Manifest By The Moon

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Hello beautiful soul

Have you tried to manifest something in your life but just haven’t seen the results?

Would you like to know how to work with the higher forces to bring in your desires?

I have a little secret… The moon holds the energy of LOVE, JOY and EXPANSION impacting you on a profound level. Now allow yourself to receive ♡

Manifest by the Moon challenges you to live your dreams and expand in all areas of your life.

♡ You deserve transformation.
♡ You deserve great love.
♡ You deserve beautiful friendships.
♡ You deserve balance and harmony.
♡ You deserve to be heard.
♡ You deserve good health.
♡ You deserve to feel safe.
♡ You deserve a perfect body.
♡ You deserve a career you love.
♡ You deserve your dream home.
♡ You deserve freedom.
♡ You deserve abundance.
♡ You deserve spirituality.

To align your life by way of the cosmos, guides you towards the best possible existence to reach your full potential on Earth.

Let’s meet under the stars 💫

Manifest by the Moon is your ultimate guide to manifest.

For conscious souls, ready to transform by harnessing the cosmic forces + magic of the moon ☾

Complete with 12 zodiac star-grid activations, powerful affirmations, meditations, bonus soul toolbox, ancient wisdom and a new moon to full moon 14-day challenge working with the celestial energy each month to manifest your dreams.

The diverse lunar phases guide our emotions and well-being. They reflect the light from the masculine Sun, which makes for beautiful lunar visions. New Moons invoke new beginnings and Full Moons magnify our desires. Manifest by the Moon is your guide to harness her power.

How we live, love and communicate is governed by the planets. Our Mother Moon affects our emotions with Mercury ruling our communication, Venus rules love and Mars our drive-in life.

The Moon changes its nature according to cycles passing on impressions from the constellation of planets from Aries to Pisces, creating a ripple effect on our human souls.

It often rains around a full moon, our bodies are made with of over 60% water, the moon also influences the tides.

A New Moon releases negative ions – this is a powerful time to let go of old ways to bring in the new. New moons invoke new beginnings.

During a Full Moon positive ions are produced – emotions, psychic energy and physical activity… everything is at its maximum. This is the time of increased creativity and as the planets are at polar opposites the energy is magnified to manifest your desires.

When opposites attract…

Did you know when the Sun and Moon are at the exact same degree, minute and second of the same sign this brings forth a New Moon? Full Moons are always at opposite signs for example when the Moon is full in Aries the Sun will be in Libra, when the Moon is full in Taurus the Sun will be in Scorpio. This is why we feel such magnified push/pull energy around a Full Moon.

The Moon’s amazing effect on Earth ♡

The Moon has a powerful influence over many aspects of life on Earth. The Moon is Earth’s constant partner in a cosmic dance! The relationship of the two is credited with the evolution of life on Earth.

△ The gravitational pull of the Moon makes the climate on Earth temperate, with predictable seasons, tolerable temperatures and moderate winds.
△ The Moon steadies the tilt of Earth’s axis and slows the spin of Earth so we humans can thrive.
△ The Moon’s lunar cycle powers the tides.
△ Light from the Moon sparks the spawning of various marine species and our own fertility.

The Moon as a Female ☾

The Moon is typically considered a feminine influence by most cultures. She is perceived as strong, powerful, beautiful, luminous, mysterious, and wise. Another reason for the connection is the phases of the Moon follow an approximate 28-day cycle resembling the average female menstruation cycle.

Let the Moon be your Guide

The Moon and her many phases affect the flow of energy in our physical bodies. Your life force is forever moving and shifting, even if you can’t see it. When we work with mother nature, our journey is SO much sweeter.

What would you like to bring in?

You might have a big desire, a dream you’ve held for a long time – but it’s possible you’re blocking it. Maybe there’s a lingering whisper, “It’s too good to be true,” or “This is too much

to ask for…”

My purpose is to help you clear away feelings of unworthiness and limiting beliefs, for you to feel worthy about what you want, and CLAIM YOUR DESIRES working with the law of attraction and magic of the Moon ☾

Through a powerful 14-day sequence I’ve used to transform my own life and the lives of others, you’ll work with the energy of the New Moon to invoke your desire and Full Moon to manifest with supportive guidance in between.

Each month holds a special celestial vibration you can work with to magnify manifestations in your life.

Discover the best time to lose weight, when to take big action, start a business, release old conditioning, make more money, invoke love + more ♡

It’s your time to start living your best life. This is what’s waiting inside for you…

Moon phases and how her lunar energy can support you.
✔ How to manifest with the moon.
✔ Zodiac Star Grid Activations for each month.
✔ Powerful New to Full Moon Affirmations + Meditations.
✔ 14-day Manifest by the Moon challenge to transform your energy and bring in your desire.
✔ 100 potent Law of Attraction tips.
✔ How to create an altar to enhance your experience.
✔ The best crystals to help you expand.
✔ Candle magic.
✔ Bonus Manifesting Soul Toolbox.
✔ Amplifying your vibration through astrology days of the week.
✔ A beautifully illustrated life changing 60+ page PDF guide.
✔ Access to my private group The Ancient Wisdom Collective.

Working with the New Moon 🌚

Even though the Moon is dark and may seem invisible, this potent phase marks a time to plant new ideas and renew the outdated. The new moon brings heightened potential and fortuitous new beginnings. Letting go of the old to bring in the new…

BUSINESS GROWTH: The New Moon is an auspicious time to start a new business, schedule a grand opening, connect with new business contacts, start new partnerships, or make crucial decisions. People are open to what is new, fresh, and innovative during this time.

INTERVIEWING FOR A JOB OR PROMOTION: The New Moon is believed to increase confidence, boldness, and chances of success. This is also a good time to join a new club or organization or hire new staff.

VACATION/RETREAT: This is a great time to pause and focus on rejuvenation.

MOVING: It’s lucky to move into a new home during a New Moon; prosperity is said to increase as the Moon grows.

SHOPPING: Look for and plan to benefit from amazing bargains during a New Moon, this is an auspicious time to bring what you need into your life.

Working with the Full Moon 🌕

As a magical and powerful time of culmination and positive results, work with the full moon to make positive changes in your life. You have a much better chance of manifesting your desired outcome if you take inspired action during a full Moon.

CELEBRATIONS: Festivities are best and well attended on the Full Moon or as close to the Full Moon as possible.

MARRIAGE PROPOSALS: The Full Moon is an ideal time to propose or accept a proposal of marriage.

SIGNING A CONTRACT: The first three days of the Full Moon are the perfect time to sign a contract if you want to experience fairness and honesty throughout the term of the agreement. Whether you are exchanging contracts on a house, applying for a bank loan, or signing a contract of employment, the power of the Full Moon will help guarantee the exchange will go through smoothly.

HUMAN AND ANIMAL CONCEPTION: Creatures of the sea all follow the phases of the Moon when they are breeding, ensuring that they mate successfully when the pull of the Moon is at its greatest. This is thought to be true for humans, especially if the moon is in your sign.

What is astrology and where did it originate?

Astrology originated in Babylon far back in ancient times, with the Babylonians developing their own form of horoscopes around 2,400 years ago. Dating back 2,100 years ago, astrology spread to the eastern Mediterranean, becoming popular in Egypt, which at the time was under the control of a dynasty of Greek kings.

Astrology is the study of movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world. One of the very first concepts of astrology, the 12 zodiac signs were created by the Babylonians in 1894 BC.

The word astrology comes from the early Latin word astrologia, which derives from the Greek ἀστρολογία—from ἄστρον astron (“star”) and -λογία -logia, (“study of”—”account of the stars”). Astrologia later passed into meaning ‘star-divination’ with astronomia used for the scientific term.

Astrology was a central feature of Greek and Roman culture. A knowledge of astrology’s claims, practices and world view is essential for a full understanding of religion, politics, and science in the Greek and Roman worlds.

Astrology has a unique and powerful impact on our lives, guiding your energy and everyday decisions. Many people throughout history have applied the tools and techniques of astrology and have witnessed amazing results throughout their daily lives. Even today, countless politicians, celebrities and the worlds elite embrace astrology to assist in determining the outcomes of their lives and future success.

For every aspect of life, there is an astrological connection on how to change the way you’re living.

If you’re interested in incorporating astrology into your everyday life, you can use it to feel healed, connected, motivated, guided and transformed. Astrology helps you to move forward with confidence and create a world where you prosper, it tells you about yourself and your relationships, where to live or travel and how your future will unfold.

To align your life by way of the planets and stars, guides you towards the best possible existence to reach your full potential on earth.

10 of the world’s richest, celebrities and entertainers who use astrology for success ☾

1. JP Morgan
Billionaire global financial leader with assets over $2.6 trillion, JP Morgan continues to be a massive success and there are many factors as to why. Among these includes his use of astrology. Morgan who initially was a skeptic gave astrology a chance after deciding to give infamous astrologer Evangeline Adams a chance to complete a chart and readings. He later brought Evangeline on as an astrologer into his company and since has used it in every aspect of his success. Morgan also coined the infamous phrase “Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.”

2. Nancy and Ronald Reagan
For both Nancy and Ronald Reagan, astrology made quite an impact in their relationship within the White House. In 1988 the book titled ‘Where’s the Rest of Me?’ Told the story of how astrology played an important daily role for the former president and his first lady.

3. Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie is a huge fan of astrology and is reported to use Buddhist astrology. It is said that she utilizes astrology for daily choices as well as important moments in her life. She also uses this ancient astrology when it comes to her health and her career such as deciding on movie roles. Furthermore, it’s said that Angelina has preference for movies to premier on days that coincide with astrological predictions. She’s an Aries moon which explains her go-getter, fun, and adventurous attitude.

4. Theodore Roosevelt
As surprising as it may seem the amazing former president Theodore Roosevelt was actually into astrology. Roosevelt was in fact so interested, he made sure to showcase his interest by having his horoscope placed for all to see in the Oval Office. He was also a fan of keeping up with astrological weather predictions.

5. Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz has been a household name for decades, the bubbly star holds a strong interest in astrology. Diaz is even said to be a long time client of one of the most well-known astrologists in the world. Diaz has always been highly interested in seeking answers regarding her future through astrology.

6. Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez is among the most successful artists in the world and astrology might just play a role in the glamorous singer’s amazing success. Lopez has expressed in interviews about her love and interest in astrology. Like many of us, Jennifer Lopez constantly thinks about her future and therefore her interest in astrology will and continues to help her to learn more and find out about what might happen next.

7. Carl Jung
Carl Jung could debatably be considered one of the first to bring astrology to the forefront of the world of psychology. He was among many of the most brilliant minds in history including Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud, who taught Jung all about psychology. Jung was so intrigued with astrology he began to incorporate them into sessions with his patients. Jung was also the first to notice the connection between the moon and a woman’s fertility cycle. He finally coined the term synchronicity, which he deeply believed is what caused a woman’s cycle to be in harmony with the moon.

8. Hippocrates
Hippocrates was and is still known as the founding father of medicine. Hippocrates utilised astrology when it came to the study of medicine and the human body. His findings included a correlation between disease and certain areas of the body being linked to certain planets. Diagnosing illnesses and prescribing medicine was also calculated with zodiac signs and planets. Hippocrates heavily believed a doctor should not be called a doctor unless he was knowledgeable on the subject of astrology.

9. Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin who is featured on the US $100 note is well known for his inventions that still are very useful for modern society today. These inventions include bifocals, the lightning rod, the stove and more. He was an author, publisher, scientist, inventor and diplomat. … During the American Revolution, he served in the Second Continental Congress and helped draft the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Franklin was very active in his community and loved to delve into the world of astrology. As a child Franklin often gazed at the stars and drew the stars and planets. That’s when he first noticed the eclipse and soon discovered when a planet and the Sun would eclipse, that was a great sign that we should expect something good to happen here on Earth. Franklin used astrology to mark one of the greatest days in history and he was very successful in doing so.

10. Princess Diana
The princess we all universally know and love was also into astrology. In fact, it’s said she sought astrological advice as she had been having trouble with her marriage to Prince Charles. Princess Diana was not happy and through her astrologers reading, she was able to receive guidance that would later help her through future actions during her time as princess.

11. Madonna
It’s no surprise the queen of eclectic herself, Madonna, is an avid fan of astrology. Madonna first revealed this in an interview back in the ’90s where she explained in-depth about astrology and how she herself has a Virgo moon, rising Aquarius, and the sun sign of Leo. It’s clear Madonna not only truly admires astrology but also deeply enjoys spirituality as a whole as she applies it to her daily life.

You can change your direction at any given moment. Astrology is an invaluable celestial tool that can help transform your life’s journey. It has proven to bring many opportunities and open new doors, revealing your past, present and future, relationships, where to live and more.

Working with the cosmic cycles to create powerful transformation ♡ in your life.
Live by the sun, love by the moon.

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