With the sudden news-broadcasts of Whitney Houston’s passing and chronicles of her downward spiral I wanted to take a deeper look at Whitney’s path…

Whitney Houston golden girl of the 80’s born 9 Aug 1963 to 11 Feb 2012 passing over at age 48, she was a 9 day-born with a 9 lifepath and an 8 attitude. With her sun in Leo, moon in Pisces and mercury in Virgo – she was a hardworking show-person with deep emotions.

The two 9’s in her date of birth means one of the reasons she came here was to learn about abandonment, if this isn’t overcome it can lead to depression, abuse in all forms and feelings of suicide. Her 8 attitude was like heaven balancing on earth, it can bring a love of riches yet worries over money. It can bring balance but can also be like chasing the tail – going around in circles never getting anywhere or learning from mistakes.

Whitney was highly intuitive (anyone with a 2 and 7 in their charts is gifted spiritually). She had an 11/2 soul (also bringing her extraordinary musical talent), and a 7 personality which if does not embrace spirituality can become depressed and seek out substances to take to higher planes – it’s the difference between ‘looking for god and feeling like god.’ The 7 can also become isolated. There have been recent reports of her saying she had a premonition before her death reciting verses from the bible wanting to meet Jesus.

She had a 9 destiny and 9 maturity in her numerology. Whitney was in her third year of entering a 9 pinnacle.  Three personal numerology years bring an energy of socialising, partying and communication – she either felt totally isolated or just overdid things one day.

The 9 pinnacle can bring great rewards like world travel, new and exciting experiences and the opportunity to understand things on a very broad level. On the flipside it can bring endings, depression and lessons of abandonment. Any 9 lifepath in a 9 pinnacle experiences profound changes on such a deep level its transformational one way or the other.

Working with 9’s in their best energy will bring a love of humanity, helping and accepting all walks of life, touching people on a world level, really understanding the underdog and becoming a humanitarian. The 9 is an old soul number – it’s gone around all the other numbers and come back to itself.

As Whitney had many 9’s in her chart she had lots to work through. Possibly the temptation and ease of being able to access drugs was too great and her self-esteem very low. I’ve never followed what she does but I’d say from her early 30’s things would have started really escalating when her 9 maturity set in.

We all have to go sometime and we all have lessons to learn. She’s made a big impact on the world and won’t be forgotten in a hurry. I don’t think we can judge Whitney’s path, but can learn from it – ultimately it’s up to the person to change their ways.

Being a friend and accepting people act in different ways when they’re in trouble can make a difference. I’m sure she’ll be healing from where she is now and finding balance between her spiritual and material world.

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