tameera - animal communication 2I don’t think I could imagine what it would be like to live without my dog, the everlasting buddy who teaches so much just by being himself. How lovely it would be if we could all follow a little of the examples shown to us from the animal kingdom. A world without man’s best friend (in my case woman’s) would mean a world without the biggest welcome at the door no matter what time of day it is. There is no slouchy yawn when I come in, as if to say “hey you have disturbed me” it is a boundless unconditional display of sincerity and genuine love which may have a little hint of “it must be dinner time mum” but mostly is because he is so happy to see me.

Owning a pet, particularly a dog is an experience some people feel can bring on more trouble than it’s worth, but for others it’s one of the greatest rewards. Our animals can be respondent to moods and lay quietly if you have had a hard day at the office, or snuggle up if you seem a bit down in the dumps, most of the time they make an endless effort to give you unconditional love in any circumstance.

Our pets really don’t take it personally if you wave them away when you need quiet time, they don’t argue back when you may seem a bit out of sorts or if you don’t fancy a walk that night, although they may show disappointment they will still wag their tail the next moment to say it doesn’t really matter I love you. They are like an old favoured pair of slippers that give you comfort, security and a warmth when you need it and always ready and waiting.

Animals are a blessing to us and should always be treated with the greatest respect. Although they may not speak back, there are times when animals communicate with a look, a lick or a bright eyed bushy tail look that can never fail to make you smile. It’s an amazing thought that many dogs and other animals are being used to heal and help people in trauma or breakdown situations when very often, other means of communication fail.

The sixth sense they possess can connect with the most closed minds and even horses have been known to give a boost of wonderful progress to mentally and disabled children which, no other means of therapy have crossed into. Our neighbour’s sausage dog brings so much joy to the nursing home he visits weekly – finally the dementia patient nobody could understand has a friend who wants to cuddle and listen.

Sometimes it may seem that the muddy paw prints, the need for attention and the uncanny wrist watch precision at feeding time is lots of work but it takes a moment to look into their eyes and see the depth of their caring attention and love and it makes you wonder who actually looks after who.

A pet can be a friend to cuddle when you just need that extra bit of love and the one that listens to you ranting, singing or moaning about everyday life. More than that a pet can listen when you offload your deepest secrets and the best bit is he or she will be keeping it right to themselves and not tell another soul. Unless of course your friend is an animal communicator!

Speaking of which why not learn to talk their talk or simply find out what our animals have to say? Simonne Lee and Amanda De Warren are among the worlds best. I think we all have something more to learn don’t you?

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