With mercury (the planet of communication) going retrograde for the third and final time for 2019 (31 Oct/1 Nov 2019 depending on where you live in the world) – energetically there’s lots going on, impacting everyone in various ways. All is not as it seems right now…

We started the week 27 / 28 October 2019 with the new moon joining the sun, venus and mercury in the deeply dark and intense energy of Scorpio ruling birth, death, transformation, sex and money.

Emotions are at extremes of highs and lows. Bringing in a paradox, you may find just the piece of information you’ve been looking for.

When Mercury turns retrograde, it slows down and appears to go backwards or more to the point becomes a pain your backside.

Astrology should be used like a weather forecast. If it looks like rain – pack an umbrella! If you speed you’ve been warned. Expect the unexpected. Friends you’ve not heard from for years can drop into your life and back out again just as quickly.

Mercury is known as the trickster of the zodiac – its ruler is Gemini the twins, an air sign with duality. If you have mercury in Gemini OR the sign it actually retrogrades (in this instance Scorpio), prepare to be more affected. Mercury rules technology, short trips and communications of all kinds.

I now have an official ‘mercury retrograde budget’. As I like to practise what I preach (and teach) mercury always likes to make sure I have something to talk about and share with you.

For example, yesterday the SEO for my website went missing. Day 1 of the last mercury retrograde (was 8 July 2019 incase you want to look back on your own life) the ‘n’ key on my less than 1-year old MacBook Pro stopped working, requiring a full keyboard replacement with a list throughout the three weeks I could fill a page (and a doctors appointment with).

We can usually see and feel the effects of mercury retrograde a week before (called the shadow period). They key to moving through mercury retrograde is to cut yourself some slack.

“Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you.” ~ John De Paola

My advice for the next three weeks whilst Mercury retrogrades from 31 Oct/1 Nov to 20/21 Nov 2019:

– Back up your computer.
– Leave your things where you found them.
– Hold off on buying a new car or signing for a new property or contract.
– Relationships started now can have an electric beginning then fizzle out as quickly as they started, leaving a dust storm to clear up!
– Booking travel should be avoided as you’ll find plans change later and things were not as you thought they’d be (unless you’re already away!)
– Save your files, don’t risk that parking ticket and prepare for delays.
– Keep all your receipts as you may discover a missing part or you’ve completely changed your mind.
– Hold off on the ‘deep and meaningful’ with your beloved as things can be taken the wrong way. Particularly whilst Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio!

The good news when mercury is retrograde?

– Old friends can and often do drop back into your life – it’s the perfect time to reconnect.
– Sorting out your admin and computer files can feel like a breeze.
– Organising and planning for your future can bring fresh insights.
– You’re in a great space to give your home a good energetic detox!
– You can find solutions to outstanding problems, with mistakes being revealed.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio 31 October to 20 November (Europe/USA) + 1 to 21 November (Asia/Australia)

So, what does mercury retrograde in a water sign mean? Water rules the emotions so expect the floodgates to open up! Water signs are naturally intuitive, creative and emotional – you’ll find this will surface more if you have water signs in your astrology chart (particularly Scorpio in this instance).

Scorpio, the 8th sign of the zodiac is fixed and embodies extremes. Life and death… there is no middle ground with Scorpio. With the last retrograde for 2019 in Scorpio we can expect disruptions through ‘power’ money, property and possessions. It’s about the kind of money you get through a sexual relationship – typically marriage but not always.

It’s also about ‘death’ money – a will, for example. Secrets can be revealed now. Relinquishing control will help you flow through Scorpios backward spin through mercury. This final retrograde for 2019 will teach you patience and balance.

An extra word of warning with mercury retrograde in Scorpio – deep dark secrets are ready to come out of the shadows. If you’ve been cheating you’re more likely to be caught out now.

Scorpio is complicated. Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane. Scorpio is the perfect storm!

Make the most of this energy by clearing the way. Have you heard the expression “Let go of the old to make way for the new”? By holding onto the past you’re eroding your enjoyment of the present and preventing yourself from moving forward into the future.

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