Anthony Bourdain was an American celebrity chef, author, and travel documentarian who starred in programs focusing on the exploration of international culture, cuisine, and the human condition. Married to Nancy Putkoski for 20 years from 1985 to 2005 then Ottavia Busia 2007 to 2016 fathering Ariane (age 11 in 2018). Bourdain wrote his love of food was kindled in his youth while on a family vacation in France, when he tried his first oyster on a fisherman’s boat.

On 8 June 2018 Anthony Bourdain took the worlds hearts including mine with news of his suicide at the Le Chambard hotel Kayersberg France, found by his best friend and revered chef Éric Ripert. I remember waking in disbelief. How could this happen to someone who ‘had it all’?

With a year to-date since his passing I thought I’d pay tribute by looking deeper into the vibration of Anthony Bourdain’s soul’s blueprint during his incredible time on earth.

Bourdain didn’t rise to fame until his 40’s writing Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly (2000), a New York Times bestseller, an expansion of his 1999 New Yorker article “Don’t Eat Before Reading This.” The book was never meant to reach the masses, aimed at the culinary underworld, Kitchen Confidential however exploded as did Bourdain’s life.

I think it was his gift of storytelling, brutal honesty and connecting all walks of life through food is what we all related to. A confessed heroin addict – getting clean around 1990, Anthony Bourdain was always open about battling his demons. He immersed himself in cultures by getting down with real people and real foods.

“Look, man, the only thing that matters is life or death. That’s the edge. Embarrassment, shame, humiliation, I can live with those. I’m used to it. Why hang onto it, though?”

At his time of death Bourdain was dating Italian actress Asia Argento, whom he started seeing not long after separating from wife and partner Ottavia of 9 years. The day after Anthony took his life, pictures surfaced of Argento in Italy, wildly embracing another lover. Maybe with a broken heart and not fully mourning the death of his last relationship, Anthony’s appetite for food and life had disappeared and, in that moment just wanted to escape.

Before we come to earth we choose our name and date of birth, which gives us our souls blueprint, vibration and path. Astrology and numerology are 3,500 year-old ancient sciences that have guided my life, and helped me understand a relationship or two… Not to mention the thousands of clients I’ve worked with over 20 years.

Through numerology we have 8 main numbers composing our vibration, revealing who we are on a deeper level. Our soul, personality and expression are derived through our name, and destiny from our original birth certificate. Our lifepath is our most important number, derived from our date of birth – incase you want to check yours simply add each number together you are born then reduce to a single digit, for example calculating Anthony Bourdain’s birthdate: 2+5+6+1+9+5+6 = 34 then 3+4 = 7 (lifepath/lifeforce energy)

Anthony Michael Bourdain’s Numerology Blueprint born 25 June 1956, New York City

6 soul (vowels)
4 personality (consonants)
1 expression (full name)
7 Destiny (birth certificate)
5 Maturity (lifepath + destiny)
7 Face to the world (dayborn)
7 Lifepath/Lifeforce (date of birth)
4 Attitude (day + month)

Looking into Anthony Bourdain’s numerology, with a 6 in his heart and soul reveals he was happy looking after others in some way. Attracting all walks of life from the heart (the 6 is pregnant with love). Anthony found it important for people for people to come to him for advice and be respected the advice he gave. Drawn to people and situations that allowed him to express understanding, Anthony Bourdain tore down many walls (including the one Trump wanted to build). True to the 6 vibration in Anthony’s heart there is even an Anthony Bourdain Appreciation Society in his name, with #bourdainday on his birthday 25 June via Instagram celebrating a legend who stole our hearts.

The 4 personality, like the great pyramids represents structure, order and stability. Can take a long career path to create opportunities in life and is hard working (4 numerology personalities don’t like get rich quick schemes). Structured, preferring stability, working to a specific plan and loyal – can be a little rigid sometimes with change (marriage and hard work was a constant in Bourdain’s life). 4 numerology personalities are the most blunt of all the numbers. Something I think we all grew to love Bourdain for.

“Don’t lie about it. You made a mistake. Admit it and move on. Just don’t do it again. Ever.” ~ Anthony Bourdain, Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly

1 numerology expression’s (and life-path’s) in numerology don’t like to ask for help. Totally self motivated. They can think they’re not good enough if unbalanced – with praise they are great – no praise and they rebel. The 1’s often achieve dreams later in life, which rang true for Anthony Bourdain. 1’s share themselves in their natural form as leaders, pioneers and being number one. I think we can safely say Bourdain achieved this.

“Skills can be taught. Character you either have or you don’t have.” 
~ Anthony Bourdain, Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly

It was Anthony Michael Bourdain’s 7 numerology destiny (derived from his birth certificate) to try and find the meaning of life and share this with the world. Silence and solitude are doorways into the deep recesses of the mind and the universe. This is the destiny of the philosopher, the analyst, the seeker and if you’d be willing, the teacher. 7 destinies usually become experts in their field.

Anthony was also a numerology 7 dayborn and 7 lifepath/life-force energy. People are often drawn to the 7 vibration because of the enigma they hold.

Resonating towards the like-minded, others can be draining on energy levels for 7 numerology vibrations. Knowing there is so much to learn yet feeling like an old soul and wondering ‘how you got here’. Part of the 7 vibration in numerology is learning about escaping from reality – watch you don’t cut yourself off from others whilst taking time to re-calibrate.

With the 7 destiny (and lifepath) there is an air of mystery and only those closest will really know the true you (no matter how open you appear to be) – even then you will still hold some secrets! With Bourdain’s worldwide acclaim there was not one tabloid sharing his story after death.

The numerology 7 needs to learn to have some sort of faith – without it they cannot be happy. They have a strong spiritual energy. If 7’s don’t believe in a ‘higher power’ they can be exhausting to have around escaping through drugs, work, sex, travel and alcohol. 7’s have an air of secrecy and will do anything to keep the mystery going. They seem like old souls but are like children for life in many ways. They may seem cold or aloof but usually just observing the world.

4 numerology attitudes are generally rational, honest, blunt and intelligent. They can over analyze and have trouble stopping their brain from working overtime. Anthony Bourdain often shared he needed to be kept busy to stop him from overthinking – with a 4 personality and attitude this was compounded. Whenever I see multiple 4’s in clients charts I encourage them to do something physical. They are the fixers and builders and don’t like criticism although they will dish it out. 4 attitudes also like being the provider. They like order and can be stubborn, refusing to change.

When a 4 attitude (or lifepath) learns a skill they become the expert. They make amazing teachers. Anthony Bourdain taught us about life, culture, food, travel and authenticity on a grass roots level.

“I’ve tried. I just think I’m just too nervous, neurotic, driven,” he told People. I would have had a different answer a few years ago. I might have deluded myself into thinking that I’d be happy in a hammock or gardening. But no, I’m quite sure I can’t.” He added, I’m going to pretty much die in the saddle.” In the interview, Bourdain described himself as ‘happy.’

Wrapping up Anthony Bourdain’s numerology blueprint, his maturity number was a 5. The maturity number starts around age 35 then gets stronger. The 5 brings forward the energy of travel, communication, freedom, teaching and adventure. Value your freedom and be around others who will support and respect this part of you is the motto for the 5 maturity. With a 5 maturity will find yourself travelling more, speaking on tv or radio and being in the public eye. This is about creating change on the work front and opportunities with people.

Understand your vibration, change your life.

We have four main stages in life called pinnacles. Anthony Bourdain’s first numerology pinnacle was a 4 until the age of 29 – bringing study/further education and creating foundations through hard work, sometimes bringing restrictions to learn from (Bourdain was quoted saying one in four don’t die from heroin addiction and he was the lucky one of his friends that got out).

His second pinnacle from 30 to 39 was a 1 energy – this is about becoming an expert, leading the way and enterprising.

Anthony’s third pinnacle vibration from age 40 to 49 was a 5. The 5 numerology pinnacle brings freedom from restrictions, travel, adventure, often being in the limelight, it’s also the teachers energy. The 5 pinnacle was when Kitchen Confidential became a best seller catapulting Bourdain into fame.

“The journey is part of the experience – an expression of the seriousness of one’s intent. One doesn’t take the A train to Mecca.”~ Anthony Bourdain, A Cook’s Tour: Global Adventures in Extreme Cuisines

Ending with a numerology pinnacle vibration of a 9 energy from 50 on-wards. The 9 brings travel on a worldly level, transformation, endings of old ways and learning to let go of people and places you’ve outgrown. The 9 pinnacle if unbalanced, can feel solitary if you lose sight of the deeper meaning of life. You can often feel like ‘an old soul’ on the 9 pinnacle journey.

“I don’t know about ‘charmed.’ But I’m still here  — on my third life, or maybe fourth. Who knows? I should’ve died in my 20s,” Bourdain said. “I became successful in my 40s. I became a dad in my 50s. I feel like I’ve stolen a car — a really nice car — and I keep looking in the rear-view mirror for flashing lights. But there’s been nothing yet.”

Every 9 years we experience a new numerology personal year cycle. When we understand the vibration it helps us move forward, better absorbing the experiences we’re having. Anthony Bourdain was in a 5 personal year when he took his life, we also have ‘special numerology days’ – the actual day he took his life was 5/8 day on June 8, 2018. The 5/8 day can bring chaos, I’ve actually marked this throughout my Astrology Numerology Moon Lovers Guide (the Thai soccer team also became stuck in the cave on a 5/8 day). A 5 personal year shares the energy of freedom, it can also bring confusion and discord – life can feel out of control.

With Anthony experiencing a 9 numerology pinnacle of endings/transformation in a 5 personal year (chaos/freedom from restrictions) and a 5/8 numerology day which can bring about discord, when he took his life, it was rather intense on a vibrational level.

Embodying three 7’s in Anthony’s numerology blueprint, although he seemed open, deep inside it would have been difficult to share how he was really feeling.

‘Parts Unknown’ was no doubt the perfect name for the show revealing so much into the destiny, lifepath and legacy of Anthony Bourdain. If only he knew lol! This is the epitome of someone with not just one but three 7 numerology vibrations holding so much mystery in their chart.

When I read the below piece it’s like Anthony was having a premonition of what was to come… In one of the episodes of ‘Parts Unknown’ Bourdain told the therapist about a recurring dream he’s had “for as long as I can remember.”

“I’m stuck in a vast old Victorian hotel with endless rooms and hallways trying to check out, but I can’t” he said. “I spend a lot of time in hotels, but this one is menacing because I just can’t leave it. And then there’s another part to this dream, always, where I’m trying to go home but I can’t quite remember where that is…”

Without Anthony Bourdain’s time of birth I was unable to look at the bigger picture of his astrology chart, I can however share insights into his main planetary energy through his date of birth June 25, 1956 – NYC.

Sun in Cancer

The sun in astrology is power and ego. It’s the core of potential and uniqueness as an individual; who you are and what you are about. It represents the main direction and focus you want your life to take, and your determination to accomplish what you set out to do.

As the fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer represents the fourth stage in the evolution of man and his place in the universe. In Cancer the need is not one of individual survival as it was in the first three signs. Here, it is eternal survival through perpetuation of the species. It is the sign of fertility and nurture, and Cancerians have strong identification with these matters in one form or another. It doesn’t mean all of them are good cooks or efficient housekeepers, but they all want to feel part of a family. They enjoy feeding others as much as they enjoy feeding themselves. They are also ready to supply emotional nurturing by “mothering” everyone who appears to be in need.

Cancerians react emotionally to everything they experience in life. That is, before they take physical action, before they sort out the practicality of what they are doing, and before they reason things out intellectually, they must express their feelings. They wear their hearts on their sleeves. Many Cancerians succeed in life because their genuine concern for the welfare of others inspires loyalty as well as cooperation.

Moon in Aquarius

The moon rules desire as opposed to ego, need as opposed to expediency or reason. It describes how you feel about yourself, how you handle relationships, and how you emotionally respond to situations and experiences. It describes the flow of your daily functions; physical, emotional, and mental.

As lunar Air sign personalities, those with the moon in Aquarius can be very sympathetic without being sentimental. Rarely beset with moodiness themselves, they often fail to pay attention to it in others, giving the impression they don’t care. Idealistic, optimistic and friendly, they are unbiased and liberal in their treatment of people in general. Highly social, they attract friends and acquaintances from all walks of life, social and cultural backgrounds. They have difficulty focusing attention on just one person. As far as they are concerned “the more the merrier”.

Mercury in Gemini

Mercury indicates mental outlook, intellectual endeavors, the way you think and communicate.

Individuals with Mercury in Gemini have a greater than average mental orientation. They deal with thoughts and ideas rather than feelings and attitudes. Ideas and thoughts flow with amazing rapidity but they may lack concentration. In Gemini, Mercury indicates originality of thought and persuasive powers of articulation.

With quick and charming wits, musical talent, mechanical skills, and the ability to mimic the characteristics of others. They like to keep busy (physically as well as mentally), constantly on the go and involved with a myriad of errands and projects all at the same time. Their manner of learning and getting from place to place is liable to be erratic and unpredictable.

Venus in Gemini

Venus rules your social attitudes and behavior, and your aesthetic tastes and inclinations. Venus indicates your values. It describes romance, marriage and other partnerships, and the pursuit of pleasure.

Gemini Venus are some of the most accomplished flirts in the zodiac! In purely social situations, these individuals are remarkably gifted. The influence of Gemini indicates their physical pleasure in relationships is never as great as the intellectual stimulation derived from them. Excellent speakers and ad-libbers, their social instincts are more geared to sharing ideas and picking up all kinds of interesting information than intense physical or emotional encounters. They find inspiration in maintaining a wide variety of relationships with people from different backgrounds and experiences.

Mars in Pisces

Mars rules physical energy and efforts. It describes the strength and direction of the physical force that drives your ego and fires your emotions. It is your anchor in life.

The energy of Mars in Pisces is highly influenced by emotional states and, too often, at the mercy of your environment. Inspired, their instinctive reactions are keen, as is their power of turning abstract concepts into reality. Many develop an inner, creative strength that is remarkable. As if to confront potential physical weakness, they engage in high-risk activities.

Whenever I view Pisces and Aquarius combined in a chart, I see someone with a deeply humanitarian heart. I think we can say for sure, this sums our beloved Anthony Bourdain up.

Don’t ever forget we’re spiritual beings having a physical experience. There is no death, just a thin veil that separates us from the afterlife. Let’s all have a drink and light a candle in honour of Anthony Bourdain, 8 June Europe and America – 9 June East Asia/Australia. With 25 June officially declared #bourdainday – I’m sure he’s feeling the love from the ‘other side’.

“Maybe that’s enlightenment enough: to know that there is no final resting place of the mind; no moment of smug clarity. Perhaps wisdom…is realizing how small I am, and unwise, and how far I have yet to go.”

“The path you have chosen is indeed fraught with peril. The overwhelming instinct of Italophiles like you and me is to romanticize, oversentimentalize, and generally follow the well-worn tradition of soft-edged food porn when writing about Italy. What is charming to us is often a frustration and even an affliction to Italians. The same political and cultural paralysis that keeps this beautiful collection of city-states ‘real’ also traps its citizens in a reality that often approaches the tragically surreal.”

“A wise man in Kyoto once told me: Western food is about addition; Japanese cuisine is about subtraction. But I think he overlooked a kinship between Japanese and Italian cooking – both built around exquisite product.” ~ Anthony Bourdain

We miss you. Rest in peace, Chef!

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