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The sweetest sound in any language is your name and what it means.

Discover your hearts-desire, personality and self-expression with Tameera's free numerology name calculator sharing 3,500 year-old wisdom.

  • The first and last name you use each day give your full numerology name reading.
  • Your first name in numerology shares what you're here to learn and act upon.
  • Your birth certificate name gives your destiny energy which cannot be changed.

At the time you’re born the planets are aligned from your first breath… this energy essentially gives your soul vibration. You choose your name and date of birth for your lessons and growth on this earth plane.

  • Your numerology soul number shares your hearts-desire and what makes your heart happy.
  • Your numerology personality number reveals your character and temperament.
  • Your numerology expression number shows how you express yourself in life.

Numerology and astrology are ancient sciences dating back over 3,500 years to ancient Babylonia, Egypt, China and Atlantis.

Numerology is one of the earliest forms of metaphysical reading and communication. In early days people used numbers, markings and scribing methods to intercommunicate, trade and exchange their ideas.

Greek philosopher Pythagoras believed the universe could be expressed by numbers. He was born in Greece 590BC and was one of the best in his day, he established a secret school in Cortona Italy which was eventually burned down.

I’m passionate about helping you understand your numerology blueprint. As a master numerologist with clients all over the world, I use this numerology name calculator every day to help people transform.

Did you know there are 7 main numbers that make you up? Numerology also reveals twin flame, soulmate and overall compatibility connections. You can understand your destiny through numerology, your personal year cycle, main stage in life, career, purpose, the vibration of your home and so much more.

Is your soul calling to go deeper? You can book in for a life changing 1:1 Life Direction Intuitive Guidance Astrology Numerology Consultation (recorded including your soul blueprints).

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