When I looked into Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s numerology I could immediately see Taylor was ‘the enigma’ and Travis ‘loved be loved’. Taylor is soon to move into a major once in a lifetime astrology transit beginning March 2024 and it’s a dive into the deep end with love ♥️….

Taylor Alison Swift was born December 13, 1989 in Reading Pennsylvania, renowned as one of the worlds best selling musicians with over 200 million records sold. She’s been named Times person of the year and Global Recording Artist of the Year three times. With an incredible reported net worth of 1.1 billion at just 35, Taylor is also a philanthropist and advocate for artists rights and women’s empowerment.

When Taylor was around 12 years old she learned guitar, moving to Nashville age 13 Taylor was given an artist development deal. Her music career took off with her first album in 2004 age 20 (after huge rejections in the country music scene including legendary Dolly Parton). Taylor was raised with a Christian background and attended Montessori School, her father Scott Kingsley Swift is a former Stockbroker for Merrill Lynch. A very interesting grass roots mix of religion, creativity, country music and wealth!

Travis Kelce was born October 5, 1989 – for those of you who don’t know he’s an NFL football star playing for the Kansas City Chiefs who won the controversial Superbowl February 2024. Kelce is considered one of the greatest football tight ends of all time. Outside of football, Travis has appeared on his own reality dating show “Catching Kelce” where 50 women from each US state had an opportunity to find true love! Travis has a reported net-worth of around 40 million.

Taylor and Travis literally were born to be seen. She’s 1.8 m / 5 foot 11 and Travis 1.96m / 6 foot 5ft 🌟. Their relationship timeline started July 2023 when Kelce the NFL star attended Taylors Eras tour at Arrowhead stadium where he plays football for the Chiefs.

I was first of all interested to see what was unfolding in Taylor Swifts life through her astrology… and it is kind of huge 🙌

Taylor is going through THREE major lifetime transits 🪐🪐🪐 which involve Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter. She’s entering into a new phase in her love life that won’t happen again in this lifetime.

Pluto in Aquarius (ruling Scorpio – sex, birth, marriage and power) will form a conjunction to Taylor’s Venus in Aquarius from March 30, 2024 to November 27, 2025.

Powerful Pluto is stirring up Taylor Swifts relationship with people and money as it combines with Venus in her chart from March 30, 2024 to November 27, 2025. As Pluto takes 240 years to move through the zodiac not everyone experiences this intense planetary combination. Knowing how to work with the energy is a game changer.

Pluto transforms. Nothing stays the same around this planet. Its task is to clear out the old to make way for the new. This is done volcanically, by forcing anything submerged to the surface to be dispelled.

I’m seeing this Pluto Venus right of passage transit will deeply affect love relationships for Taylor and will also be linked to the undercurrents of money. With a renewed sense of romance and sexuality during this transit, we might finally see Taylor with a ring 💍 on her finger and possible conception by the end of 2025. I’m not sure this will be with Travis though….

Over the next 18 months Taylor will be undertaking a creative project that demands greater intensity or a business partnership undergoing dramatic changes. She will look back on this time in later years as a critical turning point in her love life, partnerships and wealth.

From May 2024 to around May 2025 Jupiter (bringing expansion) will move into Taylor’s 7th house of relationships ruling Libra then from June 30, 2024 Uranus (bringing freedom and change) will commence a 7 year cycle in her 7th house of relationships (joining Jupiter).  Uranus (ruling Aquarius) is slow moving taking 84 years to move full cycle, Jupiter (ruling Sagittarius) takes approximately 12 months to move through each house (with 12 years to make a full cycle). We could see an unexpected turn of events relating to Taylor’s relationship during this time.

Numerology and astrology are ancient sciences. When we understand our blueprints and cycles, we can change our lives. Our names in numerology give us our hearts desire, personality, self-expression and from our birth certificate our destiny.

Our lifepath number is the most important, it reveals the core you. Each year from our birthday we enter a new personal year vibration…

This is what I uncovered through Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s compatibility through numerology…

Sidenote… Taylor Swift may actually hold an interest in numerology marking the day she’s born number 13 on her hand before gracing the stage for a concert. This could be a connection to the 12 gods of Olympus with fate a symbol for the 13th. Her second studio album was also titled 13.

What I found fascinating looking into Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s numerology was they actually have quite opposite energy.

Taylor holds three 7’s in her numerology blueprint, Travis holds three 6’s. Have you ever heard of the term sixes and seven’s?

It dates from the mid-1380s and seems from its context to mean “to hazard the world” or “to risk one’s life”. William Shakespeare uses a similar phrase in Richard II (around 1595), “But time will not permit: all is uneven, And everything is left at six and seven”. If you say that someone or something is at sixes and sevens, you mean they are confused or disorientated.

We hold 7 numbers that make up our blueprint, there are numbers that are perfect matches, compatible, can go either way and are challenges.

Taylor and Travis hold 6 challenges out of their 7 numerology blueprint numbers…

When holding three or more numbers that are a challenge it’s like big bright fireworks at first which if not managed can cause chaos.

Travis’ numerology energy is more on the extroverted side. As a 33/6 master vibration lifepath 6, 6 attitude and 6 personality Kelce’s numerology reveals he’s happy when being respected and admired for his efforts. He also likes to look after others which is literally the football ‘tight end’ mastery to block the quarterback and catch passes.

Taylor Swift is in a personal 5 year of huge change and Kelce’s personal year of 4 is creating new foundations – from their birthdays Oct/Dec 2023 to the same period Oct/Dec 2024.

The 6 is pregnant with love (see it’s belly sticking out?!) and so interesting Travis had a realty show “Chasing Kelce”. Travis also holds a 6-8-5 in his numerology which on the unbalanced side can invite chaos. His destiny is finding freedom and helping others to do the same.

Having a family is important to Kelce and will like to nurture so having a child or pet is very important otherwise he may find himself in relationships where he’s looking after someone. Travis likes to be seen and will go the extra mile to get noticed for his appearance and he’s definitely doing that with Taylor by his side.

Taylor’s numerology is refined. As I mentioned she holds three 7’s in her numerology chart (7 lifepath, 7 attitude and 7 soul vibration). Taylor needs time to reflect. I’ve always felt she was hard to read and her 7’s explain why. There is an air of mystery revealed through Taylor Swifts triple 7 numerology vibration and only those closest will really know her truth inside – even then she will still hold some secrets! The 7 is the most psychic of all numbers (the 2 is next).

It’s fair to say Taylor has achieved astronomical success in this lifetime reaching billionaire status – the 7 is the perfectionist! When a 7 is unbalanced or not believing in spirituality they can immerse themselves in overwork, travel, alcohol or partying – some even become sports fanatics… as I mentioned Taylor Swift holds three 7 numerology vibrations in her chart 777. This is an incredibly rare and high frequency.

Taylor’s 8 personality means big business and her 9 expression reveals she wants to help people and reach the world. She is also a philanthropist… Taylor Swifts 4 destiny shares she has come to leave a lasting legacy on this earth plane.

Taylor and Travis’ Birthgrids look quite different to each other, when Numerology Birthgrids look similar this also reveals deeper compatibility. Travis holds the plane of strength (which comes in handy if you’re a pro footballer) and Taylor the plane of insight (dealing with large sums of money in this lifetime – 12 presidents have held this frequency).

Taking a further look into Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Astrology. As I don’t have a time of birth for Travis his house placements are not correct, I’ve used an ETA of 12pm in his birthplace of Ohio.

When looking at a couple’s astrology compatibility I look at their sun signs, moons (emotions), mercury (communication), the love they like to give and receive and their passion/drive and Vertex for soulmate synastry.

Taylor Swift as a brand and billionaire holds a stellium of planets in the 2nd house of Taurus and 8th house of Scorpio. These two house placements share big money in this lifetime.

Taylors Sun in fiery Sagittarius reveal a love of adventure. Whether it be literally travelling around the globe, or metaphorically speaking exploring the world of ideas and philosophy. Connecting in with Travis’ Sun in the air sign of diplomatic Libra, personal relationships play such a strong role. Artistic appreciation, and perhaps artistic talents, will feature Travis’ life.

Travis Kelce’s Moon in Sagittarius also connects deeply with Taylors Sun in Sagittarius – I really feel they make each other laugh.

Taylors Moon in Cancer in the 8th house of Scorpio is deeply private and intense at times. She’s managed to channel her emotions through song writing and touching the world from her heart with legendary breakup anthems.

Travis and Taylor’s earthy communication is a match. Taylors Mercury in Capricorn places importance on credibility and authority whilst Travis’ Mercury in Virgo can become obsessed with the finer details and likes things to be perfect.

They both hold their Vertex in Cancer which is something I look for in astrology soulmate synastry. Family is connected with both of their destiny and no doubt they’ve had a past life together.

Taylor holds her Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Scorpio, both fixed signs, I can see she prefers quirky intelligence over good looks. Someone who can give her the freedom to express her own individuality and connect on the bigger picture of life. She needs a best friend and lover and with Mars in Scorpio if something comes too easy it’s probably not gonna be worth it.

Travis’ Venus in Scorpio – he’s looking for a soulmate in life and this placement connects in with Taylors Mars in Scorpio. Definite intense sexual chemistry. Kelce’s Mars in Libra conjunct his Sun in Libra places a strong importance in relationships. This guy loves to be in love and I don’t feel does well by himself ! Echoing his 6 numerology blueprint.

Taylor and Travis are each other’s match in terms of strength though they are really quite very different people. As long as Travis is feeling loved and admired by everyone with Taylor having time to work on her own projects, it looks like their relationship has potential. I personally don’t think it’s going to work out long term though.

Travis is “what you see is what you get” though with Taylor there is so much more than meets the eye…

Tameera is an Intuitive, Astrologer, Master Numerologist and Feng Shui expert with over 20 years of experience.

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