“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need.” Tao Te Ching

Feng Shui (meaning wind / water) is a way to balance your environment and bring good energy into areas you need most. You’ll need to clear the clutter first though and remove any ‘cobwebs’ at home and in the office – including computer files. Ask yourself do I love this? What do I feel when I hold this item or look at it?  If in doubt throw it out 🙂 Google Marie Kondo for some simple space clearing inspiration.

Sage when you’ve finished clearing your space then infuse your fav essential oils – I personally love to purchase my oils and crystals from Melanie at Surplice of Spirit.  Burning or diffusing citrus oils uplifts and creates a beautiful, warm energy.  You can then introduce some of favourite Feng Shui energy tips…

Tameera’s top 12 Feng Shui tips for wealth, love and abundance in your life:

1. Mirrors are a great way to expand space – they also carry a strong energy. A mirror opposite your front door might seem like a good idea however you’re just pushing the energy back out.  Don’t put a mirror at the end of a hallway it extends negative energy.

2. When sitting in your home or office you should be facing towards – or at least sideways to your door. You need to see who is entering or you’ll be creating alarming energy when people come in.

3. Plants should not be placed in your bedroom. Basically plants in Feng Shui represent growth and vibrancy, which is not what you want when trying to sleep. Unless of course you have a huge bedroom and can place the plants far away from your bed. If you have a window bay where you can put some plants this would be ideal.

4. If you have the space and light plants are wonderful Feng Shui in your bathroom to balance and earth the constant flow of water. Plants also increase the life force energy into your home.

5. A water picture is best placed in front of you as it can weaken your energy from behind.

6. Mountain pictures are best placed behind when working for strengthening your energy.

7. Knife blocks are best stored away in the kitchen as they can cut finances and cause friction. Knife blocks should never be placed in your wealth or relationship corners which fall in the far left and far right side of your home (If you want to cut ties with someone – give them a knife as a present…)

8. Keep the toilet seat down – otherwise your flushing finances away.

9. Have an overactive child? Keep their bedroom colours yin for a chilled space (blue’s, silvers and whites). To increase confidence introduce yang energy of yellows, oranges and reds.

10. Placing a red fan above the entrance of your bathroom or toilet especially if built in your finance area (far left of house) will increase your abundance.

11. Single or wanting to improve your love life?  Energise the love in your life with something representing two in the far right corner of your home. You can also place a solar light in the far right corner of your garden to light up your love.

12. The far left corner of your home and garden is your wealth area.  Make sure it’s free of clutter, knives, fire energy and bins.  Energise with a plant and amethyst.

“There is no way to prosperity, prosperity is the way.” ~ Wayne Dyer


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