“Every time you move things around and you align yourself in certain directions, you’re actually aligning to energy forces, which most people don’t understand. But what are these energy forces? These are cosmic energies.”  ~ Lillian Too

Feng Shui is an ancient art over 3,000 years old which developed in China. So what does Feng Shui mean? Literally Feng Shui translates to ‘wind water’…

Feng Shui is one of the five arts of Chinese Metaphysics, which include Chinese Astrology, Feng Shui, Divination (I Ching), physiognomy (face reading) and Chinese medicine. Basically “invisible forces” connecting the universe, earth, and humanity together, known as qi (a vital force forming part of any living thing).

Wondering how to get started? Here’s my top 15 Feng Shui Tips for you:

1. Clear and Feng Shui one room at a time.

2. With your Western Bagua Map, stand at your front door facing in. Your money corner is far left, love corner far right, fame and reputation back middle, helpful people front right and spirituality front left. Remember stand at your door facing in.

3. In your far-left corner which represents finance place a plant, amethyst crystal, golden Buddha and/or a money box.

4. In your far-right corner representing love, friendships and partnerships, place rose quartz, happy couple picture and/or a plant.

5. Hang a sun-catcher in front of a window to bring good vibes to your room and repel negative energy.

6. Keep clutter clear from your home, computer and car and office. It’s creating stagnant energy and taking up precious space – you need to let go to bring in the good stuff.

7. Keep it simple. Life wasn’t meant to be complicated. Remember the universe can only give you more when you have the space.

8. Mirrors are a great way to expand space – they also carry a strong energy. A mirror opposite your front door might seem like a good idea however you’re just pushing the energy back out.  Don’t put a mirror at the end of a hallway it extends negative energy.

9. When sitting in your home or office you should be facing towards – or at least sideways to your door.  You need to see who is entering or you’ll be creating alarming energy when people come in. Otherwise place a mirror slightly above you.

10. Plants should not be placed in your bedroom. Basically plants in Feng Shui represent growth and vibrancy, which is not what you want when trying to sleep. Unless of course you have a huge bedroom and can place the plants far away from your bed. If you have a window bay where you can put some plants this would be ideal.

11. If you have the space and light, plants are wonderful Feng Shui in your bathroom to balance and earth the constant flow of water. Lucky bamboo is perfect!

12. A water picture is best placed in front of you as it can weaken your energy from behind. Mountain pictures are best placed behind for strengthening your energy.

13. Keep the toilet seat down – otherwise you’re flushing finances away.

14. Have an overactive child? Keep their bedroom colours lighter for a chilled space. On the flip-side a shy or overly introverted child should have vibrant colours.

15. Place a red fan above the entrance of your bathroom especially if built in your finance area (far left of home/business) to increase good energy flow.

Sage when you’re done! You can purchase a stick online or even better from your local natural therapies center.  Burning citrus oils uplifts and creates a beautiful, warm space afterwards.

Life is about energy…so is Feng Shui.

Tameera is a Sydney based Astrology, Numerology and Feng Shui specialist working with home and business energies, compatibility, relationships, life direction and name changes. She has a passion for helping people live their best life. Tameera has studied various Feng Shui methods over the years including the Compass, Black Sect, Pyramid and Western methods. Her sessions are conducted privately and remotely worldwide. Tameera provides her personal Feng Shui niche of changing vibrations of houses through numerology, intuitive insight, de-cluttering and sacred space clearing.

“Thanks so much for your valuable time and superb insight into Feng Shui, Numerology and Astrology. You definitely have an amazing knowledge and intuitive gift for shifting stagnant energies in the home / office and generally with every day living. Luckily you are only a Face Time away from Sydney to LA”
Much appreciated, Catherine Conceicao ~ Mom and Designer

With 20+ years experience, Tameera is a full-time Astrologer, Master Numerologist and Feng Shui professional. She teaches regular workshops in Sydney and consults worldwide via Skype.

Tameera developed the worlds first Astrology Numerology Guide and Calendar for Sydney, NYC, LA and London (The Moon Lovers Guide 2019) launched December 2018 to help people understand the energies worldwide. She has a special interest in developing online resources to enrich your soul.

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