You think you’re not affected by the energy of our planet? Think again. Our bodies are made up of over 60% water and the moon affects the tides, Saturn has been confirmed to steer asteroids away from earth.

When working with my clients (and viewing my own life) through astrology I’m able to tune into the big transformations through personal astrology transits, which I use for predictive astrology.

I’m often asked, what are the important astrology transits? Well, they’re all important really – astrology is an ancient science, the planets program us like a computer through the matrix of life.

Knowing when your major personal astrology transits are going to occur is like a Google map for the soul. Let’s deep dive into the FIVE astrology transits that will change the trajectory of your life.

“The energy of Saturn is the energy that puts everything back into order.”

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn which operates through ambition, hierarchy and class/caste systems. Capricorn is about keeping something permanent and stable – thus, it’s about building strong pyramid-styled structures. Skyscrapers or ‘firms’.

Saturn takes approximately 28 to 29 years to go through all twelve signs, staying in one sign for about 2.4 years. Your first Saturn return age 28 to 29 brings life changing experiences, where you are learning through boundaries, awareness and structure.

Your second return is closer to 60 – if you haven’t worked on yourself and living your highest values, a deep sense of separation can occur.

“As the most massive planet in the solar system after Jupiter, the pull of Saturn’s gravity has helped shape the fate of our solar system. It may have helped violently hurl Neptune and Uranus outward. It, along with Jupiter, might have slung a barrage of debris toward the inner planets early in the system’s history. A 2017 study suggests Saturn more so than Jupiter steers dangerous asteroids away from Earth.” ~

Carolyn Davidson was paid $35 USD to design the Nike Swoosh in the 1970’s at $2 per hour as a broke graphic design student. She was later given stocks in Nike worth over half a million dollars. Did she and many others have the symbol of Saturn in mind?

1. Saturn Returns – when Saturn conjuncts Saturn your life is about to change!

Saturn returns are the most famous astrology transit. It’s what I call the centre for ‘births, deaths and marriages!’

Saturn takes approximately 28-29 years to come full circle. Saturn will spend approximately 2.4 years in each house whilst journeying through the 12 zodiac houses.

What most people don’t know is when Saturn returns within 4 degrees of your natal astrology chart, this is the strongest part of your Saturn return. For some people it’s one day, for others one month or six months. I’m able to calculate this exactly for you though my astrology program when we’re working 1:1 together. I have experienced this to the full in my own life.

Your Saturn return means your life is about to undergo a major change. This change can be gradual or sudden, depending on other aspects of your astrology. Whether or not this is a slow process, you are reaping the rewards of past actions. In other words the knowledge you’ve gained so far helps you make life-altering decisions. In a sense your Saturn Return is a culmination point in your life.

This is when Saturn has completed a full cycle and returned to its original position in your birth chart.

Your first “Saturn Return” approximately 27 to 29.5 years old is one of the most important times of your journey. You’re moving into adulthood and reviewing your life through new, more mature eyes. During this time your past comes under close scrutiny.

You are being compelled to tackle life with a new maturity. It is time to take responsibility.

You can no longer blame others for challenges that you have faced. This can be an exciting time when you discover you are free of bonds that have restricted you from achieving your ambitions.

It’s also possible you have allowed fear (ego) to dictate your decisions. Now is the time to face your fears and forge a new life. On a more positive note you may have achieved many of your life goals and now you are ready for new challenges. Your Saturn return invites you to change your path. Whatever your own personal process, transformations are likely. Including a change in career, home, country, marital status, the birth of children or meeting your soulmate.

Moving forward usually marks a separation process from the past, a time during which anything no longer supporting your life purpose and destiny is being broken down and re-shaped, or discarded. This paves the way for new responsibilities to be shouldered as you move into the next cycle. You may feel overwhelmed and thus choose to maintain the status quo. As such you will then face the same lessons in another 29 years at your second Saturn return.

Your second Saturn return occurs around the age of 56 to 58. If you have faced the trials early in life then you are likely to enjoy this period. You can look back with satisfaction on your achievements and make inspired plans for your future. Adjustments are challenging, but manageable.

Your Saturn return helps you to focus on the positive and learn the lessons rather than judge yourself or others harshly.

2. When Saturn Conjuncts your North Node expect big things!

The planet Saturn has proven to affect gravity on the earth’s surface. When it Conjuncts your North Node (where you’re headed to in life) something powerful is going to happen.

Saturn conjunct north node transits occurs approximately every 30 years with three ‘exact hits’ over 9 months during one of the periods. We have three Saturn North Node Transit conjunctions each lifetime (unless you live over the age of 120 then you have four!) Read more…

3. Chiron Returns – when Chiron conjuncts Chiron
 this is your key to healing.

Chiron returns occur once in your life around the age of 49 to 50, lasting for approximately 6 months. Unless you live to the age of 100 – this is when your second Chiron return occurs, which is close to when we end our earthly existence.

Through your Chiron return, you are experiencing one of the most profound periods of your life. This is a time during which you ponder the past in the light of how you feel in the present. The entity called Chiron is not about the intellect, logic or material matters. This is not a time during which you re-examine your ambitions, acquisitions or public achievements. This is a private journey during engaging you to reflect on your emotions, relationships and your innermost soul journey.

You may have been living a life in a forthright manner, claiming conquests and forging a powerful career. There’s nothing wrong with this lifestyle, however; if you’ve felt disconnected from your feelings and unaware of the impact of this detachment on both yourself and others then now you may feel somewhat alone. It is possible you have built yourself a beautiful fortress of a life, however this now feels strangely dissatisfying.

Chiron helps us see through the masculine ‘hustle’ survival traits to the feminine and softer side of life and ourselves. The more we have striven for a balanced life, both in touch with our feelings and our intellect, the more we are likely to enjoy this return of the healing key of Chiron.

If you have not listened to your inner voice, the still small whisper within your heart, you could experience some intensity. Either way it is now possible to forgive past actions, accept ourselves then look for a more authentic path. This can be a time of spiritual discovery, which helps to heal past events, directing you towards a new path and stronger future.

4. Uranus square Uranus – finding new freedom.

This powerful Uranus transit occurs around the age of 20-21, then again around age 62 to 64. Hence its connection with young adulthood and the age of retirement. It usually brings a desire for freedom, an urge to break away from authority.

Uranus square Uranus (ruled by Aquarius) wakes us up, it’s where we rebel, leave home, travel the world and retire. 

If you are in the younger age group, your first Uranus square Uranus transit through your early 20’s exposes a more rebellious energy as you seek greener pastures. Your need for self-expression may take over your common sense and you need to beware of uncalculated risks. The more your individual freedom has been oppressed by authority figures, the greater your desire to break free.

Your second Uranus square Uranus through your early 60’s can manifest itself more as a need to break free of your responsibilities and to brighten up life. If you’ve fallen into a rut in the past, you will now feel the urge to break out. Perhaps you feel you’ve given a considerable amount of time and energy to your family, work and society. Now it’s your turn. You may consider new and exciting ventures such as starting again in a different city or country, moving home, or retiring to delve deeper into your passions.

5. Jupiter Returns – Jupiter Conjunct Jupiter
 this is your extra lucky year.

Your Jupiter return transit births a new cycle in your life.

Every 12 years Jupiter comes back to its original Birth Chart position from when you are born signifying a time of renewal. This could be career, relationship, lifestyle etc. however the changes in your life now are likely to reflect a change in the way that you view and live your life.

Perhaps your Jupiter return marks the end of a cycle of beliefs. You may have been learning about your own spiritual, religious or philosophical views and have now reached a new level of understanding. You have grown and are also ready for a new expansion cycle.

During your one year Jupiter return transit you may meet new teachers, join new groups or begin new activities which will help you evolve over the coming years. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, expansion and philosophy. Adventures big and small are coming your way. You could look back 12 years from your Jupiter return to see what was going on for you. Watch for opening doors and take inspired action.

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