How to have the best year with numerology...Each birthday brings a new energetic vibration, which continues over a nine-year cycle then begins again.

This is how you calculate your personal numerology year to make the most of your time.

To calculate your personal numerology year add the day you are born plus month to current year.  For example I’m born on 4 May.

For my birthday in 2015 I would add 4 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 17.  The double digit is then broken to a single number 1+ 7 = 8.  This means on my birthday May 4, 2015 I’ll shift from a 7 personal year to an 8 personal year vibration. Some numerologists calculate from the start of the year, through my own research I’ve found the energy changes are strongest around your birthday.

The 1 standing tall like a tower starts your new cycle. This is a time for new beginnings. Energy is increased for projects, you might want to spend more time alone or doing things your own way.

It’s important to focus on your goals now because it will have an impact on what happens over your following 9 year cycle.

The 2 like a swan, represents partnerships, creativity and spirituality. Your 2 personal numerology year is more introspective; relationships come to light with increased intuition. Listen to music you love, spend time near the water to refresh. Find time to bring balance into your life for renewed energy and peace.

The 3 like a spring, bounces back at every opportunity. This is your year for fun, communication, parties and people, short trips and networking. Make the most of this year focusing on goals from your 1 personal year. You’ll find yourself in the right place at the right time and benefit from connections made.

The 4 if joined at the top resembles a pyramid. Like building the great pyramids your 4 personal numerology year is about working hard to create a solid foundation. You’ll feel busier than usual – like you’re on a treadmill at times. Restrictions can surface, sometimes unexpectedly. Take short breaks when you can to keep your mind, body and soul balanced.

The 5 is open front and back – it brings freedom from last years restrictions, travel and new connections. If you feel like leaving your job, home or relationship, be aware a 5 personal numerology year can bring more of a restless energy. Take a holiday or retreat if you can. Learn to focus in your 5 personal year and you’ll discover amazing opportunities.

The 6 is pregnant with love. This year is about relationships, soulmate and karmic relationships, marriage, animals and children. It brings harmony into life. It can rekindle a current relationship or bring issues of love to focus on – what you’ve given will be returned. Remember to stop and smell the flowers, watch the sunset, hug your pets and enjoy.

The 7 resembles a wise persons walking cane. This year is more solitary – good for studying, writing or taking time out to reflect on life. Spirituality is increased.  If you feel alone, know this is needed to recharge and rebalance. You’ll greatly benefit from yoga, meditation and being near the water. It’s also a great year for profound spiritual adventures.

The 8 represents heaven balancing on earth. This year you’ll reap what you’ve sown over the past 7 years – like a karmic balance. You’ll have increased energy with more power. Money can be channeled easier and your career can take a huge leap. It’s the perfect time to indulge with the abundant energies flowing.

The 9 has looped all the other numbers and has come back to itself. This year brings the end of your cycle. It’s important to think about what’s working in your life and what isn’t – be open to change now.

You might want to travel, leave your job or re-visit a current relationship. If certain things are not working to improve your life and you don’t want to let go, you’ll find this year they are removed for you.

You’ll then be ready for your fresh new personal numerology year of 1 and commence your cycle again.


Tameera we are sharing the same personal year. I love your numerology info, thank you for sharing and writing in such a wonderful way. Blessing Little Angel on Earth xXx

De-Arne King

This is awesome, every year brings us lots of inspiration. Thank you.


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