Who doesn’t love a new year? It’s like a book with blank pages ready for our story to be filled.  Each year when the clock strikes 12 at midnight we experience a new universal year in numerology.  This is different from our personal numerology year, which changes on our birthday. The universal year gives an overall ‘flavour’ we all experience from world events to interconnections.

2016 was a universal year of 9 which is the number of completion and letting go of what’s not needed to bring in what is. Letting go can feel difficult when we’re holding on tightly with the familiar even if it’s not for our highest good – for example a toxic relationship or unfulfilling career. Think about all the inmates who go back to prison because it’s ‘all they know’.

For many of my clients and friends 2016 as a universal year of letting go brought some intense shifts in consciousness and personal growth.  We also lost some legends including Prince, David Bowie, Muhammad Ali, Gene Wilder, George Michael, Carrie Fisher with her mother Debbie Reynolds and my dogs best friend Wally the Jack Russell.

2017 in numerology comes to a universal year of 1 (2 + 0 + 1 + 7). This year we’ll see new beginnings, new ways of thinking, creating and being. Worldwide we might see a new trend in fashion, a cure for a previously untreatable disease, new ways to connect through cultures, new ways of working together and new ways to embrace environmental living. On the unbalanced side of the 1 universal year there might be a sense of wanting to outdo and misusing power instead of leading from the heart.

When I see the numbers 2 and 7 together intuition becomes pristine, for those of us on the path tune in and you’ll be divinely guided.  Babies born in 2017 will have a natural ability to see and feel into the future.

If you’re feeling stuck write some achievable goals and watch the small shifts turn into giant leaps forward.

– Give clothes and books to charity you’re no longer using.
– Clear your clutter including computer and mobile files.
– Change your working space around.
– Write three things you’re grateful for each day.
– Get clear about what you want with a vision board of pictures and words.
– Write small achievable goals and reward yourself when you’ve completed each one.

Life becomes more in flow when we work with the energies of our personal year in numerology.  First add the day you’re born, with your month and the current year.  For example: if you’re born 2 March add 2 + 3 + 2 + 1 + 7 = 15 breaking down to a 6 personal year from 2 March 2017.

For some of you with your day and month adding to a 9 (for example 4 + 5), when your birthday falls in 2017 you’ll experience a double power year of new beginnings (making up for the double endings in 2016)!

1 personal year

This is the start of a brand-new exciting and beautiful cycle. It’s perfect for beginning a new business or planting the seeds.  It is important you act on what you want to achieve in this year, as it will affect your future.  Make decisions, plan, study, write affirmations; do whatever is in your heart to make your goals happen.

You’ll have boosted energy and drive in this cycle and will meet the right people to help you.  You can sometimes feel alone but this is for your own good to make sure you are not distracted.  Avoid anyone not on your wavelength and keep your goals focused. This will be the year you look back on to where it all started and you’ll be happy you put the extra effort in. And remember to write those ideas down then act on them one at a time.

2 personal year

You’ll feel life will slow down after the energy and drive of last year. Intuition will increase and you’ll be able to make decisions based on feelings. Now you can reflect and put plans into place.

In a 2 personal year, you’ll benefit from working in cooperation with others and developing your spirituality. Incorporate music and sound into your life. Keywords for your growth are balance, harmony and partnership.

3 personal year

This is a great year for communication, optimism, short trips, study and socialising. This is a highly creative period and you’ll have lots of opportunities to express yourself.

Problems are not such a problem during this year – the drawback being a lack of productivity.  Energies need to be centered to get things completed. Watch your spending and have a schedule with goals to ensure you make the most from this year. It’s the perfect time to grow your new business or develop contacts.  You can be in the right place at the right time for new job opportunities. Trust your instincts.

4 personal year

This can cause restrictions with finances.  Things can feel difficult to get off the ground however we need this period in our lives or chaos would emerge and we wouldn’t appreciate other times so much.  In a 4 personal year you will feel restrictions and work will take on whole new meaning.

The key is to go with the flow as much as possible, take short breaks to recharge and do things to uplift your spirits like burning citrus oils, yoga or treating yourself to a retreat or massage.  You may not see how much you’re achieving in this cycle until towards the end, when you reap the benefits of your hard work. This is the perfect time for study, research or to purchase property (or renovate an existing one). You may feel more focused on your family or making an additional team member!

5 personal year

The 5 is open both front and back and brings with it the energy of being open to new experiences.  This will bring change to your life and create a turning point from restrictions and hard work of the previous year.  Expect the unexpected.  This is a great time to travel, embrace opportunities and make new contacts.  It’s a year of rebirth however not adapting to the 5’s energies can cause things to go wrong.

Think long and hard before big decisions such as leaving your business, relationship or moving home as this year can bring a chaotic energy (almost like a midlife crisis). For example I have a friend (also a 5 lifepath) who sold his restaurant business in this cycle to work as a chef and sail around the world.  As he neared the 6 personal year the sailing trip fell through and he was out of work.

The 5 personal year brings freedom and gives you the opportunity to really do what you want – it just takes a little more concentration and focus, double checking all details to reap the rewards.

6 personal year

The 6 year is a beautiful vibration for family, bringing love and harmony to your life. The 6 is pregnant with love.  During this vibration people can meet their soul mates, get engaged, married or strengthen ties in existing relationships.

Children and families become important.  You will want to make your home beautiful and be around places you love.  You’ll have fun doing creative things and can form long lasting relationships now.

7 personal year

The 7 personal year will bring you towards more spiritual matters, you might want more ‘time-out’ to recharge, read or study. It will be good for you to be around the water or in a peaceful location with mountains and lakes out of the city.

Taking a in spiritual destinations like Bali, Peru, Stonehenge or Thailand or a tropical island for a tune up and deep relaxation will do wonders.

8 personal year

This is the number of infinite abundance – what you have put in over the past 7 years will be returned now.  It’s a cycle of hard work and learning about finances. The 8 personal year can be one of the most successful and powerful to occur in your cycle.

The success of course is not instant – it is about years of hard work coming to fruition. Being the number of balance and karma it will direct your ambition toward the greatest balance needed for your growth and success. This is not a force to be taken lightly – use your energies wisely.

9 personal year

Everything has a beginning and an ending. Your 9 personal year is the finale of your cycle. This year is more about worldly pursuits, research, writing, philanthropy and finding the meaning of life.  It’s a time to give from the heart.

In a 9 personal year you might want to travel more or help change the world. You’ll need to let go of possessions and people which are not helping you expand, or they’ll be removed ‘for you’. This is so you can grow and be ready for the next cycle in your life. Think of a snake sheading it’s skin or a butterfly from the cocoon.

Embrace your creativity and take time to reward yourself for all you’ve achieved over the last 9 years. I personally love a fire ceremony to energetically release the old. Burn baby burn!

“Do not wish for the time to pass quickly, time will do that on its own. Instead wish for deeper moments and wider perspectives. Have the courage to say yes and the wisdom to say no.  Abandon beliefs that way you down and embrace beliefs that are life giving. You are worthy of a life that holds great meaning and joy and you are capable of creating it. One heartbeat at a time.” ~ B Oakman

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