D2548F5F88A5AD66B71F41BB735B1402Messages and signs – we all ask for them now and then. They come in many different ways – often unexpected. “Send me a message and let me know I’m going in the right direction.” Or to our loved ones passed over “Show me a sign so I know you’re really there…”

Signs can come from animals too. My old cattledog Zac used to read signs on road trips. Yes he could.  My friend Peta and I would be driving with him – I’m talking pre-GPS days on long open Australian roads.

We used to stop at the big green signs directing travellers to the next town, unravel our map and figure out how lost we were. Realisation set in Zac’s random barking was not random at all. He saw those green signs when we were driving and would start barking at every single one. Zac wanted us to see the signs so we’d stop and go in the right direction. I don’t think he wanted to get lost either.

E7CC61A60D2E16F3BBFDD39EA74D4C56When my grandad passed a few years ago I was volunteering at the local dog shelter and took one of their dogs to the park that same afternoon feeling a little sad. There was a bird on the tree staring at us. I walked towards it and put my hand out, the bird hopped on and all I could think of was my grandad. He had a real affiliation with animals – it was like grandad was sending a message saying; “Hey wee lassie,” (he was Scottish) “I’m ok – I’m free as a bird now.” 

Recently I woke and kept thinking to email my amazing friend and co-worker Helen a rainbow – we’d had a super busy few weeks and this would be my sign to show her there was a rainbow coming for us. I decided as soon as I arrived at work I’d do this.  Well she’d beaten me to it sending me a rainbow!

I take life coaching sessions with Amanda De Warren – she’s helped me in so many ways not only connect with my soulmate who passed over in 1999 but with my business, health and more.  Amanda records our work together then sends a CD in the post. I don’t normally open the CD’s as I type everything out but this one arrived early and I had the urge to listen to it. As I put it on my desk a CD that had been in my computer for over six months popped out.

The second I started to listen my mobile rang. “Hi darling it’s me Amanda just calling to say hi – I have a few things to pass on to you.” Amanda rarely calls out of the blue – I couldn’t believe her timing and took it as a sign there were some important messages here. Our conversation finished with “So Tameera make sure you drink some orange juice – fresh – your body needs it.” (Amanda can easily tune in to your health). It just so happened within the next hour someone offered me a bottle of my favourite fresh Tamarama orange juice, as they didn’t need it. Yes I know it’s amazing.

On the weekend I asked my soulmate Anthony who’s passed over for a sign – “Please just something I need to know you’re around! I know you’re there but I can’t see you.” So the next morning I woke to look on Facebook and the first message I saw was a wall post news feed from Cameron Steele owner of Contact Talk Radio streamed worldwide from America.  Cameron has not only built an incredible radio station but is also highly intuitive.

He asked if anyone knew what the word ‘Gonch’ meant? I couldn’t believe it – Gonch was Anthony’s nickname when he was in Australia from over 20 years ago. I never knew how he acquired this name but this is what all his friends called him – this was honestly the first time I’d ever heard anyone mention it.

There were wall posts with varying suggestions from Cameron’s friends – but nobody really seemed to know the answer. I wrote to Cameron and told him my story. He came back the next day and replied, “Tameera I never thought of it like that but now I see clearly – the name Gonch just popped into my head. This message was meant for you to let you know Anthony is around.” 

Whilst I was writing this blog one of my favourite songs Tim ‘love’ Lee Everybody Loves came on the radio.

So that’s my message for you today ~ Everybody loves xo

Do you have a sign or message you’d like to share?


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