Mercury Retrograde comes three times per year, arriving for about three weeks bringing life into what often feels like slow motion. Mercury is the planet of communication; it affects travel, technology, the written word and speech.

This is the perfect time to clear what’s not needed from your life to bring in the new, catch-up with old friends and revisit old projects. Expect the unexpected! Find out more about Mercury Retrograde and how it affects you >>

We’re well into our third and final retrograde for the year within the energy of deep and mysterious Scorpio. My boyfriend and I were discussing the intensity of this sign and how true Scorpios will only let you so far into their world.

The very next night I went to my friends to have almost the exact same conversation; not initiated by me. It was a serendipitous message coming from two special people in my life about unseen, darker forces and the greatness of energy, from shadowy recesses of the soul.

930F0D69592EB2854774B52B657D7B19Scorpio is a fixed sign, ethereal, broody and mysterious. It’s life and death with forces unseen… My friend reminded me of an old tale of the frog and the scorpion from 1954. The scorpion sets off across the hills one-day deciding he wants to change. He sees a frog and asks for a ride to the other side of the river.

The frog initially declines replying “if I try to give you a ride across the river, you know you’re going to sting me.” The scorpion says “well that wouldn’t make much sense, if you’re giving me a ride across the river we’ll both drown. Why would I do that? I cannot swim.”

The sweet-hearted, trusting frog is swayed by the scorpion’s charm, and agrees to give him a ride across the river. So he puts the scorpion on his back and starts to take him across, when he gets half way he feels the scorpions stinger in his back and starts to feel his legs paralysed. The frog gazes up and him and says, “Why did you sting me? Now we’re both going to die.” The scorpion looks back answering,“I’m a scorpion, I couldn’t help it; it’s in my nature…”

Watch the scorpion and frog here >>

I feel part of this Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio is learning without dark there is no light, to have faith in our instincts, trust with awareness and develop an understanding of the circle of life. When we self sabotage, follow our ego instead of our heart or neglect intuition, the tale of the frog and the Scorpio is a gentle reminder.

We can experience death within our lives, like a prison. Nobody can set you free but yourself, certain people, whom I like to call soul friends, can help us though and this is when we learn to trust, love and become free.

My friend, an artist, created a drawing of the frog on the scorpions back. Life she says can always be turned around. I couldn’t agree more…

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