Why is it we feel gloomier on a Monday (day of the moon) or getting through another ‘humpday’ Wednesday? Mercury represents Wednesday – by not speaking our truth and living our passion could it be we’re not tuning into the beauty of our environment? Shouldn’t we feel excited at the start of the week and glad to be alive on Wednesday? With Venus the planet of LOVE representing Friday is there more to being happy on this day than the prospect of another looming weekend?

Through the ancient practice of Vedic Astrology, which is over 5,000 years old and Feng Shui – balancing earth, fire, air and water we can bring more abundance, luck and good ‘chi’ life-force energy into our lives by working the colours assigned to each day.  Feng Shui isn’t just about your home it’s also about you.  Everything is energy.

Colour plays an enormous part in our lives.  Colour can make us feel happy, attractive, vibrant and powerful or tired and sombre.  Think about it. In the US, prisoners at a state penitentiary have to wear pink which decreases fighting within inmates. Red cars have more accidents. In the western world, brides wear white for purity. Funerals are attended in black – ruled by Saturn.

You and me – all of us have extra lucky days, once a week actually on the astrological day we’re born. Mine is Thursday ruled byme-drumming-cropped-nov16 Jupiter, the colours for Jupiter are yellow and gold.  Jupiter represents sports, teaching and spiritual pursuits – when I’m expressing these energies I feel pretty amazing actually and in my element.

Recently on my extra lucky day Thursday, representing Jupiter I wore a yellow dress and embraced the energy associated (more on that below). I received compliments from strangers, neighbours and friends. New ideas came through for my business, I felt empowered to release some outdated patterns. My dog even looked like he was smiling. I was energised.

Short on a colourful wardrobe or just not into wearing yellow on a Thursday? Other ways to embrace the colour of each astrology day include buying blue or silvery flowers on a Monday represented by the moon. Underwear or a piece of clothing representing the planet’s astrology colour, or jewellery like green jade on a Wednesday, represented by Mercury.

With diverse currencies, time zones and languages worldwide can you imagine if we also had different days of the week? It could have nearly happened with West Africa wanting a four-day week and China 15 days. Back in 1929 the Soviet Union did try a six-day week which didn’t exactly work out. Wondering how our seven-day week came about? It’s our beautiful moon…

Unlike the year and the month, which correspond to the movements of the earth around the sun and the moon around the earth, our week has no astronomical similarity. Seven days is roughly the same length of a lunar phase of the moon (roughly 7.4 days) however timekeeping falls apart due to the extra hours accumulating.

Officially adopted by the Emperor Constantine in A.D. 321, the seven-day week travels back thousands of years starting with the first civilizations of the Middle East. Mesopotamian astrologers designated one day for each of the seven most prominent planets in the sky—the Sun, the Moon, and the five major planets visible to the naked eye. And this is where weekday astrology was born. In 1929 the Soviet Union embraced colours during the week for 11 years – for a different reason though.

Here’s a bit of amazing world history thanks to the Old Farmers Almanac…

img_8778The Jewish also adopted a seven-day cycle, based on the time it took the Lord to create the universe as reported in Genesis. A new wrinkle in their week was the Sabbath, a day set aside for rest. This was the first time a culture had invented a holiday occurring on a regular basis, unrelated to natural phenomena.

The Romans adopted different weeks for business reasons; they thought of a week as the 8 days between market days.

West African societies preferred a four-day market cycle.

In Assyria, 6 days was the rule; in Egypt, 10; in China; 15.

The ancient Germans used a five-day cycle named for their primary gods which is how our week ended up honoring Norse deities like Tiw (Tuesday), Odin (Wednesday), Thor (Thursday), and Frigga (Friday). Our word “week” may come from the Old Norse word vikja, which means “to turn.” Sunday and Monday, to honor the Sun and the Moon.

Atheistic revolutionaries tried, unsuccessfully, to get rid of the seven-day week. In 1793 the leaders of the French Revolution produced a new calendar divided into three ten-day “decades.” It never caught on, and Napoleon abandoned it in 1805.

In 1929 the Soviet Union tried a five-day week, with one day of rest. Instead of the traditional day names, the days were given colors: yellow, orange, red, purple, and green. In order to keep mass production going, each Soviet citizen was assigned a different day of rest, so a husband might have a yellow day off and the wife on green day. Due to mass confusion, the plan was revised in 1932 to a six-day week, with numbers replacing the colors. By 1940, the Russians were back on the familiar seven-day cycle like the rest of the world.

Somebody was always trying to come up with something better!

I’ve put together a list of weekday astrology colours for you to explore. Think about the colour and the energy it holds for the day with intention to bring prosperity and good luck to your life. How does this colour and its energy make you feel?  For example… Mars represents Tuesday, with the colours of passionate reds and oranges. Wear this colour and focus on something you want to inspire in your life.

Maybe you’ve fallen into a habit of wearing outfits keeping you in a ‘comfort zone’. Breaking out of your old routine and mindset can eventuate in transformation, more balanced energy, living in the moment and of course aligning with the planetary energies!

Sunday – day of the sunsunrise-225556_1920
Solis ~ Latin (Sun)
Colours ~ Reds and Oranges

Today you can celebrate the day of the sun in all its glory – even if it’s cloudy and raining because that’s just going to bring a big rainbow. Visualise reds and oranges moving through your body and around your heart.

Wear reds, oranges and deep magenta to bring creativity and passion to your world.
Flowers: roses, carnations or tiger lilies.
Foods include saffron, tomatoes, chillies, oranges and pomegranates.

Monday – day of the moon
Lunae ~ Latin (Moon)
Colours ~ Whites, Blues, Silvers and Grey

Embrace the day of the moon, by taking some time out to nurture your soul. The moon represents mother, water, sleep, intuition and emotions. Visualise whites, blues and silvers coming down through your crown chakra.

Wear whites, blues, greys and silvers to enhance your spirituality and emotional connection.
Flowers: lotus, jasmine and lilies.
Foods include yoghurt, rice, potato, mushroom and fish.

Martis ~ Latin (Mars)
Tiw (the Anglo-Saxon god of war, the equivalent to the Norse Tyr or the Roman Mars)
Colours ~ Red and Deep Orange

Mars rules our energy, drive and how we move forward in life. To bring more creativity and desires into your world visualise red through your souls of feet then base chakra, moving up through your heart and crown chakra. Red is also protective and grounding.

Wear red for good luck, to help reach your goals and bring fire to your passions.
Flowers: red roses, marigolds, chrysanthemum and poppies.
Foods include red lentils, cherries, apples, pomegranates, chilies, turmeric, tomatoes and onions.

Mercurii ~ Latin (Mercury)
Woden (the Anglo-Saxon equivalent of the Norse Odin or the Roman Mercury)
Colours ~ Green and Olive

Mercury rules Wednesday. In astrology Mercury also rules the intellectual ever changing sign of Gemini. Write, communicate, do something fun, explore your vocabulary or spend time in nature. Change your routine. Green encourages a new outlook and supports decision making. It brings hope, harmony and regeneration. Visualise the healing energy of green through your body.

Wear green to bring prosperity and transformation to your life.
Flowers: Green daylily and carnations.
Green foods include mint, sage, zucchini, lettuce, spinach, avocado and broccoli.

Jovis ~ Latin (Jupiter)
Thor (the Norse god of thunder, the equivalent to the Roman Jupiter)
Colours ~ Yellow, Gold and Brown

Jupiter ruling Thursday is known as the lucky planet. Jupiter represents religious activities, learning new skills, teaching and sports. Focus on yellow and gold for happiness, clarity and knowledge. It’s also balances the solar plexus and supports breaking habits.

Wear yellow, gold or earthy brown to release fears and boost your confidence.
Flowers: Sunflowers and chrysanthemums.
Yellow foods include pineapple, grapefruit, sweet potatoes, squash, lemons and corn.

Veneris ~ Latin (Venus)
Frigg (the Norse god of love and fertility, the equivalent of the Roman Venus)
Colours ~ Pink, White, Cream, Red

Venus the planet of love rules Friday.  Venus rules the love you give and receive, relationships, partnerships, sex, marriage and beautification. Focus on pinks, whites and creams to inspire love within ourselves and for others. Venus and the softness of pinks and whites bring compassion and kindness and healing.

Wear pinks, whites, creams or red to awaken love in your life and simplicity.
Flowers: Roses, dahlias, carnations, jasmine, lilies and tulips.
Pink and white foods include: berries, raspberries, coconut, strawberries and almonds.

Saturni ~ Latin (Saturn)
(Saturn, the Roman god of agriculture)
Colours ~ Black, Navy, Dark Blues and Violet

Saturn – Saturn-day inspires growth through overcoming obstacles. Black represented by Saturn is protective and mystical. Focus on releasing what’s no longer serving you today with gratitude. Wearing black tourmaline today can help bring in further shielding energy to move forward in your life with ease.

Wear black, navy, violet and grey to inspire our life force connection.
Flowers: Lavender, hyacinth, bellflower and blue iris.
Foods include: blackberries, grapes, eggplants, blueberries, olives and dark chocolate.

I’d love to hear how the weekday astrology colours inspire you.  Find out your extra lucky day (the day you’re born) here >>

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