Name Change Numerology Consultation

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Once payment is received you’ll receive an email confirming your consultation plus any further details needed from you. If your preferred day/time is not available you’ll receive other days/times to choose from.


Tameera is truly ‘gifted from the gods’!! She is definitely connected to the ‘upper realms’, at the same time, fully grounded and real. Her advice is on-point, accurate and practical, whilst clearly divinely inspired. This last time however was nothing short of outstanding. I requested a reading with respect to the business names I was considering for my latest venture. It is incredible how much information she is able to derive from ‘numbers’. She guided my decision and showed me which name would be the best vibrational match to myself and the project I am creating in the world. The reading was inspirational and a massive confirmation that I am on the ‘right path’. If you need clarity, confirmation, directional guidance, or merely a little curious, do yourself a favor and have a session with Tameera, she will not disappoint you, in fact she may just save you from making mistakes in life, simply because you ‘never knew.’ In this radical time of evolutionary change the planet needs more people to be ‘on path’ and living ‘in passion’. Seek guidance from Tameera, she will help you get there.
Sheilagh McNamara

Change Agent and founder of Iramaya Group and Elite Realms, Singapore, India and Australia

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