The past three weeks have felt a little wild, with communications going haywire, disturbing letters out of the blue, emails going missing, computer and car problems, miscommunications, uncertainty and an overall feeling of what is happening to me?

On the flipside I’ve had unexpected money come through, friendships resolving, attachments that should not be in my life becoming clear, business opportunities from the past and finding new ways to work.  I even found a new live yoga class I can take at home with my dog.

Mercury is the planet of communication, three times a year it goes retrograde, appearing to go backwards.  The planet mercury has an overall effect on the way we communicate. Travel, electronics and transport are also part of the mercury retrograde hold.

Have you moved during the mercury’s retrograde? Chances are you won’t stay as when mercury brings the energy of illusion and impermanence when ‘going backwards’.

Can a planet really have this much affect on our environment and energy? Yes it can. I’m sure you’ll relate to the heady influence of a full on new moon. Likewise you’ll be able to connect to your sunsign, if you know your moon sign how you are emotionally or your mercury – how you communicate. Everything is energy.

Our latest 2015 mercury retrograde was from May 19 -20 to June 11-12, in Gemini (which is ruled by Mercury).  If like me you have planets in Gemini (particularly the sign/house of mercury) you might have a few unforgettable experiences to share…

I kind of look forward to mercury retrograde though, as a bit of ‘time-out’ with old friends popping back into my life, sorting out paperwork, clearing what’s no longer needed and resolving old problems.  The trick is to stay grounded, organised and detached from outcomes whilst being in your heart space.

If you’re experiencing sudden changes and disruptions this can shift energy allowing the darker side of mercury retrograde to take over for a while. We always have choice though. I like to think…

Mercury Retrograde dates and planets for 2015 are all air signs (dates change according to you location).

January 20-21 to February 11-12 Aquarius
May 19 -20 to June 11-12 Gemini
September 18-19 to October 10-11 Libra

Air signs can feel a little more aloof, intellectual. We can have a tendency to over-think and analyse, instead of letting be.

The more we can release, expect the unexpected, understand we are spiritual beings in a physical body and be in flow, the more we will gain from Mercury’s lessons.  Are you reacting from fear to a situation or with an open heart and love?

The way I look at it, growth and finding balance is always a good thing and Mercury going backwards can be our unexpected teacher.

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