51C7DD5BFADD08F38BDC8C3D0A37FE7BWithin the healing tranquillity of Anahata Therapies in Sydney’s Mosman, I arrived for an evening of learning how to manifest abundance in my life.

Having attended more than a few evenings at Anahata I know I’m in for a treat but not exactly sure how we’re going to learn to become power manifesters in a few hours.  Teacher, Ruthie Phillips has a big smile like we’re about to be let in on her little secret…

For those of you who couldn’t make it I thought I’d share my experience, so you can become a power manifester too.

Jana, owner of Anahata, introduced the evening to us with a clever analogy between dreams and reality.  With dreams we think about what 684C511C41A569CADE92CA8AB0499C7Awe want but manifesting is how we make it happen.

We started with a question. How many of you have read ‘The Secret’? A show of hands quickly went up.  Ruthie looked at us with a laugh explaining this evening will be nothing like ‘The Secret’ we’re going to learn how to create abundance and manifest your goals – what you truly desire to bring into your life.

We have shifted into a new frequency in 2013. We might move up to the ‘100th monkey’ meaning the consciousness shifts when the vast majority of people shift in energy. Things are happening a lot quicker now.

The process of manifesting starts with what you want in your life. When we say something that is hermetically sealed, we are saying the knowledge is sealed – it’s sacred. Sealed so that nothing can escape.

There are 7 Hermetic Principles.

1.    The principle of mentalism
2.    The principle of correspondence
3.    The principle of vibration
4.    The principle of polarity
5.    The principle of rhythm
6.    The principle of cause and effect
7.    The principle of gender

Kybalion: The Hermetic Philosophy explains in more details here >>

Our thoughts create our reality. We need to monitor our thoughts.  If for example you want a new car but you have a red car you hate, if you keep saying how much you hate your red car it will keep that energy around you.

Our thoughts send out an electrical current and our energy is like a magnet.  There is an abundance of wealth and prosperity to go around – all we need to do is vibrate to the frequency to bring it into our life.

The principle of vibration means to bring what you want into your life.

Say for example you would like a new dining room table.  You need to focus. Dust your current one, say thank you for being there and serving me but it’s time to expand now.  You go to the shops, find the new one you really want and say ‘you’ll be perfect I’ll bring you home in a few weeks.’  It’s about putting energy, excitement and feeling into your desires and what you want to bring into your life, like it’s already happened.

You need to fix your attention, feel it and don’t be lazy.  This means 110% complete focus.  Everything is vibrating – you only need to match what you want.

The principle of rhythm means to everything there is a rhythm, a breath, to everything there is a season. And this too shall pass.  Remember this: if you’re having an off day.  Relax, breathe and let go.

Every action has a reaction.  Do unto others as you would have done to yourself.  A little tip – if someone doesn’t like you don’t waste negative thoughts. Simply send them a message of “I wish for them what they wish for me.”

The Manifestation Process

  • Understand you are a vibrational being.
  • Believe you are worthy of what you desire.
  • Decide exactly what you wish to manifest or create.
  • Recognise the higher path and get confirmation of your choice.
  • Visualise your success.
  • Ordain your desire.
  • Acknowledge, accept and express gratitude.

You need to use your heart and your mind, believe you can create and be grateful for what you receive.  For example looking for a carpark – have you ‘asked’ for a carpark so you can get to your destination quickly? I often do this and love how Ruthie explained – if we can manifest a carpark we can manifest anything. Ask, believe, feel, receive and be thankful.

Visualise your success. You have to feel it, see it, taste it and smell it.  Make it yours.  Don’t lose focus. Express gratitude.

You can also ask for confirmation when unsure about what direction to take. For example if you’re thinking about travelling to Africa ask your guides ‘please show me something from Africa so I know whether this trip is for my highest good.’

It’s important to affirm in the now your desires for example if you would like to improve your relationship or bring in a new healthy one: “I am now in a loving, joyful relationship, where I am supported and nurtured.”

When you ‘want’ to bring something into your life the universe will keep you waiting.  ‘Wanting’ brings a sort of desperate wanting energy.  Remember to go to the space where you can feel it – like it’s already happened.

We can also speak to our spiritual community “I ask that you assist me to….”

Another process is meditation, which will help bring you into your flow and free you from desires.

A vision board is another great addition to achieve your goals.  Ruthie showed us her daughter’s vision board made a year ago.  It was an amazing collage of pictures and words pasted without a space on a large piece of cardboard.  She travelled to every place; each picture and word represented something that had come into her life before it happened.  There was not one thing Ruthie’s daughter did not experience or receive.  Ruthie recommends a new vision board each year – just one though so you don’t scatter your energies.

We were each given our very own blank vision board at the end of the night with a pack of words and glue ready to get started.  I know what I’ll be doing this weekend…

Driving home I thought about the evening and the amazing energy shared. I looked up to see a car almost cut me off with number plates 777. I had actually asked for a sign relating specifically to the number 7 through the workshop but didn’t expect it show up so quickly!Jana, me and Ruthie at Anahata

Ask and you shall receive. Feel it, see it, taste it, smell it and you’ll receive so much sooner…

Thanks Ruthie + Jana for a life changing evening, I’m so grateful to you xo

Do you have a manifesting secret you’d like to share?

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