Your Astrology Book of Life


Incorporating 25+ pages of amazing insight sharing your energy through astrology signs and houses. Easy to understand, learn about yourself, partners, friends and family. This is a guide of the heavens from your first breath.

Your ‘Book of Life’ includes your personal astrology birthfchart plus your Astrocartography travel map meridians complete with your personal in-depth astrology profile translated just for you.

Your Astrology Guidebook and chart gives you the tools to understand yourself and others on a deeper soul level. You think you’re not affected by the energy of our planet? Think again. It usually rains around a full moon; our bodies are made up of over 60% water and the moon affects the tides.

Part one of your personal Astrology Book of Life translates your sun (core being, power and ego), moon (emotions), mercury (how you communicate), venus (the love you like to give and receive), mars (your drive and anchor), Jupiter (your potential for growth), Saturn (rules, responsibilities, lessons and limitations to move through in life) and Uranus (freedom and expansion).

Part two shares your houses, ascendant and aspects without the confusing language, which can sometimes feel overwhelming in astrology. Discover the meaning of your planets on the outside and inside of your houses and their energy. For example: when your moon is trine Jupiter (as Barack Obama’s) you can get away with a lot, have genius intellect and an aptitude for politics.

What is astrology?

Astrology means knowledge of the stars and dates back to ancient times. Its origins can be found from 3000 BC in Babylonia. Astrology played an important part in medieval medicine; most educated physicians were trained in at least the basics of astrology to use in their practice.

Your chart is mathematically calculated using the exact date, hour, and location of your birth. Every four-minute interval produces a slightly different chart, and even twins are rarely born within such a narrow space of time. Your horoscope shares the energy of the stars from your first breath!

Tameera has incorporated years of research to help support your life’s journey. If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give with spiritual meaning this is the gift of life!

Please allow up to three business days for your Astrology Book of Life to be emailed.

Sample Astrology Natal Chart Book of Life for Barack Obama


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Thank you Tameera so very much for the in-depth charts and astrology reading, you have an incredible gift! The charts have extensive knowledge and were enjoyable to read. The information you provided was amazing and completely resonated with me. Thank you for taking the time to share your insightful gift and all of the work that went into this reading.
Rebecca Glissan

Medium, Clairvoyant and Artist

Fantastic! I think you are really undercharging for the content you are delivering. Keep up the awesome work you are doing – you are really helping the world of wellbeing. Love xo
Danielle Watson

Entrepreneur and Ted Talk Speaker, California

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