“Tameera is an amazing Astrologer and Numerologist who is able to integrate both sciences into an astonishing individual analysis of your life and journey using her sacred knowledge and intuition. I have had many Astrology and Tarot readings but none of them have been as accurate as the reading and analysis which I received from Tameera.

She is extremely accurate and will ascertain things that make so much sense and you’ll wonder how she could ever have know these incredible details about your life. Moreover, Tameera uses her Numerology to explain you personality and connections and relationships with others. Compatibilities are assessed and explained.

I was amazed to learn about my life path number, my day number and how it related to my life experiences, husband and children. She was also able to explain at what phase of life (pinnacle) I was going through which explained so much to me and my current circumstances. She also explained past pinnacles which finally shone light on a difficult part of my life. It all made sense when explained in this manner. She also helped me to work out compatibilities with my future staff according to their astrology and numerology.

I do not make any major decisions without consulting with Tameera first to ensure that I’m making the right choices and decision in relation to my Astrology and Numerology.

What a divine gift Tameera has to share with us and assist us on our life’s journey. Tameera is very passionate, dedicated and extremely knowledgeable in her craft having spent some 20 years learning and absorbing it.”