With the sudden passing of legendary Matthew Perry October 28, 2023 under the powerful rare Taurus Full Moon Eclipse in his LA home hot-tub, I felt drawn to look into Matthew’s birthchart, soul blueprint and transits.  Here’s what I found out and wanted to share with you…

Eclipses reveal truths and can bring final endings.  The Scorpio Sun was conjunct (sitting on top of Matthew’s Scorpio Moon 🦂) whilst the Full Moon in Taurus was forming an opposition magnifying everything.

Matthew Langford Perry was born August 19, 1969 in Williamstown, Massachusetts, growing up in Canada with his mother, there were the usual family breakdowns that led to an unorthodox childhood. His mother was a Canadian beauty queen-turned-journalist who served as press secretary to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. His father was a US actor who starred in adverts for Old Spice aftershave.

Remembering Matthew brought so much light into this world, touching millions of hearts as Chandler through his adopted family Friends. I looked into Matthew’s 6 Destiny and could see that’s what he came here to do, to bring more love and laughter into our world (you can see the 6’s belly sticking out, it’s literally pregnant with love).

What was immediately interesting to see was Matthew’s 7 lifepath in numerology (calculated from his date of birth). The 7 is water energy and can bring up intense emotions, sometimes feeling cut off from the world and going within.  On the other side of the 7, incredible spiritual breakthroughs unfold.

Matthew Perry transitioned from this earth through the energy of water, a star amongst the stars in his 7 personal year which started from his birthday August 19, 2023.

Know thyself ✨  A 7 lifepath, not having a connection to your spirituality can result in getting out of this world through substance abuse/partying/overwork.

Sharing his poignant final post via Instagram a week before transitioning, I feel Matthew’s soul knew his earth-time was coming close to his last day…

Matthew was open about his addictions, revealing from age 14 he was drinking every day. With stints in and out of rehab, and living through other personas via acting – this is classic of a 7 lifepath not in balance.

To say Friends was successful is an understatement, Matthew quickly rose to A list celebrity fame. By 2002, he and co-stars Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer were making a cool $1 million per episode. The program earned him an Emmy nomination in 2002 for the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series award.

In 2022 Matthew released a memoir whilst in his 6 personal numerology year connecting to his 6 destiny.  I really feel that was a special year for Matthew, the 6 in numerology is all about unconditional love. On a soul level this was Matthew Perry’s message to the world after passing.

“I’m still working through it personally, but the best thing about me is that if an alcoholic or drug addict comes up to me and says, ‘Will you help me?’ I will always say, ‘Yes, I know how to do that. I will do that for you, even if I can’t always do it for myself.’ So I do that, whenever I can. In groups, or one on one.”

Which pauses me to think, how would you like to be remembered in this world for what you do? What’s your highest timeline?  Do you know who you came here to be?

Matthew Perry’s Numerology Blueprint:

Heart + Soul: 11/2
Personality: 8
Expression: 1
Destiny: 6
Dayborn: 1
Lifepath/Lifeforce: 7 (from date of birth)
Attitude: 9

Matthew held a special number combination which Richard Branson, Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow also hold. It’ a 1-8-9 gift of making extreme wealth through touching the world with your purpose. He also shared the 11:11 binary heart connection.

Looking into Matthew’s numbers I can see he held a heightened intuition being a 7 lifepath/lifeforce energy combined with his 11/2 master vibration heart/soul vibration, relationships were important to Matthew and he was a peacemaker.  

The 7 is the philosopher, the analyst, the seeker and if you’d be willing, the teacher.   One of the lessons of a 7 lifepath is to watch you don’t cut yourself off from others. Taking timeout to recharge and a connection to the water very important.

Matthew Perry was a self proclaimed perfectionist, sharing his intense drive to be successful.  This was his life-force taken to the extreme.

When a 7 is unbalanced or not believing in spirituality they can immerse themselves in overwork, travel, alcohol or partying or becoming sports fanatics. Genuinely caring about friends and wanting to be there for them, literally. The full moon affects 7 lifepaths in a big way either giving extra energy or moving to introspection.  As a 7 it is part of the soul growth on earth to reach their highest spiritual potential. Part of his earth quest was to seek faith and the deeper meaning of life.

Being a Lifepath 7 although Matthew was hurting inside even those closest may not have seen the signs.  7’s have an air of secrecy and will do anything to keep the mystery going. They seem like old souls but are like children for life in many ways. They may seem cold or aloof but usually they are just observing the world – and you!

The 7 needs to learn to have faith – without it they cannot be happy.  They have a strong spiritual energy.  If 7’s don’t believe in a ‘higher power’ they can feel heavy to be around.

Matthew’s 8 personality represents the balance between the spiritual and the material world, the symbol 8 reflects heaven and earth in the two circles stacked on top of each other.  I can also see the dichotomy of being in control. The 8 (like the 4) can be a workaholic and must take time to give the people in their lives attention. The 8 often has a ‘no pain no gain’ attitude. They don’t have a tolerance for people who feel sorry for themselves. The 8 personality can work very hard for their income, they can be stubborn and not take advice.

Matthew held a 1 numerology expression and was a 1 day-born (face to the world). As a 1 he was here to find out how to do things by himself, to be a leader, to make his own decisions.  He expressed himself as wanting to be number 1 at what he did and definitely achieved this. Matthew was an innovator of new ways of bringing laughter into this world, and touched so many hearts!

1’s don’t like to ask for help.  Totally self motivated. They can think they are not good enough – with praise they are great – no praise and they rebel.  If unbalanced can feel they are not the best and not good enough. Positive daily affirmations can bring profound shifts.

With a 6 destiny, he came to this earth plane to learn and teach others about unconditional love. I really feel Matthew encapsulated this through ‘Friends’ one of the most successful shows of all time – because it touched peoples hearts.

Matthew’s 9 attitude was to reach the world and his pre-birth planning reveals: You will work towards a cause or movement, which makes the world a better place. You will be drawn to those who suffer injustice and want to make things right. Your deepest satisfaction will come from knowing you have helped a great number of people and this is part of your souls calling.

“And I created the Perry House in Malibu, a sober-living facility for men. When I die, I know people will talk about Friends, Friends, Friends. And I’m glad of that, happy I’ve done some solid work as an actor, as well as given people multiple chances to make fun of my struggles on the world wide web… but when I die, as far as my so-called accomplishments go, it would be nice if Friends were listed far behind the things I did to try to help other people. I know it won’t happen, but it would be nice.”

Looking into Matthew Perry’s Astrology Chart I can see quite an intense and fixed almost obsessive energy towards his goals in life. He was an all-in or all out kind of guy, further revealed through his fixed Sun in Leo and Scorpio Moon.

Matthew held Saturn in the 10th house in Taurus, he came to achieve public recognition and would have been known as a methodical worker, who could be relied on to deliver the goods.  His persistence usually paying off even through adversity.

Through astrology we have 7 main planets that make us up, connected to ‘houses’ which intensify the energy.

This is Matthew Perry’s Soul Astrology August 19, 1969:

Sun: Leo in the first house of Aries (leading the way)
Moon: Scorpio conjunct Neptune (illusions) in the 4th house of Cancer (friends and family)
Mercury: Virgo in the 2nd house of Aries (work and life is not separated)
Venus: Cancer in the 12th house of Pisces (looking for a soulmate in life/putting others on a pedestal)
Mars: Sagittarius in the 5th house of Leo (charismatic, funny and life of the party)
Ascendant/Rising: Leo (loving an audience)
Midheaven: Aries (leading the way in career) his Leo Sun sitting on his Ascendant (face to the world) in the first house of Aries reveals his open-heart shining in the company of others. Loving an audience, basking in the attention which comes with being centre stage.

I can see he was determined to have the freedom to explore his own personal interests and make his own mark on the world.
Matthew’s Moon in Scorpio shares his deep sensitivity.  Others may not have even recognised the extent to which his emotional antennae was so finely tuned which could be misinterpreted as overly dramatic – Matthew no doubt channelled this into his acting.

Scorpio Moons can be intense and cut off from the world when emotions are not directed the right way.  

Matthew may have been born at a time when his mother experienced a crisis, or his birth may have been traumatic. Therefore her heightened emotions were transmitted to his earthly body on a soul level. 

With Saturn in Taurus opposite the Scorpio Moon in his chart Matthew may have felt abandoned and neglected by loved ones. One of his lessons was to value himself, to find the love within, building his own sense of self-esteem.

Matthew’s parents’ separation occurred when he was only nine months old, his panic flying alone at age 5 to see the father who’d abandoned him was something he definitely chose to work through in this life time. Also relating back to his 6 destiny, learning unconditional love.

Mercury in Virgo reveals a discriminating mind, which could be critical and analytical, with an obsession to detailed knowledge. 

Mars in Sagittarius in the 5th house of Leo 🦁 shares Matthew’s strong drive to express himself creatively a desire for exploration and adventure.

When Matthew transitioned from this earth October 28, 2023 – he was going through a couple of major astrology transits:
The Taurus Moon Lunar Eclipse was forming an opposition to his Scorpio Moon magnifying the energy around him. Akin to an electrical current…

Also I could see in Matthew’s astrology…
 Mercury was Opposite Saturn 🪐 and Square the Ascendant
: This can trigger a single event where you can feel you are pushing ahead on a fruitless mission.  This can lead to a major transition, with anxiety through crossed lines and a sense of fatigue.

I believe the greatest gift Matthew could give to himself was to listen carefully to his own feelings, trust his intuition, experience unconditional love.

Remembering we are soul beings having a physical experience…

 May your soul fly high and always be remembered for the laughter and love you brought into this world Matthew Perry 🙏🏼  Via the New York Times:



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