Mercury Retrograde. Proceed with caution!

The moon affects the tides and our emotions, with mercury governing our communication. Jupiter brings luck, Saturn helps us move through limitations. When a planet is retrograde, it’s closest to earth (gravity). New information can be absorbed during a retrograde. For example: revising your website or editing a book you’ve been working on. The past can often surface, showing us what isn’t working during retrogrades with new ways to move forward.

Mercury Retrograde is no secret, boasting the most famous of all retrograding planets – The NSW Police Force even added a meme to their Facebook page on Mercury Retrograde! Three times a year for approximately three weeks, mercury goes retrograde – When the planet of communication turns retrograde it slows down and appears to go backwards or more to the point becomes a pain your backside. You can often feel the effects of Mercury a week before it starts – when it turns ‘direct’ things can feel on slow-mo.

If you’re an empath you’ll feel planet mercury’s shift – almost knowing when it’s about to occur without looking at the dates. Just like my dog knows when it’s dinner time. I like to work with the energy of Mercury Retrograde as a time to slow down and organise my life, re-connecting with old friends.

Emotions are at extremes of highs and lows. Bringing in a paradox, you may find just the piece of information you’ve been looking for.

Astrology should be used like a weather forecast. If it looks like rain – pack an umbrella! If you speed you’ve been warned. Expect the unexpected. Friends you’ve not heard from for years can drop into your life and back out again just as quickly.

Mercury is known as the trickster of the zodiac – its ruler is Gemini the twins, an air sign with duality. If you have mercury in Gemini OR the sign it actually retrogrades), prepare to be more affected. Mercury rules technology, short trips and communications of all kinds.

I now have an official ‘mercury retrograde budget’. As I like to practise what I preach (and teach) mercury always likes to make sure I have something to talk about and share with you.

For example, during the last Mercury Retrograde in 2019 the SEO for my website went missing. The ‘n’ key on my less than 1-year old MacBook Pro stopped working, requiring a full keyboard replacement, I had friends re-connect I’ve not heard from in 20 years with a list throughout the three weeks I could fill a page (and doctors appointment with)!

We can usually see and feel the effects of mercury retrograde a week before (called the shadow period). The key to moving through mercury’s retrograde is don’t push and take some time out to recalibrate.

My overall advice when Mercury retrogrades during 2020:

– Back up your computer.
– Leave your things where you found them.
– Hold off on buying a new car or signing for a new property or contract.
– Relationships started now can have an electric beginning then fizzle out as quickly as they started, leaving a dust storm to clear up!
– Booking travel should be avoided as you’ll find plans change later and things were not as you thought they’d be (unless you’re already away!)
– Save your files, don’t risk that parking ticket and prepare for delays.
– Keep all your receipts as you may discover a missing part or you’ve completely changed your mind.
– Hold off on the ‘deep and meaningful’ with your beloved as things can be taken the wrong way. Particularly whilst Mercury retrogrades in Aquarius and Libra…

So, what’s the good news when mercury is retrograde?

– Old friends can and often do drop back into your life – it’s the perfect time to reconnect.
– Sorting out your admin and computer files can feel like a breeze.
– Organising and planning for your future can bring fresh insights.
– You’re in a great space to give your home a good energetic detox!
– You can find solutions to outstanding problems, with mistakes being revealed.

The 10 days before and after mercury retrograde – known as the shadow period means precaution.

2020 brings three Mercury Retrogrades beginning mid-February in Pisces. Here’s how to survive!

“Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you.” ~ John De Paola

This is how each mercury retrograde will impact you with 2020 exact dates for United States, United Kingdom and Australia:

1. Mercury Retrograde in Pisces (following to Aquarius 9/10 March) worldwide dates 2020

18 February to 4 March Pisces (Australia and Central Asia)
17 February to 3 March Pisces (United Kingdom and Europe)
16 February to 3 March Pisces (United States)

Pisces, the 12th and final sign of the zodiac is mutable energy with two fish swimming together or searching the skies searching for each other. Dreamy, romantic and prone to escapism. As mercury floats backwards through seas of emotion in Pisces, don’t be surprised if an old lover sends you a surprise message wanting to get back in touch. Feelings and intuition can feel uncertain or you may have a healing breakthrough.

Use this time to re-visit creative ideas, be extra careful driving (with more people having their head in the clouds), ground yourself and try not to take life too seriously.

Be careful of picking up unwanted energy from others – wearing obsidian (a black crystal) and grounding yourself every day will help. New coping mechanisms can be found during this Pisces retrograde.

Renewing your vows with partner can bring a deeper connection for you both. Hold off on the engagement though! Life truly is out of your control right now. Like being caught in an ocean rip, learn to go with the flow.

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius worldwide dates 2020:
5 to 10 March Aquarius (Australia and Central Asia)
4 to 10 March Aquarius (United Kingdom and Europe)
4 to 9 March Aquarius (United States)

Aquarius is the freedom seeker and a dichotomy within itself. A fixed air sign with one foot in the water and one foot on the land holding a jug of water representing the connectedness we can feel yet can’t see.

Whilst Mercury retrogrades in Aquarius we can expect rational thinking to go out the window. As Aquarius also relates to technology our social circles and the bigger picture of life we can expect delays and barriers in these areas.

If in a partnership you may find yourself revisiting how you both connect with your friends and ‘tribe’. Extra caution should be exercised when it comes to communications and negotiations. Mixed messages can turn from a molehill into a mountain – before jumping to conclusions take a step back. You may find solutions to a bigger picture project you’ve been working on you previously overlooked.

The key to this 10 day Mercury Retrograde Aquarius cycle is to expect the unexpected!

2. Mercury Retrograde in Cancer worldwide dates 2020
18 June to 12 July – Cancer (Australia and Central Asia)
18 June to 12 July – Cancer (United Kingdom and Europe)
17 June to 12 July – Cancer (United States)

Cancer the crab rules the home, family and tradition. Get ready for emotional rollercoaster! Family can feel more dramatic than usual. This is NOT the time to buy a new home. Secrets can be revealed. If travelling during Mercury Retro in cancer you may find a strong sense of de-ja-vu or bump into a long-lost friend.
Children in your life or close to you may have unexpected news or secrets revealed. If trying for a child you could find yourself falling pregnant or finding a stray dog or cat that makes their way into your heart and/or home. Prepare to reminisce!

3. Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio (following to Libra 3/4 Nov) worldwide dates 2020
14 to 28 October Scorpio (Australia and Central Asia)
14 to 27 October Scorpio (United Kingdom and Europe)
13 to 27 October Scorpio (United States)

Scorpio, the 8th sign of the zodiac is fixed and embodies extremes. Life and death… there is no middle ground with Scorpio. With the last retrograde for the year in Scorpio we can expect disruptions through ‘power’ money, property and possessions. It’s about the kind of money you get through a sexual relationship – typically marriage but not always. It’s also about ‘death’ money – a will, for example.

Secrets can be revealed now, if you’re having an affair you have been warned. Relinquishing control will help you flow through Scorpios backward spin through mercury. This retrograde in Scorpio can help you let go of what no longer serves you.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra worldwide dates 2020
29 October to 4 November Libra (Australia and Central Asia)
28 October to 3 November (United Kingdom and Europe)
28 October to 3 November (United States)

Libra represents balance, love, relationships, justice and harmony in our life so we can expect ‘shake up’s in these areas. Whilst Mercury is retrograde in Libra relationships started now are not what they seem – with the final retrograde ending for 2020 use this time instead to reconnect with old friends. You may also find acquaintances contacting you out of the blue.

Messages can be taken the wrong way – if communicating via text and social media be mindful the planet of communication is currently taking a backwards spin through the constellation of the scales! Legal proceedings in particular can have unexpected outcomes.

If you’re feeling out of balance make time to take a long walk in nature. As Libra brings the energy of beauty, new makeovers for yourself and home are not advised until Mercury goes direct again (allowing a few days after 4 November).

Throughout Mercury Retrograde we also experience 5/8 caution numerology days.

5/8 days are known as caution days – they can bring the energy of chaos. Be careful when driving and try not to make rash decisions or take unnecessary risks. Communication can be taken the wrong way. We need to take extra care when mercury is retrograde and/or the moon is full. If going to the hairdressers on a 5/8 day on a retrograde don’t go for a full makeover or you may regret it.

Thailand’s Wild Boar Soccer Team entered the Tham Luang cave on a 5/8 day. The late Anthony Bourdain also took his life on a 5/8.

5/8 days are calculated by adding the day + month or the day + month + year. I’ve calculated ALL numerology caution days in my 2020 Moon Lovers Guide which syncs with all the planetary information straight to your devices.

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