I’ve had amazing things happen in my own life working with this formula, which I often bring into my Manifest Your Dream Life Workshops.

I remember speaking with one of my friends a few years ago, he told me he was ready for a relationship now and wanted to find ‘the one’. My response was, if you met her tomorrow would you be ready? Going deeper, that opened up a whole new trail of thought and maybe there were some things to work on. You attract people, careers, friends at the current frequency you’re vibrating at. Everything is energy. Remember that.

I like using Full Moon energy to manifest as it magnifies everything! You can do this at any time though…

1. Ground yourself, with your eyes closed think of something you’d bring into your life if you were given three million dollars. OK so you’d like to travel the world, buy a hot new car and home. Then what? Is there something you’d like to create or build to help change people’s lives and leave a lasting foundation in this world, that will make this money (which is simply energy) multiply?

2. Now that you have this money, and you’ve decided what it is you want to create and the lives your desire will affect and or help change can you write this down.

3. We’re now going to check in with your mind, body and soul about your desire to see if you’re truly in alignment and if this is for your highest potential and if you’re ready for it right now. With your eyes closed, think of a triangle or pyramid with your mind, body and soul on each point.

With your eyes closed check into each point, first your mind, then your body then your soul (higher self / intuition). If you feel excited, joy, relief, happiness, ease, flow. This means your desire is ready to begin the manifestation process. If you feel unease at any point, for example you go to your mind and it starts questioning, go in further to see why these questions are arising.

You’ll often feel a sensation in your heart or stomach when checking in with your body. Your soul will give you an overall knowing feeling (yes this is right, no it’s not).

4. When you’re feeling the all clear to move forward with your intention (which sometimes needs to be revisited) this is when the movie comes in. Replay your desire like it’s a movie or a memory – it’s happening and real. Bring in the people involved, where you are, the clothes you’re wearing, where you’re living. Allow your senses to enjoy and feel everything that’s going on right now.

5. In your mind, bring in the people you share your desire with. With the 3 million dollars you’ve been given and the desire you’ve chosen to transform this money with, who would you call or see to tell them about it? Go through this scenario like it’s happening in real life. Get excited, feel the emotion.

6. Now let go and think of it as done. Say you’ve brought a new car, you don’t keep thinking I have a new car or I want a new car. The car’s in your driveway, you’re thinking where can I drive my new car to?

All that has manifested in your life began with a thought. The universe matches our frequency and makes that a reality. It’s that simple really.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” ~ Albert Einstein


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