Astrocartography – using astrology to decide where to live and travel in the world.


Your geographic location has a bigger influence on your life experiences than you might realise. You know when you travel to a particular place and it has a certain feel to it? Your best friend might love Berlin yet you feel depressed there. Is it because of the energy of the city? It’s more likely you…

Let me open the door to the world of astrocartography for you – which shows your very own personal meridian energy lines around the world!

When you’re born your meridian lines are placed around the world. Through astro cartography, Tameera can produce your personal astrology map which reveals your meridian lines for the best places for you to live, re-locate or travel to. If you’re faced with not knowing where to travel or whether that move will be the right one, having your personal meridian lines astrocartography map can bring you peace of mind.

I completed a Life Direction consultation for a client named Tess, who currently lives in Sydney yet not able to stop thinking about living back in London. Her husband is English and although he loves it here was also missing London.

When I looked at both their astrocartography personal meridian charts I could see Tess’s mars energy (anchor and drive in life) was directly over London, and her husband’s sun over London. They had meridian lines running through Sydney, it was not where their hearts were though. This was the confirmation they needed to know London really is the right place for them to be living. I also saw Tess had a lot of meridian energy around South Africa, I shared this would be a great place for you to travel. Tess revealed her last marriage was to a South African and she’d lived there. Although the marriage was not healthy this brought her peace of mind knowing it was part of her souls journey and not something that happened to her by accident.

Your sun is your core being and where you shine, moon emotional ties, mercury communication feels easy, Venus can feel deeply connected and love, Mars lots of drive and anchored energy, Jupiter brings rewards and luck. Saturn can bring limitations, karmic ties and sometimes breakthroughs.

To give you some insight on how this has worked for me – I currently live in Sydney however mercury on my personal astrocartography map lays around the Cairns area and the top of Australia around the Daintree. I’ve had profound insights come through when travelling in these areas and love the energy. My Venus, Mars and Jupiter lay over Indonesia, a country I adore and currently learning the language with plans to maybe live there one day. I have a line of Saturn running through Berlin, a city I was drawn to live in my early 20’s yet I found the energy so dense and challenging.

An empowered line (meaning your Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars or Jupiter) from a country or city where you have meridian circles or triangles will also bring the energy into your life and home, for example you might have lots of energy around Africa. Decorating your home with an African theme or pictures or taking up Djembe will bring you good energy! This is called ‘remote activation which, the late Jim Lewis an astrologer, entrepreneur, lecturer, teacher and writer pioneered.

Saturn (which looks like a sickle) can bring challenges to move through and sometimes breakthroughs. Saturn generally isn’t a place we end up living, or if we do can feel karmic ties there. Planets in a triangle have the strongest energy for places to live and travel (or you can design your home with that theme) particularly if over a city. First, look for your sun (triangle), then where the lines travels through which shares the energy that will have a big impact on your life.

Would you like YOUR personal meridian lines world maps you can keep forever? You’ll receive your astrology birth chart and your personal world astrocartography lines including the World (cities and countries), Australia/NZ, SE Asia, Europe, Africa, USA plus a highlight of the area you live or would like to live (8 charts in total). You will ALSO RECEIVE a detailed report on your most harmonious locations and/or up to 6 detailed descriptions of the effects on where you would love to live/travel to (or currently reside).  This personalised report will change your life!

Please allow 3 business days for your personal astrocartography world meridian line astrocartography maps and birth chart to be emailed.

Sample World Meridian Astrocartography for Barack Obama
Sample World Meridian Astrocartography for Madonna
Sample Astrocartography Instructions

Transform with Tameera | Modern Mystic, Relationship Expert | Astrologer, Numerologist.  Her mission is help you live your best life. Tameera teaches and consults worldwide with over 20 years of experience (in this life!) She has a special interest in developing online resources to empower more people worldwide. Come and make time for yourself (personal life direction consultations are transforming).

“Hello Tameera.  I just wanted to let you know that I have been studying your Astrocartography charts and information in the report that you gave me.  You did awesome work beyond my expectations. Thank you greatly.” ~ Aaron Johnson USA

“I seriously cannot thank you enough for everything, I truly appreciate all. You’re amazing!” ~ Catherine Conceicao Mom, Designer + Entrepreneur, Los Angeles

“Tameera is absolutely awesome at what she does. I can honestly say that once you book her services you will NEVER book anyone else.” ~ Davonte Sheard CEO, Forex Teacher and Trader

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