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We fell in love a long time ago but there were waves of personal lessons we had to learn independently and hazy skies to shift before we could be together… Tameera you were the one that told me he was coming (back) before I even knew myself!

You are my queen. Look how right you are about everything. Seriously you should get a medal for being so amazing. Check this out. You saved me.
Yasmin Kassim

Actress, Musician + Model, Los Angeles

I was amazed to learn about my life path number, my day number and how it related to my life experiences, husband and children. Tameera helped me to work out compatibilities with my future staff according to their astrology and numerology. I do not make any major decisions without consulting with Tameera first to ensure that I’m making the right choices and decision in relation to my Astrology and Numerology.
Jana Carrozzi

Owner - Anahata Therapies, Mosman Sydney

Hi Tameera, I had a session with you on Tuesday 25 Sept 18. I want to thank you, you really put things into perspective.
Sophie E

Thanks so much Tameera for you genuine care and knowledge in numerology, I can see things more clear now thanks to your guidance.
Caroline Cluzeau

France + Australia

Last year when facing a few huge hurdles, I sought advice from Tameera using her skills and experience with numerology. The response was very helpful clear guidance – not only for myself but to others involved in my life. Thanks Tameera – you’re lovely and insightful.
Khi-lee Thorpe

Visual Artist, Melbourne Australia

A wonderful and insightful reading! Absolutely loved it. Thank you for helping me understand the vibration of using my married name and this is better for me. It all makes sense now.
Xan Maxinlay

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