tameera - animal communicationMy dog cattledog Max is allergic to fleas! With all the rain we’ve encountered in Sydney lately it’s perfect flea breading time. He swells right up and looks at me with big doggy eyes – mum what are we going to do?

Luckily I discovered lavender. It works in conjunction with his regular flea treatment so he doesn’t suffer from too many chemicals. Joy! It also works around the home to soothe any stress and he smells amazing.

Lavender is world renowned from bath salts for relaxing, to solid wax rubs and sprays for headaches and skin abrasions. As more pet owners are becoming aware and in favour of holistic treatments for our pets and four legged companions, lavender comes high on the list for certain applications – it also helps them smell good.

Lavender sprays and other herbal products can be a great idea to soothe and heal irritations, which cause our dog to scratch – even if they’re not allergic to fleas, unlike Max.

Many animals have their own natural resources to heal and cure themselves; sometimes even they just need a little extra help, especially in city living where stress can compound. Leaving a skin problem to right itself can make it progressively worse – before it gets out of hand it can easily be treated. Infections can come about if a pet is scratching consistently and result in an unwanted vet bill.

There’s weed growing around many homes, and can survive in cement called ‘wandering jew‘ if eaten will make your dog scratch, cause a nasty rash and lose hair – it crumbles when you pick it up. Just make sure this isn’t causing the problem first.  You’ll need to use weed killer and pick out from the roots to remove – please make sure your dog stays out of the garden whilst you do this – speak to a professional for recommended times.

With a little knowledge and confidence, you can create your own simple treatments using lavender oil and water and just make sure you get the dilution quantities right (7 drops to 2 fl oz as a guideline). Add a few drops to a cotton pad and rub it over pets’ coats to provide a natural barrier against unwanted insects (you can often purchase ready made for your pet from your health food or pet store). A test area is advisable just to make sure we’re not going to increase the irritation.

A small spray of lavender on our dogs before a visit to the vet, or an air freshener placed in a car will help to restore their sense of wellbeing making the journey so much easier for everyone.

Remember holistic living is not just for people, our pets benefit too. There are so many uses for lavender – it’s worth nipping to the garden centre to purchase your own ‘first aid supply’ – you’ll keep your family and four legged best friend happy naturally of course!

Do you have a favourite natural remedy that works for your four-legged best friend?


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