Name Change Consultation

Are you thinking of changing your name? A reading with Tameera can change your life.

Maybe you’re going through a life transition right now? From your parents ‘getting it wrong’, to marriage, divorce, public image, writers, artists, business and stage names…

A name change or deciding on a new name will have a BIG impact on your world!

Through the ancient science of numerology, Tameera shares how names affect your personality, self-expression, heart’s desire, career and how your partner, family, friends and others relate to you. Names can give more balance and luck to your overall energy or take you further in another direction.

When getting married Tameera will share with you on how to make the best of the different energies which come with changing, hyphenating or leaving your name as is.

You can combine this session with other services ~ 30 minutes $65 or 1 hour $120.

Book now or call 0415 794 897.

You’ll receive a personal consultation (just like Tameera’s in your home) recorded with life changing insight!

“Tameera is truly ‘gifted from the gods’!! She is definitely connected to the ‘upper realms’, at the same time, fully grounded and real. I have sought Tameera’s counsel on a number of occasions; each time my experience has been positive and very professional. Her advice is on-point, accurate and practical, whilst clearly divinely inspired. This last time however was nothing short of outstanding. I requested a reading with respect to the business names I was considering for my latest venture. It is incredible how much information she is able to derive from ‘numbers’. She guided my decision and showed me which name would be the best vibrational match to my self and the project I am creating in the world. ‘To thy own self be true’. The reading was inspirational and a massive confirmation that I am on the ‘right path’. If you need clarity, confirmation, directional guidance, or merely a little curious, do yourself a favor and have a session with Tameera, she will not disappoint you, in fact she may just save you from making mistakes in life, simply because you ‘never knew.’ In this radical time of evolutionary change the planet needs more people to be ‘on path’ and living ‘in passion’. Seek guidance from Tameera, she will help you get there.”
Sheilagh McNamara ~ Change Agent and founder of Iramaya Group and Elite Realms Singapore, India and Australia

Worldwide calling options:

1. Skype for your session to be recorded.
2. Add $10 for Tameera to call your mobile with a recording.
3. You call Tameera with no recording.

Tameera is based in Sydney, Australia. Payment is in AUD via bank deposit or PayPal. A tax invoice receipt can be supplied on request.

Required for session:

  • Name(s) you’re looking at changing to (or back to!)
  • Full name on birth certificate.
  • First and last name you use each day.
  • Your date and time of birth (if available).
  • Country and city of birth.
  • Partners name (if relevant).

How your session works:

Tameera will organise a time with you via email. She will call you via Skype or mobile at your session time (unless you have chosen to call). Your recording and charts will be sent by the next business day.