The universe doesn’t speak to us in French, Japanese or English – it speaks to us in codes, vibrations, frequency and numbers.

We’re currently experiencing one the biggest energetic shifts known to man-kind (particularly from 2018 an 11/2 universal master vibration year in numerology). Ten to 15 years ago, repeating numbers, light language, the law of attraction and DNA activations were barely on the radar.

When the universe wants to get a message of numbers through to you, believe me it will keep them coming until you look up! And sometimes numbers can guide you to wealth beyond your wildest dreams. Take this Sydney man for example who dreamt of numbers, wrote them down and won 20 million dollars…

“I don’t play every week – just every now and again. I stopped at Woolworths to get petrol so I just grabbed an entry while I was there.” And the secret to his winning numbers? A fateful dream he had decades ago…

“I dreamt these numbers about thirty years ago. It was a very vivid dream and I saw every number in plain sight,” he told officials.  “So I thought I’d better play them on the lottery. I didn’t know which game to play but the amount of numbers I saw in the dream worked well with Powerball so I guess that dream paid off!” According to The Lottery, the chance of picking all seven numbers plus the Powerball is a staggering 139,490,400 to one. Via 9 News

Dating back around 10 years ago when I was in a stagnated relationship and sort of lost myself for a while, I had LOTS of messages from the number 5 following me around. The 5 tends to shows up in my life when I have a big change coming. The below series of events have not been matched again though…

It was April 2007, I was on a lunch date with a friend when a $5 note literally blew onto my foot.  A week later, out with the same friend I stood on another $5 note (lunch was on me!)  A few weeks on, I was walking my dog one evening and was guided to take him in a direction I wouldn’t normally go – on the ground with no one around was a large pile of $5 notes (with no other denominations).

A month or so passed I was again out with my dog where a magic show was being filmed. They called me over and asked if I’d like to be part of things. After being dazzled with amazing tricks I was asked to select an envelope at the end. And what was inside? Yup, you guessed it… a $5 note (the other one had a tic tac).

This prompted me to revisit some of my old numerology books where I remembered the ancient wisdom of pinnacles.  In numerology terms, pinnacles are your four main stages in life, calculated by your birth date. I realised I was soon moving into a 5 numerology pinnacle (from a 9 personal year and 9 pinnacle of transformation and endings on a deep soul level) which would carry me through the next 18 years.

The 5 is open both front and back and brings with it the energy of being open to new experiences.  The numerology pinnacle 5 brings freedom from restrictions and change, I guess you could say a turning point in life. With focus, the 5 pinnacle brings forth freedom to accomplish your dreams.

I feel the numbers guided me somehow to share freedom through transformation was on the way and my 5 numerology pinnacle could not be more accurate. This was when I began to focus on feeling free and started to make changes within myself to leave an outdated relationship. Huge shifts began in my career, I travelled more and new soul friendships developed, which continue to grow. Freedom means everything to me now…

If you’re seeing any of these sequences of number code vibrations, from a numerology perspective this is the message for you to tune into (an excerpt from my Moon Lovers Guide)

11:11 Manifest Dreams

11:11 is a deeply spiritual energy where dreams are ready to manifest. 11:11 is a master binary vibration showing you are on the right path. Like a sign, yes… keep going THAT way! 11 is the visionary, it’s the spiritual portal. 1 is the seed it’s 2 is where life sprouts from. The 11 is here to free us from restrictions – letting go of outdated ways of thinking and doing.

2-2-2 Sacred Partnerships

A relationship is on the way. Set intentions for love. Trust in divine timing. Your intuition is increased now. Love can be for yourself, your career, a current or future soulmate who is on path to meet you. Light a candle and connect with your flame.

3-3-3 Sacred Creativity

You are being called to heal and give birth to an idea. The 333 brings joy through the balance of the mind, body and spirit. The holy trilogy! It’s time to connect with your tribe – what/who brings you joy? The 3 reminds us to have fun (like a spring always bouncing back up again). Solutions can be found now.

4-4-4 Protection + Career

Angel energy. Extra protection is around – you are on track with your career. Pay attention to insight coming through to you today and write it down. A project you are working on is coming to fruition.

5-5-5 Transformation + Change

Transformation and change are coming your way. When you see this number, the universe is moving to help you towards your dreams. Let go and trust. Surrender and don’t get caught up in the chaos. Freedom awaits!

6-6-6 Love + Family

When you see 6-6-6 take a step back and look at the love and support in your life. Is it balanced? Have you been reacting through your lower self or ego instead of your heart? The 6 sequence can reveal you have love coming into your life OR you need to take a step back and let others care for you.

7-7-7 Spirituality

The 7 is the seer, your guides are working with you now. Your intuition is at its peak. Take note of messages coming through. Release any fears and trust there are bigger forces at play, working with you to help you reach your destiny.

8-8-8 Balance

An extra special gift is coming your way. You are in harmony with the universe – when you see this number or experience the energy of the 888 you are being shown to let go, trust and relinquish control. The 8 is heaven balancing earth or chasing the tail. It’s your choice.

9-9-9 Transformation

Your new journey is underway. Let go of what’s not needed to bring in what is. You can’t receive more when your hands are full. This is powerful transformation.

“Nothing is random or by chance.” ~ Deepak Chopra

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