Choose your best Wedding or IVF dates through astrology + numerology.

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STOP!! Before you set your wedding, IVF or business launch dates please read this. Wouldn’t you like to know the thousands and thousands of dollars you’re spending will bring you the best possible outcome? If you’re reading this it’s for a reason.

Did you know if Saturn is transiting your 5th or 7th house this is not the ideal time to go through IVF? Saturn brings limitations and often challenges in the houses of relationships, children and creativity. A 5/8 day in numerology can bring chaos, mercury retrograde communication breakdowns and venus retrograde second thoughts (if setting dates during this period). The late Anthony Bourdain took his life on a numerology 5/8 day, the ‘Wild Boars’ Soccer Team became trapped in the Thailand cave on a 5/8 day…

Planning to launch your business when your sun is squaring your sun or moon can bring challenges. You really wouldn’t want to have your wedding date or IVF during this astrology transit.

Dr Pat Harris researched the link between woman’s fertility and horoscopes for her PhD. She says: “I found women who knew their exact time of birth who then used an astrological chart to predict their best time to conceive could increase their chances of conception by 23 per cent.”

There are astrology cycles when it IS the perfect time to marry or conceive. Indian astrology calls this Mangala Yoga. When Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in your chart, Venus and Venus trine, Venus and Mars Conjunct or the New or Full Moon is in your sign (the moon rules the feminine) and you’re ovulating… This my friend is when you’re most likely to fall pregnant! It’s also a beautiful time to marry. Or if being introduced to a possible life partner, the stars have aligned for you now.

Planets in the Fifth House. Moon, Venus and Jupiter are all considered to be good baby-making news when transiting your Fifth House. Neptune and/or the North Node in your Fifth tend can be helpful transiting your chart as well. The 5th house in astrology is the house of children and procreation, while Jupiter is the planet of expansion and good luck. Put these two together, and you’ve gone one fertile astrology transit! Many women find they fall pregnant during this time. If inner planets (such as the Sun, Moon, Venus or Mars) are transiting the fifth house at the same time, your chances for conceiving are greatly improved.

Uranus transiting your 5th house: Uranus is the planet of unpredictability and freedom, so in the fifth house, ‘unplanned pregnancies’ can occur. If you’re avoiding pregnancy and having this transit, take extra care to protect yourself!

There can be three major astrologically fertile moments a year in your chart. Looking at both partners charts is ideal. Tameera is able to pinpoint your exact cycles and look into dates supplied by you, through her unique niche of astrology, numerology and years of expertise.

Through your astrology chart, numerology blueprint, universal cycles and astrology transits, Tameera will share the best date(s) to marry, go through your IVF cycle, the best date for your caesarean or launch your business (which are also like babies!)

After payment is received you’ll receive an email requesting your names, birth details, and wedding, IVF or other special dates you are looking at. Gift Vouchers are personalised mentioning you as the giver.

This service can be either emailed as a 3+ page analysis with your astrology birth charts or provided as a 1 hour Zoom consultation recorded with your birth-charts and dates.

With over 20 years of experience, Tameera loves connecting with all walks of life and finds the accuracy and transformation behind her gifts never ceases to amaze. She writes and teaches through festivals, workshops, development circles and retreats in addition to private consultations and matched soul dating.

Tameera is featured in Vogue and has worked behind the scenes of a world-renowned reality dating show. She has consulted for VIP clients of luxury brand, French designer Roger Vivier, with clientele including Hollywood celebrities.

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I had to giggle as I was just reflecting on 2018 and in Feb 2018 when I had a session with you, you said categorically that I would have another baby that year. I laughed at you on the inside as we were only getting married on 16.3.18. Baby 1 was born 22.10.16. However as predicted baby 2 was in fact born on 30.12.18. You sure know your stuff Tameera!
Sally-Ann Kearns

This is Annette, I’ve done a couple of readings and a Feng Shui consult with you. Mostly reading my fertility after trying to fall pregnant for years (now 44 and last chance at IVF)…. You gave me advice through astrology, numerology and Feng Shui. I’ve been meaning to touch base and tell you that I’m now 20 weeks pregnant! Thank you!!
Annette P

Tameera is truly ‘gifted from the gods’!! She is definitely connected to the ‘upper realms’, at the same time, fully grounded and real. Her advice is on-point, accurate and practical, whilst clearly divinely inspired. This last time however was nothing short of outstanding. I requested a reading with respect to the business names I was considering for my latest venture. It is incredible how much information she is able to derive from ‘numbers’. She guided my decision and showed me which name would be the best vibrational match to myself and the project I am creating in the world. The reading was inspirational and a massive confirmation that I am on the ‘right path’. If you need clarity, confirmation, directional guidance, or merely a little curious, do yourself a favor and have a session with Tameera, she will not disappoint you, in fact she may just save you from making mistakes in life, simply because you ‘never knew.’ In this radical time of evolutionary change the planet needs more people to be ‘on path’ and living ‘in passion’. Seek guidance from Tameera, she will help you get there.
Sheilagh McNamara

Change Agent and founder of Iramaya Group and Elite Realms, Singapore, India and Australia

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