Astrocartography, also known as locational or relocation astrology was developed and popularised by the late Jim Lewis; 1941 to 1995 from NYC an astrologer, writer, lecturer and entrepreneur (I’m quite possibly channelling his work!)

Basically, astrocartography is an astrology system which focuses on your natal chart, sharing your energy meridian lines on the best places for you to live, work and travel.

The word uranography dating back to 1675 is derived from ancient Greek meaning sky, heaven, ‘to write’ and mapping the stars. Also relating to celestial cartography; mapping of the planetary bodies.

Your date, time and location of birth reveal your personal astrology meridian lines around the world however you’ll need a professional astrocartography chart completed beforehand.

To give you some insight on how astrocartography has worked for me – I currently live in Sydney, Australia where my Mars energy (drive in life) resonates. I’ve travelled all over the world and always come back here to move forward again. My mercury (communications / connections) meridian line runs through the Cairns area and Daintree Rainforest. I have huge ‘writing downloads’ when travelling in these areas and love the energy. I also have a Venus line running through Brisbane – a tropical city on the northern coast of Australia – I travel here most years with my cattledog which always brings me back to my heart.

Astrology Astrocartography
Another of my Venus (love), Mars (drive), Jupiter (luck) and sun (life) lines also run through Indonesia, a country I adore and am learning the language with retreats I teach at. I have a line of Saturn through Berlin, a city I was drawn to live in my early 20’s yet found the energy challenging although still speak some of the language and have life-long friends.

I have a Neptune meridian line (ruling dreams, intuition and illusions) over Jaipur, India. I spent a few weeks here in my 20’s and loved the place when I arrived, yet looking deeper I could see how difficult it would be for me to stay long term. Whilst in Jaipur I had a premonition my husband whom I was there with would die (which came true a few years later).

Your personal astrology world meridian map reveals the best places for you to live, re-locate, move forward with your career, decorate your home or travel to. If you’re faced with confusion on where to travel or if ‘that’ move will be the right one, knowing your personal astrocartography meridian lines is a game changer.

How to read your Astrocartography Map…

First locate where you live and look to see if there is a triangle with the symbol of a planet or connecting meridian line running through, also view the area surrounding (approx. 200km / 124 miles). If you have a symbol within this location look up the meaning below.

Then locate a place you’ve lived or travelled to following the same procedure. Do you have energy lines there? How did you feel in this place?

Following on, look for a place you’re thinking about moving or travelling to. You can also look at your astrocartography meridian lines and planets for guidance to new places to explore.

Where the planet actually sits holds the strongest energy, then lines running through and areas surrounding (around 200km / 124 miles).

If there are no lines or planets where you live, or where you’re thinking about relocating this reveals the location might not be your forever home or a place you often travel from.

If for example you have meridian lines and planets through Africa, decorating your home with some African artifacts or taking up djembe will bring you into further alignment with your optimal life flow. This is called ‘remote activation’ which, the late Jim Lewis pioneered.

Your sun shows where you should be living, working or gravitating towards. You can feel ‘at home’ in this location. Barack Obama has a strong sun line running through Washington DC on his astrocartography map.

You can also tune into the energy of the place by its ruling energy and governing sign.

Sun ☉ governed by Leo the lion – representing creativity, providing and being seen.

Your suns meridian line is a good place to be living or working – you’ll feel at home here. Positive vibes will bloom, leading to happiness and progress. Any latent creative talent will emerge. Good health and increased vitality will be encouraged by the atmosphere. An inner glowing feeling will emerge being in the sun’s energy, you’ll feel a renewed sense of joy when arriving.

Under the sun’s meridian you’ll experience enhanced relationships with locals, along with increased popularity however an effort must made to develop new contacts and friendships especially if you’re shy or introverted.

There are good opportunities to be found, excellent for career development. Confidence within your work can increase under the sun. Prosperity is enhanced.

Moon ☾ governed by Cancer the crab – emotional connections and family.

Living or travelling under the moon’s energy will increase your emotions and intuition. There is evidence to show you will either feel this place is your home or the opposite! It’s advised to spend time here before settling.

Care is needed with emotions whilst living/working/travelling under the moon lines energy (especially when it comes to partners, family and children). If working under the moon line energy it’s likely you will be put in charge of a large group of people.

It can certainly feel like home here, once settled you probably won’t want to leave. It’s a good place for a family reunion or self-catering holiday (like camping or air bnb). Home and family often take precedence over career under the moon’s energy so could also be a good place to retire.

Mercury ☿ governed by Gemini the twins and Virgo the goddess of agriculture – representing change, being of service and connections.

You’ll be keen to get out and about and make as many new contacts and friendships under the energy of the winged messenger. Mercury’s restlessness must be countered which could mean settling down can be difficult. Your mind will be incredibly active here. You will feel the need to communicate and travel around this location.

This is a fun place to be to bring out your extroverted side! This is the perfect location for anyone wanting to develop or express their communication skills – work in the media, writing, teaching, speaking, marketing and travel are all highly favoured.

You may find yourself changing homes under this location, or changing the interiors. Working from home would be prosperous under Mercury’s energy line.

Venus ♀ governed by Taurus the bull and Libra the scales of justice – representing beauty.

You’ll develop a new beautiful “bloom” under the energy of Venus which can make you very attractive to others. Life can feel more relaxed and enjoyable here. Your social life may take precedence over your career. If unattached you may well find your partner or soulmate under the energy of Venus. Business partnerships can be prosperous.

The energy of Venus is a wonderful location for a honeymoon or romantic holiday. Fashion, design and beauty businesses can prosper here – there can however be a tendency to be too laid back, driven organised people will do well.

There will be plenty of opportunity to create a beautiful home in this location. You may feel more extravagant living or travelling under the energy of Venus so some restraint will be necessary if you’re wanting to save money.

Mars ♂ governed by Aries the ram – independent and leading the way.

Beware of taking impulsive action when moving under the location of your Mars planet or meridian line. Initiative is good however care must be taken not to force your opinions onto others. If moving to a country where the locals are laid back, challenges must be accepted however with considerable tact. Be mindful of asking too much of partners here as you’re in the energy of wanting to push forward.

This could also be a good location to reside after a breakup with the strong energy used to positively build a new future with new people.

Your career can move forward with lightning speed. A pioneering spirit with a sense of adventure will be appreciated. Care is needed in your enthusiasm to move forward – ensuring your partner / family are listened to. Not a great place for a relaxing family holiday – adventure and sports will go down well though.

Jupiter ♃ governed by Sagittarius half human half horse centaur – the philosopher and traveller.

The great expectation of living or traveling under the energy of (lucky) Jupiter is usually lived up to, however care is needed to make sure there’s not excessive optimism. You will find room for intellectual and mental expansion here.

A wonderful location for retirement with the energy ripe to focus on what you’ve always wanted to do. Literary or philosophical publications can also make excellent progress.

Saturn ♄ governed by Capricorn the goat – representing executive energy and moving through limitations.

If you are prepared to work long and hard in a very disciplined way – perhaps for very little money, the experience could well pay off in the long term and bring considerable prestige. Challenges would have to be accepted without question.

Your personal and business relationships are likely to be stressful in this location and maybe cause setbacks and problems. If you can overcome with slow steady steps, progress is likely to be made.

A heavy burden of responsibility is very likely living under Saturn’s energy line. This can result in the achievement of a high powered yet lonely person. Your career will likely dominate life more than usual. If moving because of family problems, they will have to be met head on.

A sense of duty will be called for however you won’t regret personal sacrifices, going on to enjoy peace and happiness.

Uranus ♅ governed by Aquarius the water bearer (a dichotomy and air sign) – the freedom seeker, higher intelligence and mystical healer.

If you’re thinking of moving under Uranus’ energy you’ll probably feel and act differently than usual and enjoy a new lease on life. New extreme reactions to the location could be a considerable source of trouble. If this is the case remember “when in Rome do as the Roman’s do!” and avoid making attempts to challenge the status quo.

You can find yourself making relationships and friendships with people you find quite different, dynamic and exciting. Caution should be exercised before rushing in as you could get more than you bargained for. Career opportunities can seem new and exciting however before moving here long term stay for a test period. Sudden unexpected changes could harm career progress, coming like a “bolt out of the blue”. If you do choose to move here keep your options open / don’t burn your bridges until you’re 100% it’s the right move.

The main attraction of living under the energy of your Uranus line is that it probably offers a new and different lifestyle so a fresh start can be made. It may however not be what you expected!

Neptune ♆ governed by Pisces – swimming between fantasy and reality with deep intuition.

You will no doubt adore this location when first arriving. You will find it beautiful and imagine life will be easy and relaxed under the influence of Neptune (master of illusions and god of the sea). It’s important you keep reality in check as you’re likely to look at your environment and life with rose tinted glasses. Moving under Neptune’s energy line without a thorough investigation can cause disappointments and confusion.

You’ll meet like-minded friends, potential lovers and partners under Neptune. If you’re on an ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ quest with a different lifestyle and spiritual community you’ll find happiness here. Holiday romances are more likely to happen yet unlikely to last.

If you’re looking to take up a career under your Neptune energy meridian line, make sure you know exactly what’s expected and when. Working out the practical details is essential – for example how much you’ll be paid and when. Signed contracts are vital to make sure everything is above board. For example, if you’re a young person in the theatre or entertainment business under Neptune be especially careful.

Neptune meridian line energy is the perfect place to get away from it all. It’s also good for a timeshare, make sure contract details are in order first. If your home is here, do what you can to make it feel really peaceful.

Pluto governed by Scorpio representing power, sex, money and rebirth.

Moving under the energy of your Pluto meridian line will give you additional inner strength, the need to pursue and deeper self-analysis. In some respects, the locals could be somewhat in awe of their new resident as they will feel your inner power.

Entering into a new business commitment you may find yourself working with tough business colleagues or partners where you’ll need to stand your ground and hold strong boundaries to move forward. Emotions will be heightened and your sex life enhanced.

A career in big business and power struggles will flourish. You may find yourself called to take over, just as when Mars is on the line, ruthlessness must be avoided at all costs.

An element of soul searching will occur, which will have to be worked through before you can feel reborn or at least ready to face life from a fresh perspective.

Chiron ⚷ (looks like a key) governed by Virgo representing healing and being of service.

Moving under the meridian line or planet of Chiron could cause considerable problems for you with unexpected developments perhaps leading to extreme personal changes. There will almost certainly be problems with partnerships here.

It would be best to know the person really well (for example through their astrology and numerology charts) before starting a new business partnership in this location. Emotional stress can build up and a lack of sense of humour could be damaging.

Teaching and healing can prosper under Chiron’s energy, however this will not occur without a certain amount of upheaval and unexpected developments. You should think very carefully before settling under Chiron as you might not feel healthy or the environment not in harmony with your energy.

North Node ☊ where you’re headed to in life.

The North Node in our own astrology charts is where we’re moving to in life. You will feel connected emotionally and spiritually under the meridian line energy of your North Node. This is a good location for the development of meaningful relationships. Your instincts will be enhanced to make the right decisions leading to success.

You’ll make progress in your career, with ambitions gradually achieved. Living under the North Node should be a comfortable experience. You’ll feel it’s just the right place to be and in control.Astrology Astrocartography

You can order your personal astrocartography world meridian lines here. You’ll receive your astrology birthchart, world meridian lines plus individual countries within 3 business days delivered straight your in-box!

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