The planet Saturn has proven to affect gravity on the earth’s surface. When it Conjuncts your North Node (where you’re headed to in life) something powerful is going to happen. .

Saturn conjunct north node transits occurs approximately every 30 years with three ‘exact hits’ over 9 months during one of the periods. We have three Saturn North Node Transit conjunctions each lifetime (unless you live over the age of 120 then you have four!)

When Saturn is approaching your North Node, you’ll begin to sense change and more often than not, it’s a feeling of great revelation”.

This astrology transit is usually a time of recognition in your work and professional life, particularly if you’ve been working toward a goal and have started to build a foundation or platform on which you can grow from.

You’ll generally feel pressure to move forward in a new way taking you out of your comfort zone.  Your goal/dream/desire is likely to manifest now.

People will come into your life to assist you. Recognition is very possible and big accomplishments can be made.

You’ll see patterns through past behaviours to identify where you need to let go. You may re-evaluate your talents, what you enjoy and how to put it all together.

Saturn is the builder of solid structures and although tough, he makes accomplishments possible through your own efforts and hard work.

You have a new way of seeing now, bringing order back, whilst taking you where you need to be in life (your North Node).

My personal North Node conjunct Saturn Transits journey…

I wanted to share my own life experience to give you an idea of how profoundly Saturn Conjunct your North Node can affect you…

29 Jan 1991
I met my soulmate Anthony aged 20, who became my husband – later passing in an accident before we turned 29. I had a premonition this was going to happen when we were travelling through India two years later. I believe we have a few soulmates in this lifetime and I know Anthony is around looking out for me. I was also about to embark on a worldwide trip with my girlfriends (where he came to meet me in London and my life was never the same again).

Anthony + me London 1992

9 March 2020 17 July 2020 6 Dec 2020
My business expanded in incredible new ways, I was featured in Vogue, read for VIP clients of a luxury retailer and moved into a beautiful new home in a location I adore with my very own avocado tree 🙂

Roger Vivier in-store VIP Astrologer

12 Jan 2050
I’m predicting I’ll be sitting on a mountain in the Himalayas meditating!

So when will Saturn conjunct my North Node I can hear you asking?! I’ll need to book you in for a Life Direction consultation to look into your exact astrology transit dates. Through your birth date, time of birth and place of birth amazing things can be revealed!

Everyone’s north node Saturn conjunction transit is different. One of my best friends had her first north node Saturn conjunction aged 34, and another aged 27.

Knowing your energy, transits and cycles in life helps you to make the most of the opportunities coming your way. And that’s a fact! It’s like having the light turned on in a darkened room.

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