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Spiritual Gift Vouchers

Are you looking for a life changing spiritual gift with soul for a birthday present or special celebration? My spiritual gift vouchers are extremely popular all over the world.
Do you have a special friend or family member at a crossroads unsure how to move forward or maybe they want to understand themselves on a deeper soul level? Perhaps they wish someone could ‘see’ into a relationship for them?

My life direction gift vouchers can also share the best place to live through astrocartography and even align their home for abundance with Feng Shui.

Career block? Love block? Life guidance? That’s why I’m here.

6 things I’m really, really good at when I work with you…

♡ Reading your future and life direction.

☾ Helping you understand yourself and your relationships on a profound new level.

♢ Seeing into your career, destiny and soul purpose.

☆ Guiding you towards the best places to live, work and travel through your personal meridians.

☆ Sharing the vast impact behind your name’s energy.

☼ Teaching you the wisdom of the ancient sciences.

I create solutions to transform your relationships, life direction and energy.

Astrology and numerology are two of the most accurate and powerful mediums to understand yourself and others. My intuition also works through seeing your name and date of birth, often leading to life changing insight.
“Stay with friends who support you. Talk with them about sacred texts, and how you are doing, and how they are doing, and keep your practices together. Be with those who help your being.” ~ Rumi

Your consultation can include…

✔ Intuitive psychic and card guidance.

✔ Life direction and support.

✔ Transforming relationship and compatibility guidance.

✔ Deep vision and direction into your career, life purpose and destiny.

✔ Your personal cycles and transit forecast to make the most of opportunities.

✔ Hidden talents, helping you to get unstuck and move forward.

Personal world meridian lines (astrocartography / locational astrology) for the best places to live, work or travel.

✔ The best dates to conceive for IVF or to set a wedding date.

✔ The energy of your name and how a name change will affect you.

✔ Having a baby? I’ll help choose the best baby name vibration.

✔ Light Language interdimensional healing.

Feng Shui to transform your health, wealth and relationships.

Your numerology blueprints + astrology birth-charts will be included with a personalised gift voucher from you, which you will be sent to you to give. Your friend will choose the best time to book in their reading with me after they receive their voucher.
Consultations are worldwide, recorded 1:1 with your friend via Zoom + life changing guidance.

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“Tameera is a wonderful blend of practical and psychic! Her integrity, insight and understanding of numerology and astrology is phenomenal. She is warm, compassionate and insightful. Highly Recommended!”
Beata Alfoldi ~ Teacher, Medicine Woman + Shaman
“I’m shaking from how accurate and amazing my reading was. Tameera you’re seriously my hero, I feel so much happier! Thank you for the clarity and predictions, I can’t wait to talk to you soon! If you’re wondering who to go to you’re at the right place, I’ve never had such powerful reading.”
Jolie Chi ~ Los Angeles
“My partner brought me a life direction gift voucher with Tameera and I didn’t know what to expect but she is on point, to say the least. Almost scary how accurate she is and is very insightful. Definitely would recommend.”
Tofe Evans ~ Australia
Hi I’m Tameera, nice to meet you! I’m an intuitive, astrologer, master numerologist, relationship alchemist and Feng Shui expert with over 20 years of experience working worldwide.

I’m featured in VOGUE and teach through workshops and retreats in addition to private 1:1 consultations. I’ve mastered the perfect formula to read anyone and I’m passionate about helping you transform your life, career and relationships.

My clientele includes Hollywood celebrities and luxury brands. I love connecting with all walks of life and find the accuracy and shifts behind my gifts never ceases to amaze. It’s about your time…