Learn to let go when mercury goes retrograde…

Mercury is the planet of communication.  A week before and after mercury goes retrograde is called the ‘shadow period’. Your energy might feel slightly unbalanced with feelings of uncertainty.

If you are highly empathic you’ll feel planet mercury’s shift – almost knowing when it’s about to occur without looking at the dates.  I like to work with the energy of Mercury Retrograde as a time to slow down and organise my life.

It’s going to be a full water sign of retrogrades with Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio taking over 2014:

  • February 6 to 28 Mercury will be retrograde in Pisces
  • June 7 to July 2 Mercury will be retrograde in Cancer
  • October 4 to 25 Mercury will be retrograde in Scorpio

So what does having mercury retrograde in water signs mean?  Water rules the emotions so we can bring up some emotions from the past or re-visit old feelings and carry them into a new way of thinking.  Water signs area also intuitive, creative and emotional – you’ll find this will surface even more for you if you have water signs in your astrology chart.Mercury retrograde occurs three times per year for around three weeks.  Mercury doesn’t actually go backwards but appears to.  You’ll start to feel the effects of mercury retrograde a few weeks before – this is called the ‘shadow period.’ Sounds rather ominous! But it’s not.  We all need to slooow down and take a breather; and this is life’s way of helping us I think.

Being on a retreat, meditation, yoga, Flowdreaming (guided meditation to manifest), surfing, swimming or taking walks along the beach and nature will keep you stay balanced and centered during this mercury retrograde phase in 2014.

When mercury is retrograde expect the unexpected! Old friends will drop into your life – it’s the perfect time to reconnect.  It’s also a great time to sort out your admin and computer files, organise and plan for the future (without making concrete plans).

Mercury rules technology, communication, travel, and is also the ‘trickster of the zodiac’. Be careful with your keys and your wallet/purse.  It’s not the best time to purchase new technology – if you do you might find yourself taking it back to the shop or finding a better deal once mercury retrograde is over.

If you have to move house and sign contracts check everything over a few times and expect delays!  If you’re looking to purchase or rent a house it’s best to hold off until mercury retrograde is over.  For example you might move then find the house is not what you expected or have problems you didn’t foresee such as bad neighbours, rising damp or a grumpy landlord.

Travel is still OK! Just expect delays – double check bookings before you go.  If planning a retreat or holiday maybe see if you can reserve a place but hold off on booking until mercury retrograde is over.  With bookings make sure things are flexible with airfares and accommodation as it’s quite common to have a change in plans after the retrograde finishes.

Double check important emails before sending and if communication breakdowns occur take a deep breath and count to 20 or 200… it’s best to let things go with the flow.

My favourite things about mercury retrograde is the feeling of life slowing down with time to catch-up on paperwork, friends and my beautiful dog.  Mercury retrograde is like a renewal time the universe gives us.

“Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you.” ~ John De Paola

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