Sydney Soul Spiritual Parties

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I was very happy with our spiritual party! I found the handouts very good to support the information we were provided. Tameera you are a beautiful presenter and facilitator, very clear explanations. I found the personal readings and astrology charts most helpful. There was nothing I would change! It was a wonderful afternoon and a great way to connect with family. I will highly recommend this spiritual party to others.
Kylie Kapeleris

It was absolutely perfect thank you, I especially liked learning about the numerology and compatibility.
Constance Apostolopoulos

The supporting handouts were great and helped me make sense of everything at our spiritual party. Tameera’s presentation was amazing and enlightening. I loved learning about numerology and my life path. Nothing could be improved! Tameera you are a gift! The energy was amazing!!
Aphrodite Kapeleris

As this was my first spiritual party I found it very informative, helpful and meaningful. Tameera is a beautiful host and was helpful in helping us understand the spiritual life out there! Thank you for opening my eyes up to some new and interesting facts to do with Astrology.
Patty Kapeleris

5 out of 5! Tameera gave a great presentation. I really liked the astrology and understanding my sun and moon signs, plus the compatibility. I wouldn’t change a thing and found everything very insightful.
Georgia Apostolopoulos

Very happy! I found Tameera’s presentation very enlightening. The duration was great however it could have gone longer than 3 hours. I found the numerology and individual astrology was very interesting and great. I would have liked more in-depth astrology but totally understand with time restrictions and there were a few of us. I absolutely loved it! Sometimes you need to reflect and get some guidance on life.
Athie Apostolopoulos

Very happy – I found the personal touches like the compatibility charts and individual readings really helpful. Tameera’s spiritual party was wonderful! I felt great afterwards
Patricia Kapeleris

I loved all aspects of the spiritual party, thank you I thoroughly enjoyed it!!
Katrina Kapeleris

It has been such a blessing to meet you on my path.
Marijana T

Really informative, lots of knowledge. Very confident on reading numerology.

So much amazing information it was wonderful thank you so much!
Belinda R

So much to digest! Numerology and astrology was very insightful, I will put this into practise. Thank you!!
Jennifer M

What a lovely day. Thank you xx
Jennifer Wong

Tameera is a beautiful soul with a fun sense of humour. She gives so much to everyone.
Sabrina M

Could have stayed all night!! You can’t put a price on enlightenment 10/10.

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