I recently came across a Facebook post by Inna Segal, author of ‘The Secret Language of your Body’ sharing her insights on how the energy of a city affects you. This is known as astrocartography – something I specialise in.

“It’s incredible how a place you live in can impact your state of mind, health and how you feel.

 I remember learning this particular lesson the first time, when I was teaching in Europe. I was teaching in England with the intention to love it and move there at some point. Yet no matter what I did, I just couldn’t relax and feel comfortable.

My rational mind kept saying, but what about the amazing theatre scene (which I love), it’s in Europe, they speak English (with the cutest accent), the fashion is incredible and unique… etc. I was invited to speak to a crowd of over 300 people, things were going really well, yet my heart just wasn’t in it. 

In fact by the time I got on the train to Paris I felt absolutely exhausted. I arrived in Paris several hours later. My friend who picked me up from the station, commented on how warn out I looked and recommended that I take a holiday.

I had two hours to prepare, to do a talk in Paris. When I got into my apartment with the idea of having a hot shower to revitalise myself – I quickly realised that there was no hot water. 

On the way to my presentation I had to stop and breathe as I had so little energy. Then it occurred to me, that I really, really loved Paris and that I could ask Paris herself for help.

Without any further ado, I stopped in the middle of the street and focused on the soul of Paris. To my delight I saw Paris as a very powerful but loving feminine being. Within seconds I felt like a warm blanket of healing, revitalising love surrounded me.

 All my tiredness almost instantly melted away and I felt a huge buzz going through my whole body. By the time I reached my destination a few minutes later, I felt the most alive I’ve ever felt. 

I discovered a secret. Each country and city has a soul. There is also an Etheric sphere surrounding each town.

Your Etheric body either becomes revitalised by this Etheric sphere, because you are in alignment with it and you bring vitality to each other and all the people who live there. Or your Etheric energy gets drained and you actually cause some damage to the whole space because you are out of alignment and it’s not the place for you.

When you are in the wrong place for you, you can struggle with vitality, what you manifest, at times it can feel like all the doors are shut to you, your thinking can become limited and huge frustration can enter your body.


On the other hand when you are in a place that resonates with your soul, your body starts to relax, your heart opens, you become calmer, more alive, more open minded and open hearted. You start to naturally attract life giving experiences and fascinating people into your life.

Things just flow, and whilst you may still have challenges, life takes on a sense of adventure. There is more ease in your being as your Etheric body is not fighting against the Etheric sphere of that city or country but instead being nourished by it and in return nourishing it back.  

If you want to find out what the best places are for you to be in, there are astrologists (like Tameera) who are able to create charts (astrocartography) that show you exactly where it’s most life giving for you to live in or visit.

I know it’s not always possible to live where your heart desires. However it is vital for our wellbeing that we work towards having a healthy environment to grow in. There are so many challenges in life, what we want is to maximise those which are in our control.

My partner and I moved from Melbourne at the beginning of the year. As much as I appreciate Melbourne and all it has to offer I never felt comfortable or at home there.
 Since we have moved, I tell my partner almost daily how much I love being in Queensland. I love our street, I love our suburb, I love the connections with people I’m making which I have made my priority for the first time. I love the weather etc. Things that I’ve read about and dreamt of I’m discovering here. Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting some extraordinary people who are truly giving back to the community and creating the most incredible opportunities for people to work and live together in harmony.

Are there extraordinary people and possibilities in every city! Absolutely. But they are only open to those who are in alignment with the soul of that place…

There is so much more to the Divine Wisdom that governs our lives than we know. 
I want to conclude on the fact that there could be reasons why we may have to live in one place for a certain amount of time. We may need to meet certain people or have experiences which are connected to our karma and our life purpose. When we understand this, we naturally develop more openness and allow grace to enter our lives.”

Tameera specialises in Astrocartography and your own personal world meridian lines to show you the best places to live and travel in the world.

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