Moving back in time… we have three retrogrades to (ahem) look forward to from April 2019. No doubt you’ve heard of Mercury Retrograde, which basically plays havoc with communication, technology and travel for around three weeks, three times per year.

By the end of April 2019 we’ll be feeling the effects of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn all retrograding together.   This is what it means, and how to navigate the energy to keep you in flow

Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius 10 April to 11 August, 2019 (4 months)

Jupiter rules Sagittarius. Philosophy, freedom, expansion, spontaneity, luck and wanderlust. The big picture.

“As the most massive planet in the solar system after Jupiter, the pull of Saturn’s gravity has helped shape the fate of our solar system. It may have helped violently hurl Neptune and Uranus outward. It, along with Jupiter, might have slung a barrage of debris toward the inner planets early in the system’s history. A 2017 study suggests that Saturn more so than Jupiter steers dangerous asteroids away from Earth.” ~

This Jupiter retrograde reveals where you can find your sense of joy again. Unless you’re hiding under a rock you’ll be forced to look at the bigger picture of your life, what brings you freedom? How can I grow bigger to live the life of my dreams? What obstacles do I need to overcome to get there?

Think about taking up some life direction coaching, learn more about yourself through your astrology and numerology blueprints, embrace your chakras! Do you love your job? Am I in a co-creative or co-dependent relationship? Dig deep. Meditate. Embracing Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius will help you get to where you need to be on a deeper level.

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn 25 April to 3 October, 2019 (5.2 months)

Pluto traditionally rules Scorpio the planet of life, death and transformation. A powerful transformation is elevating your life and purpose to unleash your inner warrior. Stuck in a rut? Energies are coming your way to help you climb the hell out! Surrender and align with your flow to receive the benefits of this powerful shift.

Through Pluto’s Retrograde in Capricorn you can completely transform your career and live the life of your dreams. If you’ve needed to expand and let go of control in your life, Pluto’s retrograde will take you to where you need to be.

A fire puja is recommended during this cycle – particularly on the new or full moon. Release into the flames in writing that which no longer serves you. Start doing morning affirmations. You’ll reap the benefits of new healthy habits during this cycle. Remember you can’t receive more when your hands are full.

Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn 28 April to 18 September, 2019 (4.5 months)

Saturn helps us move through limitations. See that Nike swish? It’s part of Saturn’s ring whispering “Just Do it.” Saturn rules Capricorn the goat, an earth cardinal (leading) energy – finding the most efficient way to climb that mountain, so this Saturn retrograde is going to be a potent one. If you’re an A+ personality or higher than thou achiever prepare to let your hair down or take a new course of action.

Ties to the past can surface now, reconnecting you to old traditions. For example, you might find yourself with a serious case of de-ja-vu sitting at the dinner table with family or friends conversing if this was something you did back in the day. Or decide to go back to university and get that degree. Your working life is open for transition now. Restructures take an unexpected turn within your career.

This is the perfect time to organise your office, life and finances with fresh insight coming through. Something you took for granted in your working life may take a dramatic turn. A promotion you thought was ‘in the bag’ might slip through your fingers. Channel your inner light in this retrograde and let the universe do its thing for you!

And for those of you millennial’s experiencing your first Saturn return (ages 28 to 31) – this Saturn retrograde will feel more intense. Sudden breakthroughs can occur for all the work you’ve been putting in. For the baby boomers aged between 56-60 you’ll be having your second Saturn return – be prepared for changes to your life direction and transformation.

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