Good news! The planet of love Venus and the planet of luck Jupiter are conjunct Mercury, bringing our third retrograde for the year from August 30 to September 22, 2016. The next three-week period makes this retrograde a little different to the others. The energies of love, luck and communication are united bringing forth new synergies. Still we need to be careful…solar-system-11188_1280

Mercury is the planet of communication. When retrograde quite simply anything to do with communications, including transport, computers, technology, friends and the written word is affected.  Life seems to slow down. Interestingly old friends can drop into your life reigniting friendships. It’s the perfect time to clear out what’s not needed to bring in what is.

Mercury rules Virgo (and Gemini), which are both mutable (changeable). Those of you with Virgo in your chart will feel the energy more than others.

With Venus conjoined (bringing together) natal Mercury now is a great time to further connect with partners, close friends, family and business relationships. You may also experience a greater need or opportunity to share your thoughts with others (and vice versa). Under this influence you are able to say (or write) just the right thing to the right person at the right time. It’s a good time for sending and receiving correspondence, as messages are likely to contain good news, entertaining humour, or both. Just triple check before you send. Yay!

If you prefer your own space, this is a period you might like others around more. Under this influence everything seems to be on a mutual basis. You admire someone, they admire you, you like red, they like red.

You might also come across ideas and methods that are quite similar or parallel to your own. There’s likely to be a constant stream of communication coming at you from all directions. Tune in and take what you need.

You shouldn’t have to go very far to seek information needed at this time because everything is likely to be found in your own neighbourhood. Where you live for example can become a place of expansion and development, contacts with siblings and/or neighbours are enhanced, and your interest and status in community affairs can bring an increased energy.

You are likely to read, write, and talk more. Be careful though to avoid intellectual superiority, or taking on more than you can handle, which will result in achieving nothing of any lasting value.

Virgo energy is associated with hardworking, perfectionism, enjoying routine and structure, punctuality, visits to doctors for advice on health, natural foods, the body, research and analytical detail and generally being of service to the world.

Tips for making the most of this Mercury Retrograde in Virgo:

Look at new ways of doing things.
Be open to change.
Start a new yoga class, health regime or diet.
Cut down or cut out excesses like drinking and smoking.
Reassess your career.
Take a puncture repair kit with you when bike riding.
Clean out your wardrobe and computer files.
Leave a bit of extra time for travel.
Reflect more do less. Take time to chill.

Over react to situations or jump to conclusions.
Buy a new mode of transport, computer or phone.
Sign off on important contracts (if you can help it).
Leave your job or partner (unless you really have to).
Take unnecessary risks when driving.
Forget to ID your luggage if flying.
Buy anything without keeping your receipt.
Start a brand new project.

Our fourth and final retrograde for the year will be December 19, 2016 to January 8, 2017 commencing in Sagittarius, ending in Capricorn.

Heads up for 2017 retrogrades which will all begin in earth signs. Money will come to the forefront – the stock market during 2017 retrogrades will be interesting to watch. These periods will involve finding practical solutions, going back to nature and really learning to be in the moment.

I’ll be sharing more retrograde insights later in the year…

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