69E6174D16DD9A07362157D438354D61Following are dates Mercury is retrograde in 2013 however you’ll start to feel the effects a few days before and after. Mercury is retrograde in three water signs this year bringing some extra emotion in.

  • February 23 to March 18 – in Pisces
  • June 26 to July 21 – in Cancer
  • October 21 to November 11 – Scorpio

If you have planets in the signs mercury is retrograde especially mercury, it will be extra strong for you.  If however you are born IN a mercury retrograde you won’t feel the same effects as everyone else.

What is Mercury retrograde? Read my tips on how to survive…

Mercury retrograde occurs three times each year when, for about three weeks, Mercury travels in reverse motion against the backdrop of stars. Of course, it doesn’t really move backwards, but only appears to do so from our point of view here on Earth.

While Mercury is retrograde, familiar channels of communications become tangled and confused. Expect delays and changes in plans. Use this time for researching and problem solving. This is a great time to rewrite and edit, re-work an existing project.

Re-evaluate and reconsider, but hold final decisions and approvals until Mercury goes direct. The tendency is to initialise or finalise projects prematurely. The contents of verbal or written contracts and plans made now may later seem inadequate or unclear.

This is not a good time to buy on the spur of the moment without investigation. This is also not a good time to purchase electronic equipment or cars as Mercury rules communication and travel.

Major purchases may be reduced in price after the retrograde period so you can save money by waiting. Major repairs or surgery performed now may be incomplete or plagued by unexpected repercussions. On this note be extra careful whilst driving or commuting.

Double-check and reconfirm every detail. Typed or written errors are easily overlooked, paperwork mislaid, appointments forgotten. Let your sense of humour overcome the challenge of unexpected adjustments.

On the flipside it’s a great time to catch-up with old friends – they can pop back into your life and pop back out again just as quickly! Use this time to organise your life and clear out clutter. Life will feel like it’s slowed down, which can be a very good thing.

Light Stays Moon Phases Calendar shows when the moon is new, full, void of course and retrograde – take even more care during a void of course moon and retrograde. It’s not advisable to sign contracts during this time, purchase new items or go to the hairdresser.

Moon Void of Course

The moon turns void of course when it enters a new moon sign and leaves when it enters the next sign, which is every couple of days – sometimes for just a few minutes.

The Void of Course Moon indicates nothing to worry about or nothing will happen. If you begin a project during this time, it may not succeed or ever develop; decisions made may never be acted upon. Disturbing news heard at this time may not be worth worrying about. This is a good time to gather information while detaching from the outcome.

Remember the keywords for mercury retrograde are: Stop, relax and re-think…

Do you have a mercury retrograde story you’d like to share?

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