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After a fun and enlightening Feng Shui consultation with Tameera, I was easily able to implement some key changes to an area of my office under her ongoing guidance and influence.

I’m not one for big dramatic statements, but I must share that the results from these changes helped me clear a crucial block in my career that I had been navigating for 7-10 years prior. Tameera had a way of explaining why certain configurations in a particular room might have been less harmonious than others, in a way that was simple, matter of fact, but also educational.

Her endless patience helped me feel at ease with the many questions I had, and ultimately assisted in facilitating a far better understanding of the science behind Feng Shui. She has a wealth of knowledge that she shares generously and a kind spirit that is genuinely excited for the positive changes this ancient wisdom can bring into your life.

Patty Kikos

Counsellor, Celebrant, Retreat & Workshop Host

Tameera is amazing and a real person, not just a faceless internet bot that you feed data into. She has a personal magnetism that you have to experience to believe. Her vast experience in numerology and Feng Shui is really apparent. She then took a look around my condo, and explained to me what belonged facing in what direction, from plants to colors and more. The results were instant. She just knew. It took me a few months to get it mostly in order and even after 2 years, I’m still improving it based on her evaluation. I have a very cool red piece of artwork that I am waiting to arrive to hang in a particular spot. Last week, I had a chat with a friend from China who confirmed everything she recommended. From jobs rolling in, to unexpected checks coming in the mail, and of course the mental and spiritual harmony it brings, she’s really changed my life. I can’t recommend her enough!

David Stein

Actor, Writer + Director, San Francisco California

Thank you so much Tameera your Feng Shui advice was life changing! The knowledge learnt was a lot and gave me new views on everything around me. Excited to apply this into my new place.

Ina Osaki


It has been such a blessing to meet you on my path.

Marijana T.


Tameera did Feng Shui with numerology for my house. Over the months the level of abundance that was bought into the house was overwhelming, people giving me fantastic pieces of furniture and appliances, friends dropping by and bringing unexpected gifts, food, artwork and such great cheer. I’m now at the point where I have to start giving things away myself as my home has become so full its overflowing. I even bought some flowers, and the local florist smiled at me and picked up a second bunch and wrapped it together with the bunch I picked only charging me for one. I’m not sure how it works, I just know that it does. Thank you Tameera.

Kelly-Ann Denton

Speaker and Creative Director

Was such a nice session thank you and most grateful! Much more clarity on the baby names and the house energy and the Light Language healing you did was just divine, no other way to put it!

Karan B

Bondi, Sydney

I recently had Tameera come to my home and Feng Shui the place. I was amazed with the subtle changes that she made had a massive impact to the energy of my home. I will admit, I was expecting my furniture to be moved around like crazy but Tameera said the furniture layout was great! A lil high-five 😀

Her magical touches and suggestions immediately transformed my home and I haven’t stopped smiling since. My animals also are more settled and relaxed too.

I can’t highly recommend Tameera enough for transforming the energy in your home to make it your own sanctuary !

Thank you Tameera xx

Simonne Lee

Animal Communicator + Life Strategist , Sydney

Thank you for coming to my home for Feng Shui. The warmth, kindness and energy you emanate is just amazing Tameera, you are a ray of sunshine, a breath of fresh air!

Natasha D

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