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To know yourself is one of the greatest gifts. With the cosmic tools to plan your year, you won’t want to miss out on these life changing resources.

Want to know when mercury, the planet of communication goes retrograde in 2019? Or when the moon is new or full with signs and times? The Moon Lovers Astrology Numerology Calendar + Guide covers EVERYTHING. Including special, sacred and caution numerology days, the moons energy, all the retrogrades + lots more for your soul in an easy to read format. 

Understand yourself, partners, children and family on a deeper level through your personalised Book of Life or Childs Guidebook.

Tameera’s an Astrologer and Master Numerologist. Her mission is help you live your best life. Tameera teaches and consults worldwide with over 20 years of experience (in this life!) She has a special interest in developing online resources to empower more people worldwide.

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Tameera is not of this earth. She was sent from the heavens to teach us about ourselves and the stars.

Patty Kikos

Wedding Celebrant, Counsellor, Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master

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