ Check your house placement for additional information as Neptune is generational.

Pluto Vertex Compatibility

Pluto rules Scorpio – life, death and transformation. This is destiny in the making. A highly intense connection, think births, deaths and marriages. Check your house placement for additional information as Neptune is generational.

North Node Vertex Compatibility

Your north node in astrology reveals where we are headed to in life. You were both fated to meet – this person is destined to help you to move forward to where you need to be. As the south node reveals where you have come from there is no doubt a past life connection of old souls between you both. Again, check your house position placement for further insight. You have much to learn from each other. Take note!

Ascendant Vertex Compatibility

When another person’s Vertex is conjunct your Ascendant (meaning in the same sign), your Vertex is conjunct their Ascendant. This is an indicator of an intense and often fatal attraction! The two of you may easily stay together for the rest of your lives because of the intense attachment you feel for one another or be bonded through children. The physical attraction is off the charts, and the feeling of allure is usually. instant. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have this aspect.

“It’s a funny thing about life; If you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it. ~ Somerset Maugham

Transform your relationships + love life.

Powerful Content Accountability Life Changing Guidance Breakthroughs

Q: What if I just want to have a life direction session when I feel like it?
My one-hour sessions are great however… I’ve created my bespoke personalised program with a unique set of tools to transform your relationships + love life. I’m giving you ALL the support you need along the way to go from heartbreak to breakthrough whilst uncovering the real you along the way, helping you step into your power and inner goddess again. The teacher shows up when the student is ready.
Q: How are you different from traditional therapists or relationship coaches?
My life’s mission is to guide and transform you through your relationships, inner-power and self-worth. I bring over 25 years of experience working with modern and ancient wisdom to transform your relationships + love life incorporating eastern and western psychology. I’ve had clients share I’ve helped them let go of layers of their old self in what would have previously taken years and that I go way beyond traditional therapy.

The nitty gritty…

1 hour fortnightly 1:1 zoom tailored sessions over 3 months.

Dates & Times ♡
We’ll work out the best days/times for us.

Regular check-in’s ♡
We’ll check in with each other to make sure you stay on track and celebrate your achievements, guiding you to create the life you were born to live.

Personal access to me ♡
Regular support via email/what’s app/text (accelerating your progress).

A powerful soul toolbox including your planetary forecasts, re-programming meditation, quantum worth abundance guidebook, private Facebook group access + more ($497 value).

Places are limited to only 8 women per month.

I’ve created a transforming love life relationship personal mentoring program like no other,
tailored just for you 1:1 with me worldwide.

After your booking is received I’ll contact you to schedule your first of 6 sessions ♡

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It’s my privilege to work with thousands of amazing women over 20 years.
Just a few messages on how I’ve helped transform their love, life, relationships and purpose…
“Tameera has a very special place in the story of my life. I could feel her energy despite my being on the other side of the globe. I’ve never met such a wise, advanced, talented, and beautiful being. Over the 3+ months I’ve worked with her I’ve gained invaluable astrological and numerological insight, energy cleansing sessions and tools. Tameera supported and guided the union of my twin-flame and I into a place of love, happiness and peace. It’s the biggest, deepest, soul connection you could experience. I can’t imagine not taking that leap of faith and listening to that inner stirring to book my first session. I committed to doing the work and my life will never be the same! I can never repay you for the impact you are making in my life I am so grateful. Thank you xo”
Kristen M ~ Colorado USA
“Tameera is amazingly detailed and her intuition spot on! She helped me realise the way I was seeing myself all this time is no longer serving me. I was blown away with what I received! Tameera also helped me understand the reason behind my life long concern. I feel a big weight has lifted from my heart. She has a way of helping her clients see the best in themselves and realise their own potentials. There is beauty and truth in everything she says, which gives you the drive to keep going in your life journey. Since working with Tameera there has been great shifts within me with new strong energy. This would have never happened without her love, dedication and guidance. Thank you very much, Tameera!!”
Mika Tanahshi ~ Animal Communicator Australia/Japan
“There is only so much you can get from traditional therapy. I feel you are letting go of layers of your old self in months in what may have previously taken years. It’s a powerful journey with Tameera that’s for sure. Been having lots of epiphanies, especially in relationships. I’m feeling free! I would never have been able to articulate all the different roles I’d played if it was not for you Tameera. I know I keep saying it over and over but you really have guided me and helped me so much. I truly and so thankful to you, I’m waking up and changing these habitual patterns and profoundly grateful. Thank you from the depth of my heart.”
Liza Dennis, Casting Agent, Director + Teacher ~ Australia
“I’m so grateful for Tameera. I’ve been lucky to have a number of sessions and they’re always so full of insights. She came highly recommended through a friend and is now my go-to person for questions about my life path, relationships and career. Tameera’s readings are always spot on, she combines her intuitive gifts with her deep knowledge of astrology and numerology. I’ve also received the most beautiful Light Language healing! It’s not often you find someone truly gifted in this way. I highly recommend working with Tameera.”
Belinda Davie ~ Intuitive Healer + Coach
Sonya Furlong Testimonial for Tameera
“Tameera has a rare and wonderful gift to really understand a person and guide them to what they need on a deep, spiritual level. Tameera always gives detailed insight into my life and the direction I should be going in. It’s incredibly helpful and has put me on a path of fulfillment and happiness. My life has changed completely since working with Tameera and I am now living a life much more attuned to my true purpose. I highly recommend Tameera.”
Sonya Furlong ~ Life Coach + Master NLP Trainer
“Tameera is incredible at what she does! Tameera is so accurate, and has a real insight into my life and soul. Tameera was able to help me through some big decisions. She is warm, gentle, empathetic and down to earth. Tameera has an ability to break through BS and get to the heart of matters. I have since recommended her to a few of my family/friends and they were equally impressed with the work Tameera does.”
Jane McNamara ~ Brisbane, QLD

Yasmin Kassim ~ Actor, Writer, Stand-up Comedian Los Angeles/Australia

Hi I’m Tameera, nice to meet you! I’m an intuitive, astrologer, master numerologist, relationship alchemist and Feng Shui expert with over 20 years of experience working worldwide.

I’m featured in VOGUE and teach through workshops and retreats in addition to private 1:1 consultations. I’ve mastered the perfect formula to read anyone and I’m passionate about helping you transform your life, career and relationships.

My clientele includes Hollywood celebrities and luxury brands. I love connecting with all walks of life and find the accuracy and shifts behind my gifts never ceases to amaze. It’s about your time…