Tameera is amazing and a real person, not just a faceless internet bot that you feed data into. She has a personal magnetism that you have to experience to believe. She sat down with me and in 5 minutes, by hand, took my numbers and explained what they meant in plain english. No fancy algorithmic program, or calculous. Her vast experience in numerology, astrology and feng shui is really apparent. She then took a look around my condo, and with an eye to Feng Shi, explained to me what belonged facing in what direction, from plants to colors and more. The results were instant. Again, no charts needed. She just knew. It took me a few months to get it mostly in order and even after 2 years, I’m still improving it based on her evaluation. I have a very cool red piece of artwork that I am waiting to arrive to hang in a particular spot. Last week, I had a chat with a friend from China who confirmed everything she recommended. From jobs rolling in, to unexpected checks coming in the mail, and of course the mental and spiritual harmony it brings, she’s really changed my life. I can’t recommend her enough!