FD39A6FCD7A56D1BD4D0095D31FBF88AI’ve recently discovered the wonders of Abraham Hicks vibrational teachings – via Jerry and Esther Hicks.  It also resonates with the Flowdreaming manifesting techniques I work with.

Abraham teaches how your thoughts and feelings create your life. It takes 17 seconds for a thought to manifest, yes just 17 seconds. In 34 seconds in becomes stronger. In just over a minute your thought has shifted into your vortex, and then becomes a part of your life.

It’s easy to know when you’re in the right vibrational zone. Quite simply, inside you feel good.  You feel peace and happiness when you’re in the right energetic place.  It’s like an overall knowing everything is going to work out. Like when you travel to an amazing place and feel that sense of bliss…

Ever heard ‘what you resist persists’?  For example my relationship is not working out and this becomes your life focus. Your friend asks: “How are things going with Fred?” “It’s Ok” you nod your head with half a smile.

Your friend gets you to ‘open up’ – “Tell me what’s been going on?” So you share… “We’re having problems – it’s not growing…. I’m so unhappy.  It feels like things are never going to change in my life.  I can’t find a house to live. I don’t know what to do…”

Now you might think this is getting things off your chest and your friend is going to wave their magic wand and help you. But really you’re just cementing things are not working and how unhappy and confused you are whilst bringing more of this energy into your life.

Let’s try again… Your friend asks: “How are things going with Fred?” “I’m really growing in my life right now, enjoying my own company and discovering new ways of living. I’ve decided to go on a retreat it feels like a nice transition. I know I’ll be moving on soon I just need to decide on somewhere I’ll love. I also discovered this great yoga class where you work on Chakras would you like to hear about it?”

This is working with the law of attraction for your highest good.

Do you see the difference? More to the point – do you feel the difference?

So what do you do when a thought pops into your mind not helping you to evolve?  Esther Hicks says ‘later gater’ until the thought is gone. I also like to think of myself swimming to the top of the ocean with the sunlight pouring through or visualising the sunrise.

To create more abundance in your life you need to do less of what brings stress.   It’s not about stopping altogether. When you’re in a good place you can centre, balance and bring the right energy into your world so you can achieve amazing things.

My thoughts last night led me to a website ‘Inner Vision Balance’ on how to stop picking up on other peoples energy.  I’m highly empathic and wondered if I keep raising my vibration but picking up on others energy how am I going to get anywhere?

Fiona from Inner Vision Balance gives brilliant advice on how to ground, protect and centre to lift your vibration. I love this and hope you do too. I’m going to make my daily ritual >> 

Life flows through grounding and lifting, feeling and balance.  It’s about living your dreams.  Your thoughts and feelings create your world.  

What if everything in the world was going the way I wanted? How would that look and feel?  Change your vibration – change your life…

Would love you to share what’s worked for you xo


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