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My biggest highlight that I wanted to share with YOU and show thanks to you for….is that interacting with him is no longer painful because of my new understanding around the cosmic connection between us. It’s such a relief to feel open to love again compared to when I first sought your help!

During the reading you asked me if he was a spiritual person. I said something like: “not really, he’s more religious/conservative, but not in touch with his spiritual self.” While he was here, he literally asked me “what do you believe in?”

He shared that he was struggling with his belief system and that he’s starting to explore spirituality more! This is such an interesting development for him and I’m excited to see how he may continue to grow in that area, whether it brings us closer together or not.

Giselle B

This is Annette, I’ve done a couple of readings and a Feng Shui consult with you. Mostly reading my fertility after trying to fall pregnant for years (now 44 and last chance at IVF)…. You gave me advice through astrology, numerology and Feng Shui. I’ve been meaning to touch base and tell you that I’m now 20 weeks pregnant! Thank you!!

Annette P


It’s been almost a year since we last spoke and I just listened to the recording of our session and everything was so accurate and helpful. You had even predicted I would go to Hawaii and my heart would feel full of love. I have just come back from Hawaii and that is exactly what happened! Tameera has a rare and wonderful gift to really understand a person and guide them to what they need on a deep, spiritual level. Tameera gave detailed insight into my life and the direction I should be going in. It was incredibly helpful and has put me on a path of fulfilment and happiness. My life has changed completely since our session and I am now living a life much more attuned to my true purpose. I highly recommend Tameera and will be seeing her again.

Sonya Furlong

Life Coach, Yoga and Meditation Teacher

I had to giggle as I was just reflecting on 2018 and in Feb 2018 when I had a session with you, you said categorically that I would have another baby that year. I laughed at you on the inside as we were only getting married on 16.3.18. Baby 1 was born 22.10.16. However as predicted baby 2 was in fact born on 30.12.18. You sure know your stuff Tameera!

Sally-Ann Kearns

Tameera is an incredibly gifted reader. She helps you to focus on your life’s potential and re-energized my motivation. I saw her on a day when I really needed support and left my reading uplifted, motivated and supported. Much of what she said I could instantly reference, other parts are in my future and I am motivated to move towards them. If you want a New Years resolution to be achievable I would advise your first step is a reading with Tameera.

Catherine Carr

I seriously cannot thank you enough for everything, I truly appreciate all. You’re amazing!

Catherine Conceicao

Mom, Designer + Entrepreneur, Los Angeles

I met Tameera last week and our session exceeded my expectations. It’s the first time I had seen a reader/numerologist/astrologist, so I really did not know what to expect. Tameera was welcoming and made me feel so comfortable. She was able to tap into my energy and provide all the answers and reassurance I needed. It was quite scary how accurate she was in regards to who I am as a person as well as my past haha. Can’t thank you enough Tameera!

Myra Butcher

Hi Tameera, Just got back to NYC! Thank you for my charts and for the hour we spent together. I Was able to come back here with a lot of clarity. Will definitely be keeping in touch.

Patricia Kapeleris

I wanted to thank you again for yesterday. I felt like we connected easily and, while I always come with a logical mind, I know when I feel the push to get some guidance – and perhaps, in a strange way, some validation – that I must listen and try my best to fulfil that need. You made me feel at ease so quickly – almost as if we’ve met before. The 30+ minutes flew by!

Emily Subrata

Hotel Owner, Bali and Sydney

Tameera is one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever met! She’s so very insightful and amazing at her craft!

Lee Poulson

Vaucluse Sydney

I loved my reading with you and felt so comfortable speaking with you. I am also so happy and more confident after my 1 hour session with you! Thank you!!

Kylie Kapeleris

I met with Tameera last week and had an amazing experience. Not only is Tameera gifted in her talents, but she’s warm and inviting and I felt an instant connection. Tameera was able to accurately tap into and read my energy and provide life guidance based on this together with astrology and numerology. Upon our session ending, I felt her insights made me feel extremely uplifted and humble. I can’t wait to reconnect! Thanks Tameera – it was truly a wonderful opportunity to meet you x

Afroditi Hourmas-Sebastian

Words can’t even describe what amazing emotions I went through during my astrology numerology reading with Tameera! She confirmed so many things in me and it was super comfortable speaking with her, and this is coming from someone that’s an introvert! When I say words can’t express how thankful my paths crossed with Tameera, it’s for a reason. Tameera you know how thankful I am for you! Love you!! Ps will be a repeat client 🙂

Lisa Susan

Really informative, lots of knowledge. Very confident on reading numerology.


Tameera is very lovely and very knowledgeable. Really amazing insights!

Natalia H

Tameera’s ability to succinctly communicate what you need/want to know, using an amazing scope of knowledge and intuitive ability, is a gift to us. Highly recommend! She picked up exactly where and who I am, helping me understand myself in order to learn from the past and embrace the good things to come. And thankyou for the clarification and validating feedback. I have just enrolled for your Vision Board workshop this Saturday in Glebe so looking forward to learning a new technique for manifesting!

Nicole Maguire

Thank you Tameera, you definitely provided the comfort I was seeking. I don’t know what energy you transferred to me but I’ve not once felt overcome with emotion today – for that I’m grateful. I will certainly let you know how I go and what transpires in the next few months. Thank you also for letting me know my Nanna is still around and showing me proof!!

Camilla Lorraine

Woooow!!! Thank you for the reading and sharing with me you can see me getting a degree in criminal justice because I want to be a detective. You are EVERYTHING! That’s amazing!! How did you know that?!

Kalvin Hollis

New York City

Loved the positive energy you brought to me and can’t stop speaking to people about it. Thanking you!

Meghan Blenkinsopp

Melbourne Australia

I would highly recommend having a reading with Tameera, very knowledgeable,
Her wonderful personality, made you feel very at ease. Thankyou again Tameera, you have helped me realise there is nothing to fear in life

Lesley Jegen

Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer

Hi Tameera – Thank you I loved your reading and it was so accurate.

Jenny Holland-Bender

Sunshine Coast, Australia

I wanted to say thank you for the session I had with you yesterday. You were gracious and open and kind and understanding, and I know you went over time with the reading you did for me – and I am thankful. Thank you for helping me confirm my Life Path, and for acknowledging for me that I am doing exactly the right thing for me at the moment. Most of all, thank you SO much for acknowledging my gifts and my talents. I’ve known for quite some time what my destiny is supposed to be and hearing it confirmed by another intuitive soothed my soul. You are a delight and a true gift to the world. Many blessings to you, now and always. Although I know there will be a few more blips on the radar, I feel so much more at peace now, now and I thank you for that. Please feel free to incorporate these comments for the testimonial on your website.

Adele Atton

Intuitive Healer & Empowerment Specialist, Your Healing Path

Tameera is beyond intuitive! She made me feel very comfortable and inspired. I highly, HIGHLY recommend her for astrology and numerology readings! Thank you Tameera for all that you do. I feel so blessed to have crossed passed with you on my travels.

Cassie LeBlanc

Yoga Teacher + Healer, Canada

I’ve had quite a few sessions with Tameera now during some really challenging times. Needing to make BIG decisions about life direction and choices, whilst feeling overwhelmed and confused. Tameera really helped me to understand why it was so confusing. Knowing what my life path number means made so much sense and what year cycle I was in cleared up so much confusion. It helped me identify some of my strengths and to embrace them more with gusto and also see my softer side with grace. Every time I have moved home, Tameera has been amazing with house numbers and then transforming my home with Feng Shui. The energy was instantly lifted. Thank you Tameera and can’t wait for my next session – sooner rather than later as I’ll be moving very soon again

Simonne Lee

Life Strategist, Animal Communicator, Hypnotherapist

Tameera is such a beautiful energy and soothing amazing lady! Everything she says makes sense and gives great wisdom and understanding – I have had a few guidance consultations and she is a very insightful and positive special lady ~ blessed to have her in my life x

Helen Locmelis

Writer, Spain

I can only describe Tameera as a ‘hot blonde walking and talking encyclopaedia who knows numbers and astrology like the back of her hand’. Tameera is incredibly thorough in her ability to tell you the most intimate things about your soul in a way that is devoid of any woo-woo or disconnected New Age jargon. She has a knack for holding a neutral space that empowers you to navigate tricky transitions in your life while also simplifying complex astrological terms. Tameera is a game changer and a trailblazer who leads by example through her authenticity and open heartedness and inspires us all to be a wonderful version of ourselves.

Patty Kikos

Wedding Celebrant, Counsellor, Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master

Here’s a HUGE pat on the back. I can right off the bat say the stand-out for you is your personal service. You care, and it’s obvious.

Mitch Rillet

Facilitator and Owner of Bali Holistic Retreat, Sanur

Tameera is an amazing Astrologer and Numerologist who is able to integrate both sciences into an astonishing individual analysis of your life and journey using her sacred knowledge and intuition. I have had many Astrology and Tarot readings but none of them have been as accurate as the reading and analysis which I received from Tameera. She is extremely accurate and will ascertain things that make so much sense and you’ll wonder how she could ever know these incredible details about your life. Compatibilities are assessed and explained. She was also able to explain at what phase of life (pinnacle) I was going through which explained so much to me and my current circumstances. Tameera also explained past pinnacles which finally shone light on a difficult part of my life. It all made sense when explained in this manner. What a divine gift Tameera has to share with us and assist us on our life’s journey.

Jana Carrozzi

Owner - Anahata Therapies, Mosman Sydney

Tameera’s gift for combining her extensive knowledge of Astrology and Numerology means that she was able to provide me with a clear map of the path ahead. In our session, she highlighted several areas that would be rising in importance in my career and personal life over the coming months and year and this information has enabled me to adjust my focus and bring me into a serene sense of flow and abundance. As I work in the Spiritual arena myself, I recognise and appreciate Tameera’s deep sense of dedication and her gift for her work.

Ruth Phillips

BA CMC Clairvoyant Medium, England and Australia

Just spent some time by the ocean on a cliff gazing at some amazing cloud shapes and soaking up the sun’s vibration… can literally feel myself illuminating as the day goes on. Thanks Tameera for your wonderful insights and reassurances from your astrology and numerology reading. Feeling very much in myself and my power today.

Denby Sheather

Shaman, Yoga and Retreat Teacher

Tameera’s readings are always incredibly detailed and her insights continue to be perceptive and offer guidance for a long time afterwards. Tameera is able to bring together diverse elements of life knowledge in her readings. I am fortunate to know someone who has such great sensitivity and awareness.

Dr Karen Bland

I was so pleased to meet you and gain a lot of insight into your modality. You did such a great job of convincing me of the benefits of Numerology. Your enthusiasm was infectious and it certainly is your greatest attribute. I printed a copy in colour to present to my daughter of the emailed reading you sent and she was amazed at how you now so much about her and that I had it completed for her.

Michael Dawes

Massage and Natural Therapies Practitioner, Wollongong

I met Tameera over five years ago, and she continues to be a very magical and important part of my life. Her insight into numerology and astrology has helped me in my relationships – work, personal life and with myself. Her guidance is delivered in the most clear and sensitive way and over the years she has been absolutely accurate about everything that has unfolded in my life. Tameera helps me understand how to be my best self and I am forever grateful to have her in my life sharing her gift.

Yasmin Kassim

Actress and Model, Australia + Los Angeles

One of the things I appreciate more when dealing with people whether personally or professionally, is kindness, availability and personalized dealings, which you have shown plenty! Thanks a lot Tameera! Have a lovely day! Kind regards,

Patricia Vieira

Founder of The Empower Yourself Project, Costa Rica

Just wanted to thank you for your time earlier today – such an amazing phone call that has filled me with a lot of clarity and further motivation.

Sarah Pearce

Director, Travelshoot

Tameera is exceptionally professional at what she does but at the same time she is a very warm and energetic person. Such qualities can rarely be found in the same person. Working with her is a real pleasure and a unique experience.

Marius Pellegrini

Creative Director, The Brotherhood

Tameera is honest, hardworking, she loves to help people and has lots of experience in the metaphysical world. She is also a great communicator and to top it, she is a delight. Tameera has created a great source of information to help people as well.

Venus Andrecht

The Dear Venus Show, In-Flow Radio, via California

Hi Tameera – Again I can’t thank you enough, you are truly such a beautiful wise wonderful soul and I feel so blessed our paths have crossed. You have given me the confidence and faith I need to move forward in love and light and hope and I thank you with all my heart for being so generous to me with your time and love.

Linda Peppernell

Inner West Sydney and New York

It was lovely meeting with you and I must share you were veeeeeeeery accurate with many details given during our time together. You clearly are living in purpose.

Sherridan Smythe

Tameera, I just want to say that you have been truly a blessing to my life and I just want to thank you for stepping out to do what you are doing for people.

You are showing us that life is more than what we have been programmed to think it is. It is so beautiful, amazing and mysterious. You are truly one beautiful soul and I absolutely loved working with you and I look forward to working with you again in the future. I also wanted to give you some updates on my progress as well.

My life has become more aligned and intensely focused than it ever has been in my entire life. I literally feel the energy pulsating through me and things being drawn to me it’s the most amazing feeling. I am source energy and I am true abundance in all areas of my life. This is the message that the Universe wants me to share and actually started to give me a blueprint of how to construct it.

Already it has begun instructing me on the resources I’ll need and the people that I need to get this purpose started. This process is amazing and I am loving every moment of. I am embracing every second of it and really taking my time to feel it.

Tameera, I love what you are doing and you are helping millions of people to become awaken to their true potential. Thank you Thank you Thank you for stepping out in faith to present yourself to the world! Have an amazing day! P.S. I’ll keep you posted on my progress as things unfold.

Ron (North Carolina, USA)

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