Do you ever wonder if you have a natural ability to sense people, places and spiritual energies?  I’ve worked with Summer McStravick, Founder of Flowdreaming over the years and love this quiz she put together which will show if you have natural empathic abilities.

Are You Naturally Empathic? (Pour yourself a cup of tea and take this short quiz to find out)

1. My feelings overwhelm me and I’m always told I’m “too emotional.” Y / N

2. I get stuck in my head, where things go round and round in my mind. Y / N

3. I have this emotional “dead zone” inside me, where I just don’t feel anything anymore. Y / N

4. I can’t go certain places because I come home from them irritable scattered, or feeling down. Y / N

5. When I’m around some people, I start to feel and act like them, and I don’t know why! Y / N

6. It’s sometimes hard to stay “myself” around certain people. I start to fold and become like they want or expect me to be. Y / N

7. When someone is upset or having a hard time, I start to get moody and upset too. Y / N

8. My spouse, partner, or parents can really affect me emotionally. Y / N

9. Sometimes I feel things for no good reason. It seems irrational. Y / N

10. It’s hard for me to stay focused when I’m worrying about someone. I can’t get their thoughts and what I think they’re feeling out of my mind. Y / N

11. Sometimes I feel really strong and powerful—like there’s a deep well of some energy inside me. If only I could tap it at will! Y / N

12. I used to have lots of “highs and lows” but now I’m just stuck somewhere, feeling nothing. Feeling resigned. Y / N

13. I’m told I have no “boundaries” and I always feel under pressure to do what other people need or expect from me, even if i don’t want to or it makes me angry. Y / N

14. I’m really affected when I see animals or children or the helpless injured, sick, or mistreated. It’s almost like it’s happening to me! Y / N

15. I often know when I’m on someone’s mind, or when they’ll call me or I’ll hear from them. Y / N

16. I get really confused sometimes, especially when I’m arguing with someone. It’s like what they’re saying and what I’m feeling about them don’t match somehow. Y / N

17. I often know things but don’t trust my intuition. I say to myself that it’s just my wishful thinking, or my own feelings getting in the way. Y / N

SCORING – how did you go?

0-6 Yes’s: We need to open up your emotions and help you begin to feel the underlying communication that passes between all things. You may have been taught to “turn off” or distrust your emotions when you were growing up, and the legacy of this is that you can sometimes feel at an emotional disadvantage to other people.

7-11 Yes’s: You fall right in the mid-range, where most people experience a degree of empathically intuitive flashes. You’re ripe to develop and deepen this intuitive sense in yourself.

12-17 Yes’s: Not only are you a natural empath, but you’d benefit hugely from learning techniques from a trained empath and mentor who could help you tame and focus the flood of information constantly coming at you. It’s crucial for you to learn how to discern YOUR feelings from other people’s, and to learn how to see around you with pure emotional clarity.

Being empathic has its good and difficult points.  For example it’s great being able to feel inside what someone or a place is like however it’s also easy to pick up on ‘other energies’.  If you’re around a positive environment and people that’s great – however often we’re in situations we need to protect ourselves.

You can do this each morning – it only takes a few minutes and will help you feel better through your day.

Close your eyes and think of a place that brings happiness to you. Surround yourself with white light, feel the energy going through you and around you whilst imagining tree roots coming from your feet through the ground. This will help cleanse, centre and earth your energies.

If you’re in a crowded mall or with lots of people and need some respite try imagining yourself with a white or blue ball of energy around you.  You can burn sage around your house and or office to clear energies – afterwards try some citrus essential oils in an oil burner to uplift.

Would you like to learn more on developing your intuition or empathic abilities? I highly recommend both Amanda DeWarren and Summer McStravick – they’re also online (work globally) and can help take you to a whole new level, whilst giving you insight to help your life make more sense.

I’d love to know how you went in the quiz or your experiences…  

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